Diary on Elizabethan Times Essay

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Diary on Elizabethan Times

Today I was filled to the top with euphoria because mother promised me she would take m to London for my birthday. I woke up abnormally early and washed my face with cold water and put on my favourite polka-dotted dress. I fixed my bed sheets and sprayed a small amount of perfume onto my clothes. I glanced at my pocket watch and found that it was already five o’clock; it would take two hours to get there. I raced down the stairs and shoved a few spoons of rice into my mouth and sprinted back upstairs to awake my sleeping mother. My mother took an everlasting period of time to get ready and when she did she started putting make up on.

Whilst I was waiting I was reading a book about the history of London and how Henry the Eighth’s palace was there. When my mother had finally got ready, we clambered into the awaiting carriage; it was pulled by a beautiful, black mare, who, before I climbed into the carriage, stroked. When we arrived at London I was greeted to the smell of fresh baked bread, but I also heard screaming and shouting. As we drove past I felt sick and turned green, it was law day and someone was being executed. Their intestines had just been ripped out and the man’s face had a look of pure terror.

His intestines were probably the last thing he saw. I turned away. These people were barbaric. As we passed my mother ordered the driver to stop and I opened the door and found myself looking at St. Marys of Bethlehem, I had always wanted to come here. As I entered I could hear laughter, I turned round the corner and found myself staring at dancing peasant. At first I was extremely confused, and then I saw the people poking them. Anger boiled in my stomach, people were provoking the poor people by hitting them with sharp sticks forcing them to dance. I had had enough.

I stormed back to the carriage fuming and my mother gave me a strange look. She told the driver to go somewhere, I couldn’t hear her because she was whispering, and the man grinned. The man was driving, I didn’t know where to, I was lost in my thoughts of anger. But when the man did stop I was shocked to find myself in front of The Globe, the most famous theatre in the world. I raced over and hugged my mother as hard as I could; she laughed and kissed me on the head. We held hands and sauntered into the theatre. My mother paid two one penny pieces and we walked into the theatre. We then watched Romeo and Juliet.

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