Diary Task Unit 4 Task 1 Essay

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Diary Task Unit 4 Task 1

In order to complete the diary task, it is important that you use the format given. Within this diary task, you need to draw from your experiences within your nursery placement.

You need to ensure that your supervisor signs your diary sheet before submission (on the back page 360). Your work will not be accepted without it and your work will count as a late submission. You also need to submit your grading criteria sheet (Page 363).

There is no word limit. You need to write thoroughly (but sensibly). You should not be writing as much as an assignment.

You need to use the headings that have been given to you below.

Task 1: Choose TWO 2 ways from the list in which you have been involved in keeping children safe:

• Identifying possible hazards in the setting

• Sterilising feeding equipment

• Encouraging children to use resources in a safe and controlled way

• Comforting a child who is ill and reporting necessary information to the appropriate person

• Dealing with a minor accident or injury

• Following a procedure to avoid transmitting infection

• Maintaining security during arrival and departure times in the setting

P4.1 Describe your involvement in EACH situation

You need to identify the two points that you have chosen.

You then need to describe your involvement in each situation (We suggest you answer them in two separate paragraphs)

Remember to link to your practice and give examples of how you have been evolved.

P4.2 Show evidence of your knowledge of procedures in EACH situation

You need to link clearly to your practice

We recommend that you link to polices and procedures in the setting to demonstrate evidence of your knowledge.

You can have appendices if you wish but only put in relevant information that you are going to refer to.

P4.3 Evaluate briefly your role in EACH situation

You need to consider how valuable your role was

Did something go wrong? Why?

What could have been done differently?

What was the impact on the children and other staff?

Are you given opportunity to develop your role in these areas? If so how and if not then what actions are you going to put into place e.g. meeting with your supervisor.

Remember to reference to back up your ideas and provide a bibliography

REMINDER: Please spend time on your diary tasks as you need to ensure you achieve a minimum of 80 Marks overall to receive a grade E. Please refer to the CACHE Candidate Handbook for further guidance (P.395).

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