Dialogue "At the Travel Agency"

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L – Travel agent
O– Fiancé
S – Fiancée

O – Hello.
L – Good afternoon. Welcome to our travel agency. How can I help you? S – Hi! Oh! I’m so excited! We have our wedding in four weeks. I can’t help thinking of our living together. I assure you John, you’ll have the best wife in the world. O – Honey, I have no doubts about it, but let’s proceed to the main question. Mrs..? L – Not Mrs., Miss. Miss Andrews.

So I guess you are here because of your forthcoming honeymoon. Am I right? O – Yes, Miss Andrews. We have thought over all sorts of holidays. But anyway we can’t choose where to go.

S – We run round like squirrels in a cage. John and I have visited all travel agencies in London. O – Well, Georgina, don’t exaggerate. We have been only at two or three agencies. L – Ok, ok, calm down. I see. It’s always very difficult to take such a serious decision.

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Nowadays there is a great choice of various destinations for newly married from traditional seaside resorts and sightseeing tours to camping and staying in countryside. O – Oh, it’s grand. Tell us please about them all.

S – No, camping is not counted. I can’t stand all those mosquitos and midges, the ground with a bump under your hip and a hollow under your head, tents which flap all night in the wind and so on, and so on. O – Hmm...I like camping, but really it sounds not very romantically for the honeymoon.

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L – Actually you’re mistaken about all those inconveniences you have mentioned. Times have changed. And now you have no need even to erect your tent. S – How is it?

L – You see, the tents at our campsites are already set up for you and you can find there spacious sitting, kitchen and two sleeping areas. O – Yes, it sounds interesting enough. And what about activities? Is it possible to combine adventures and passive leisure? L – Sure, one of our campsites is located in Brittany. You’ll find there deserted beaches, coves with light blue water, virgin forests. And in addition to that all the facilities of our campsite are available to the tourists, for example swimming pool, tennis court, billiard room, volleyball court and rented bicycles. S – Mmm...I think it’s very enchanting and breathtaking sort of holidays...for men and women aged 60 or 70. But we’re young people and we want something for young people. O – But Georgina, I’m sure that camping suits not only elderly people. Haven’t you heard that there is just a giant choice of activities for youth? S – Do you mean all those tennis and billiard facilities? Don’t you see that camping is not for us? We’ll be there only one young couple among families with their little screaming kids. I even have no desire to hear anything about staying in countryside.

O – But sugar, we have to examine all pros and cons. And only after that we’ll be able to make a decision. So what is the price of the two-weeks’ leave in Brittany? L – Well, it depends on size of your tent and its location. The nearer to the lake the more expensive. But the average price is 1000 pounds for two people. S – And what about meals? We’ll have to cook ourselves, won’t we? Household chores on the holidays...what can be more awful? L – Well, camping offers great freedom. It’s up to you to decide at what level you want to live. You can go out to local restaurants for all your meals or cook and eat everything at the campsite.

O – Have you heard Georgina? We’ll be able to go to restaurants. It’s awesome! Now tell us please about staying in countryside. L – Ok, you’ll get a small cozy cottage by the pond. A fruit-bearing orchard and kitchen garden will be in your disposal, besides you’ll be able to buy fresh dairy produce at your neighbors. S – Ugh! It sounds terrible. I hate doing gardening and I can’t stand this measured peaceful country life. O – But darling, don’t you know that I have been grown up in the country? I’m sure that staying in rural area will recall my vanished childhood memories. S – Johnnie, I see...but...(to travel agent)...where is your country located? L – In Wales, in county Pembrokeshire.

S – Have you heard? It’s located in UK. And I’m so tired of everlasting precipitation and winds! I want to lie on the snow-white sand under the soft sun somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean...or the Pacific Ocean at a pinch. O – But Georgina, it must be very expensive. To put it bluntly, we can’t afford such luxury. L – As I understand your fiancée wants something unforgettable and I totally agree with her. I believe that a honeymoon ought to be fabulous and paradisiacal. O - Don't get me wrong, but we don’t have well-to-do parents and I have set up my own business only recently. So Maldives, Seychelles and world cruises are not for us. L – I get it. But not only Canaries and other islands kind of that can be unforgettable and fabulous. S – Aha! Exactly! I believe that in future we’ll be able to visit everyone spot on our planet, but now we can be content with the Mediterranean Sea or something like that.

O – Well, I don’t mind to spend holidays somewhere in Southern Europe. But I’d like also to combine beaches and sightseeing tours. L – You see it’s no problem. Let’s take Italy for example. You’ll make a tour of Rome, Florence or Milan, and after that you’ll be able to rest on golden beaches of Rimini. S – No, Italy doesn’t suit me. My granny lives in Naples and I visit her almost every year. So I’ve travelled all over Italy far and wide. L – Well, I also can recommend you Spain, Croatia, Greece and Turkey. O – Only not Turkey, there are too many Russian tourists and I can’t bear them.

S – I think that Spain is the best choice; I’ve always wanted to see traditional flamenco dances and try the Spanish cuisine: paella, gazpacho, tapas. O – It’s splendid, because I want to see bullfighting with my own eyes. S – But Johnnie don’t you think that it’s too cruel and bloody tradition. O – Yes, but it’s also a very ancient custom. Bullfighting traces its roots to prehistoric bull worship and sacrifice. L – That’s true. So Madrid, Barcelona and Seville are worth visiting without doubts. And you can find magnificent beaches in provinces Valencia or Catalonia. S – So it’s settled. We’ll go to Spain.

L – As an alternative I can offer you countries of Northern Africa. You can find a good many sights and first-class beaches there. O – What countries attractive for tourists Northern Africa consists of? L – Well, let’s enumerate them from west to east: Morocco, Tunis, Egypt. O – So, Tunis and Egypt don’t suit us. Public disorders have taken place there recently, and besides there are again a lot of Russians in these countries. S – So I guess we can choose Morocco, we can get acquainted with Arabic culture and customs. And do you know I just get a kick out of its style in architecture. O – But sweetie, what would you prefer Spain or Morocco?

S – I don’t know, I want to visit both Morocco and Spain. It’s so difficult to choose! L - Don't get upset! We have a special offer only in September: you’ll have two weeks’ holidays in Spain. You can spend these weeks as you wish: lying on golden beaches of Valencia or making a tour of Barcelona. You’ll live in the five-star hotel by the sea coast. And in addition you’ll be able to make a trip to Morocco. O – Wow! But it must be very expensive.

L – Not at all! You can go there with a discount of 30%! The fact is that our travel agency gives a reduction to all newlyweds. S – Really? It’s marvelous! And what is the final cost of such tour? L – Well, the initial cost is 3500 pounds for two people and the final...let me count...yes, it will be only 2450 pounds. And the trip to Morocco will cost you only 1000 pounds! S – Johnnie, honey, we just should go there. Let me be a princess only for two weeks! Please.. O – Ok, you’ve persuaded me.

L – Well, we’ve come to an agreement finally. Do you want pay by credit card?
O – Yes, but can I pay only half the sum?
L – It’s possible, but in next month you must pay the remaining sum.

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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