Dialog “An Appointment with a Doctor” Essay

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Dialog “An Appointment with a Doctor”

1 – The patient’s mother
2 – GP
3 – The patient (little girl) infected with flu

1 – Good morning Dr. Ferguson. May we come in?
2 – Good day madam. Yes, please. Sit down here. Do you have health insurance and medical history?
1 – Yes, certainly.
2 – And who is this sweet girl?
3 – I’m Jessica. I’m feeling myself very very bad.
2 – Oh, dear…Tell me more please about your illness, so I could make a diagnosis. 1 – Well, yesterday my daughter came home from school and I noticed immediately that something was wrong. Usually she’s so hyper. But yesterday she was not herself. 3 – Yes, that’s right. I felt dizziness at school and asked our school doctor Mrs. Taylor for leave from lessons. 2 – And then you returned home, right?

3 – Actually I came home not immediately. I was walking for some time with my friend Melanie. 1 – Oh, Jessica! A little mean girl! You feigned illness in order to play truant! 2 – Oh, Mrs…?…Mrs. Wilson not so fast! Jessica didn’t pretend to be ill. She was ill indeed, but she’s a little light-headed girl. So young lady please go on. 3 – So I returned home and felt into bed. And late at night I felt myself much worse than earlier. 1 – Yeah, she was bathed in sweat. Jessica felt shivery last night. 2 – And what were your actions?

3 – Mom took my temperature…it was high, somewhere about 39. 1 – And then I gave her some anti-fever medicine. 2 – I hope that wasn’t aspirin. You do know that children must not take it, right? 1 – Sure, I gave her Nurofen for children. And some time later she felt better herself. Right Jessica? 3 – Uh-huh…those pills relieved my miseries, the fever was brought down, then it was somewhere about 37. So after that I undoubtedly felt better myself. 2 – I see that you’re speaking through your nose. Does it breathe?

3 – No, it’s stuffy and running. Besides, I have an awful sore throat and sometimes I have a tickling in my throat. 1 – Oh, doctor! You owe to do something! I just can’t listen to her snuffling voice! 2 – Don’t worry Mrs. Wilson, I’ll do the utmost. Well Jessica, lift up your shirt and I’ll listen to your lungs. Well, well…the things are quite nasty I can say… 1 – Oh, doctor! What’s wrong? Don’t keep us in suspense! 2 – Well, there are cracklings in your lungs, Jessica.

3 – Is it really very bad?
2 – Actually if you don’t take all necessary medicines, you will have complications of the disease.
1 – Dr. Ferguson, keep on examining my daughter please!
2 – Jessica let’s take your temperature, put the thermometer under your armpit… Ok young lady, open your mouth and let me look in it.
1 – How is there? Everything’s alright?
2 – Her throat is inflamed and red.
1 – Oh Jesus! What should I do?
3 – Mom, take it easy. Things will come right in the end.
2 – I totally agree with your daughter Mrs. Wilson. Don’t let it upset you. It could be a lot worse. So Jessica, have you got any other symptoms? 3 – I don’t know whether the headache is symptom, but I have the dreadful headache. 2 – Yes, it’s a symptom. Let’s check out your temperature now. 3 – I have a normal temperature now, 36,5.

2 – Well, but it can rise by night. It’s an everyday occurrence. So Mrs. Wilson there is no reason to worry. Jessica has only flu. 1 – I see. And Dr. Ferguson what can you advise me and my daughter. 2 – Well, first of all Jessica, you should have total bed rest. Have you heard what I said? 3 – Yes, doctor. I will stay in bed until my complete recovery. 2 – Great and you should take all medications that I will prescribe. 1 – Dr. Ferguson, I will see to it personally. I’ll follow all directions that you give me.

2 – Yes, you ought to do it Mrs. Wilson otherwise your daughter will be down with pneumonia. 3 – No, I don’t want to catch pneumonia! I know you should have some shots when you’re infected with it! 2 – Right, that’s why we will treat you. So now let’s pass to the prescription. 1 – Dr. Ferguson, I believe it will be able to buy all drugs at reduced price. Am I right? 2 – Sure. What’s more they’re will be free for your daughter. Jessica, how old are you? 3 – I’m almost twelve.

2 – That’s great, because the charges for medical prescriptions do not apply to children under 16 years.
1 – Oh! That’s awesome!
2 – I prescribe you these globules. They will bring down the fever if it rises.
3 – And how often should I take them?
2 – You have to take them if your temperature is too high. But if you have a temperature somewhere about 37, then you shouldn’t take this medicine.

1 – And are there any contra-indications?
2 – Yes, renal failure, gastric ulcer and bronchial asthma. According to the medical card your daughter doesn’t suffer from these diseases.
1 – That’s true, what else will you prescribe?
2 – These pills, Jessica, you should take them four times a day while eating. They will help you to kill influenza viruses.
3 – What about side-effects of these pills?
2 – By long or excessive using they can cause nausea, allergy, giddiness and vomiting. 3 – And Dr. Ferguson, what should I take to heal my inflamed throat? 2 – I advise you to take a tablespoon of this cough medicine every four hours. Actually it’s licorice syrup, so you will like it. Also use this spray after meals. 3 – Oh, thanks doctor. And how to get rid of the stuffiness in nose? 2 – You should buy these nasal drops. They are made on basis of fir oil and sea salt. 1 – And what is your attitude to the folk medicine doctor?

2 – I’m not a great adherent of that. Sometimes I advise it though. You shouldn’t neglect herbs and some foodstuffs. 1 – Oh, I got it…onions and garlic, milk with honey and butter, raspberry jam with hot tea. 2 – Exactly, also you can brew herbal tea, for example with melissa, camomile, peppermint or something else kind of that. 1 – Doctor what should I do in the first place if Jessica has a high temperature? Maybe I’ll have to apply mustard plasters to her chest? 2 – No! Not on your life. Quite the contrary you’ll have to chill fever. For instance you can apply cold and wet compress on her forehead. 1 – I see. Thank you very much, Dr. Ferguson.
3 – Doctor, how long I shouldn’t go to school?
2 – Well, Jessica. Let’s make an appointment. Come to me next Friday at 2 o’clock. Until that day you haven’t to attend the school. I’m sure you’ll get over then. 3 – Thank you once again Dr. Ferguson.

2 – Never mind. It’s my job. But if Jessica gets worse, don’t hesitate and call an ambulance. Good bye. 1 – Of course, see you later doctor.

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