Dialogue “Modern Attitude to Love and Marriage” Essay

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Dialogue “Modern Attitude to Love and Marriage”

* Hi, Lucy! Do you know Johnny and I are getting married?
* Oh, great! I think it’s about time. You have been living together for…for…?? * For 6 years.
* Yes, for 6 years already. I’m so happy for you, Sarah!
* And I’m so happy for myself too!
* And are you going to have a gorgeous wedding ceremony?
* No, Johnny and I are going to register our marriage at the Registry Office. No wedding ceremony, no veil and no bridesmaids.
* I got it. But how could you force Johnny to marry you? I know he is supporter of free love. * Yes, but as you’ve said before we have been living for 6 years already. He is used to my wishes and I’m used to his habits. And after all he has steadied down. * It means that he’s not such philanderer as before, isn’t he? * I’m not sure but I hope.

* Well, he is from the ‘90s generation. And I think it’s the reason for all problems. * But the same I can say about you and about me. We belong to this generation too. * Yes, but you know that men are more light-minded in relations than women. Moreover, they are more inclined to be unfaithful. And talking about the ‘90s generation…well, I reckon it’s the most immoral and dissolute generation. * Partly you’re right. Fidelity means nothing nowadays. But at the same time you have more freedom. For example, sex doesn’t necessarily involve marriage. * You do see it, it’s better for men again. You know the majority of men don’t need the wedlock at all; they are completely content to be free and to have sex with anybody. But women are more serious in relations, that’s why all of them still want to be married by thirty years.

* Yes, you’re right of course. But anyway there were some advantages as a result of the sexual revolution. For example you can have sex before marriage; I think it’s a great freedom for everybody. * Well, it’s indisputable. As for me, so I’m quite old-fashioned person. You know I want absolute faithfulness in my relationship. It’s very important for me when my partner and I can talk with each other, and it’s even insulting when my boyfriend fools around with anybody else. * I see. But I don’t share your point of view. I’m sure it’s necessarily to give some freedom to your husband. You stake your partner by limiting his freedom so strictly. Loving a person means allowing him to be himself.

* Maybe you’re right. In any case I consider that a steady relationship is based on trust, understanding and faithfulness. * Well, I won’t make you change your mind. But if you, suspicious of your husband unfaithfulness, keep complaining, weeping and nagging, I can assure you your spouse will commit adultery with more probability. * I’m with you here. Now I want to ask you about your future life with Johnnie. Have you decided already where you would live? * Don’t you know that he has his own apartment?

* Really? It’s awesome! * Yes, he is a very independent, self-made man. I’m so proud of him! * Yes, young people stand on their two feet earlier today than they did in the past. I believe that’s great. * That’s where you’re right! I reckon that young people should think about marriage only after they have become independent of their parents. * As for women, so I’m sure they have to complete their education, build labor force skills and develop career interests before getting married. * Too true. Actually it’s normal for the modern world, especially for urbanized countries that people postpone marriage in order to build a career and make a fortune.

* Unfortunately, there is the other side of the coin. These career interests may, in turn, motivate women to limit family size. That’s why we have such a low birth rate in all developed countries. * Oh, I agree entirely. It’s too bad. Oh, I can’t help worrying about our living together! * Calm down and don’t talk nonsense. You have been living for 6 years and now you’re worrying! * Yes, but it wasn’t a wedlock, but only a cohabitation. * Don’t worry! I think people should get know each other well before getting married. And I believe your marriage will be successful and strong. * So do I. But anyway I’m afraid that all these mere formalities and papers will spoil our relations.

* If you really love each other then there is nothing to worry about. Sarah, when are you going to have a baby? Have you discussed already this question with Johnnie? * Oh, I’m so happy that I have Johnnie! He is just an ideal man. Besides, he adores kids. He wants to have a big family. Can you imagine he wants to have four children, two girls and two boys! * And what about you? You know childbearing spoils a figure. Do you want to put on weight and have cellulite?

* Oh, I think it’s very silly to think about such trifles of life. You have only one life and I’m sure you should devote your life to children. I’ve had enough time for living it up. Now I’m almost 27 and I want to give all my love to my children and my husband. * I see. It’s such a wise decision. But as for me, so I wouldn’t want to have so many kids. It will be enough to have only two children. But also I’d like to adopt an orphan child. * Really? It’s very brave of you.

* Yes, I really want to love and raise a child, which was deprived of motherly love. And what’s your parents’ attitude to your forthcoming marriage. * You know my mom considers immoral to live with the man under the same roof if he’s not your husband. And my father is the opponent of the common-law marriage. * So they must be really delighted with this news.

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