Diagnosis Essay Topics

Mark’s diagnosis

Mark’s diagnosis was determined utilizing the decision-tree method from the latest DSM (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). This method encourages clinicians to follow pathways of differential diagnoses to rule out a number of conditions until the most descriptive diagnosis remains. There is no reason to believe that Mark’s symptoms are due to a medical condition. The… View Article

DID diagnosis

They are “strangers to themselves. ” Perhaps that is the most simplistic yet most accurate description of people suffering from a dissociative disorder. Their whole life can feel like one big dream, but the worst part is that it isn’t even their dream—it’s someone else’s. Everything seems to operate in slow motion, the outside world… View Article

Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Worksheet

A clinincal assessment is way for a professional to diagnose a patient. This involves evaluating the patient by asking questions and having the patient answer them. This is used to determine why and how a person is behaving the way that they are. This can also be used to see how a patient has made… View Article

Race-Ethnicity and Diagnosis as Predictors

The purpose of this article was to understand and examine the number of outpatients for patients with substance abuse or mental health problem. The data was collected from 12 outpatient mental health and substance abuse facilities in four U. S. Census Regions. The authors put forward three hypotheses that guided the way that they will… View Article