Dialog “Different Means of Travelling” Essay

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Dialog “Different Means of Travelling”

L – daughter
O – father
S – mother

S: Darling, where’re you? We’ve already been sitting here for 20 minutes. Come on! Leave your «Babe» for a while. It’s important! L: Yeah, daddy, please. I’m very tired and I want to snooze (вздремнуть), but mom said that I wouldn’t go to bed until we came to an agreement. O: All right, all right. I’m here. «Babe», I’ll be back soon. S: Oh, your car won’t disappear unlike us. If you want to stay at home with your dear bucket (груда металлолома), I can easily arrange it for you, and we with Susan will travel the world alone. O: Oh, women-women, what a wet blanket they are! (Murmuring) L: Daddy, we’ve heard every word you’ve said.

S: Well, we have to define 2 main points: the first one is where to go and the second one is which means of travelling to choose. O: As for me, there’s nothing better than to travel by car – a good, fast car, I mean. When you’re in a plane or smth like that you have to be driven by someone else, but travel by car is a more personal experience, for there you can drive yourself. S: Darling, your racer’s past won’t live till your death. How could you be so bigoted? You can’t stop thinking about your racing car even for a minute! L: Mom, I think that you too exaggerate. Don’t be jealous. I absolutely agree with dad. What can be better than a spin in his car at a weekend! What a thrill it’s to feel the car rush forward and to feel the wind in your face!

S: Sweetie, I know that car has a plenty of advantages, for example, it gives a possibility to go as slowly, or as fast as you wish, stop when and where you choose, get out at any time and walk where you like, but it has some disadvantages too. O: Can you tell them to us, please? I’m sure that you’re going to recollect our last trip to Wales by car that was 10 years ago! Am I right? S: As always! I remember quite well how we got stuck in the mud and then got a flat tyre. Besides it was a real torture to ride on a bumpy road and had no conveniences at hand. L: It’s true, dad, nowadays there’re speed limits practically everywhere, and so we won’t be able to experience the real joy of speed. Moreover, there’re numerous traffic jams, hold-ups and round-abouts on the roads, so our journey will be very slow.

S: And despite of the absence of timetable, which is so hateful for me, I want all of us to have a pleasant and interesting rest and car, unfortunately, isn’t the best variant, because it can be extremely tiring for you. O: So kind of you to take care of me in such a way. So let’s choose some other alternative. What do you think about travelling by plane? L: It’s cool! I’m simply fascinated by this means of transport. It’s the fastest and the most convenient one, I think. We can travel to any part of the world, even to New Zealand. I want to see kiwi bird with my own eyes. It’s a national symbol of this country. S: I’m very glad that my family isn’t airsick, but you’ve forgotten about me. O: No, we haven’t. You’re not airsick too and you can’t be, because you’re a flight attendant, my darling. Besides, it’ll be very easy for you to arrange our flight and maybe we’ll have some discounts from your airline.

S: You both are impossible. I want to recharge my batteries too and to have a rest from my work, from airplanes, from hitting air-pockets, from lots of registration formalities. And don’t you know that this means of transport depends on the weather greatly. L: We know, mommy. Don’t worry; we won’t travel by plane this time. Still, we don’t have a great desire to contact with new problems and as you always say, Heathrow has a plenty of them – too many people, too many planes and too much crime.

S: Thank you very much for your understanding. And what is your opinion about travelling by ship, to Spain, maybe or somewhere else? We’ve never been on a voyage. Besides as far as I remember there’re more than 10 major ports in Britain. O: And I know that sea passengers can use roll-on-roll-off ferries, hovercrafts, hydrofoils and high-speed catamarans. I reckon that travelling with the help of such unusual means of transport will be very exciting. L: And I’d like to see those colossal ships, I don’t remember their name… S: Cruisers, I suppose…

L: Yes, mom thanks. So I’d like to see cruisers from the landing-stage along the quay, to stand on the top deck and imagine that I’m Rose, the main heroine of the film «Titanic». O: Susan Brown! You’re too young for this kind of adventures and tragic love! All in all, you’re not adult enough to have a boyfriend! L: Nothing serious, it was just a little joke, but it was so laughable to see your eyes which were those of a frightened child, and by the way, daddy, I’m 14. S: Sweetie, stop making fun of your father. We both are in anxiety about you. But let’s return to travelling by ship. I’m sure that breathing a fresh air and admiring sunsets will return a good condition to our nerves and health.

O: Darling, that’s all very nice, but I’m not sure about the possible cost of such voyage. It seems to me that it’ll be very high, because there’re a lot of activities for recreation and entertainment, good conveniences and so on. L: What are you driving at, daddy? I’ve always thought that we have enough money to afford this. Am I right? O: Yes, of course, but your mother wanted to make renovations not so long ago. So I guess that too big expenses are unnecessary now. S: Well-well-well. It’s clear for me that there’s smth else in what you’re saying. I’m almost sure that your «Babe» has gone dead on you again and you need a repair part. Is it true?

O: Hmmm… Yes (sadly), it’s true.
L: And what is wrong with it now?
O: Headlights and rear light have broken down.
L: What a pity, daddy.
S: Well, I think that your car and my renovations will wait for some time. We won’t need them during our holiday. So it’s settled, let’s travel by ship and it’ll be unforgettable.
L: Oh, my God! Mom! Dad!

O: What, sweetie?

L: It has just come to my mind that I can probably get seasick and not only I but all of us, because we’ve never experienced it. And if it really be so, our pleasant holiday will become exhaustion for us. I don’t want see pink elephants and to suffer from dizziness and nausea at all. O: What a bad fortune! We can’t risk, so we have to choose smth else. What do you think about hitch-hiking? It’s the cheapest kind of travelling. S: The cheapest one? I’ve said that your car will wait. Moreover, it’s very dangerous and I don’t want to be killed or robbed. There’re a lot of mad people everywhere. L: Yeah, dad, besides we’ll have to walk for some time, but my leg still hurts a little bit, as you remember I’ve broken it 2 months ago.

O: Well, I admit that I’ve blundered out (сказать глупость). So there is one more option – travelling by plane. I’ll be very grateful if it’ll suit us and satisfy all our requirements. S: First of all, I think that it’s very convenient and safe. Secondly, I don’t want to hustle and rush somewhere, so train is an excellent variant, because it provides calm and comfortable journey notwithstanding I’ll have to keep to the timetable again.

L: And from the history lesson I know that in the end of the 20th century the railway underwater tunnel, the Channel Tunnel, was opened. And it takes only 25 minutes to travel by train from Britain to France. Isn’t it awesome? O: Of course, sweetie, besides we can take a train from 2 international railway stations in London – Waterloo and St. Pancras. I hope that we’ll be able to buy tickets at a reasonable price. S: Surely, we’ll exactly have a discount for our daughter.

O: That sounds great, but I also think that we’d better buy a full compartment in order to escape from fellow passengers and crowded corridor, if we’ll travel at a long distance. L: Good idea, dad! So fortunately, we’ve come to an agreement. In train we won’t get sick, won’t spend too much money, won’t waste our nerves and we’ll be able to travel around all Europe and won’t disturb my poor leg. O: So I can return to my «Babe». I’m going…

S: And we can go to the travel agency after you take a nap (вздремнуть). L: All right. Let’s go.

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