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Diagnostic Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (528 words)
Categories: Essay
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Cesar Torres A Call to Action Illegal immigration in the United States is one of the most controversial issues of today. The United States is a nation built on immigrants and this is why the nation was deemed “The melting pot,” because of all the different nationalities residing in this country. The argument of immigration and whether or not it enhances or threatens life in the United States is an on-going issue. Although we are trying to protect our citizens, immigration laws treat immigrants poorly.

This country needs to re-examine the immigration laws, so that they do not treat immigrants unfairly as well as protect our citizens while protecting the borders. Immigration has been responsible for cultural change and population growth throughout the country. The political, economic, and social aspects of immigration have created much controversy in regards to ethnicity, job security, job growth, economic benefits, where people live, not to mention impact on the amount of criminal activity, and work habits.

Reinforcing the borders, establishing clear immigration and deportation policies and doing something with those who are already illegally here but are law abiding citizens should be the goal for a new immigration policy. Instead of bickering on what should be done, congressional and senate leaders need to get the job done and come up with a flexible and workable reform to immigration. Illegal aliens currently in the United States should be eligible for legal status in eight years or some form of amnesty, as long as they learned English, had not committed a crime and paid their taxes.

The aim should not be to deport a record number of people. Spouses and minor children of a person who have gained legal status should be eligible to join their legalized family member. No one should be separated from their family. The majority of undocumented workers in the United States are currently holding low-wage, less desirable jobs where they risk injury without health coverage and often work in terrible conditions. Due to their illegal status, the government is failing to protect these workers from morally wrong employers.

Congress needs to eliminate the current system entirely or commit to making a fair program with strong worker protections that are vigorously enforced. In states like California, almost half of the students starting school are immigrants or the children of immigrants. As a result of immigration driven population growth, most public schools exceed their capacity. All children have the right to a good education. To alleviate overcrowding, schools use portable classrooms, and even hold classes in temporary instructional space, such as cafeterias and gyms.

One possible solution is to pass in many school districts is year-round school schedules. The aim with the year-round schools is to have the buildings in use during the summer months, with students on various schedules in order to maximize resources. There are millions of illegal aliens living in the United States. They are working jobs that need to be done, that someone has to do and that many of us would never take. They are still waiting for a change in the system which could regulate their status. Ignoring the problem will only make things worse. These people deserve fair treatment.

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