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Devil wear prada essays Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (971 words)
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“Devil wears Prada” was presented in 2006, based on the Lauren Weisberger’s novel of the same name. This is the story about a girl named Andrea Sachs who want to be a real journalist. For her wish, she opted to become an assistance of Miranda, a tough editor-in-chief of Runway fashion magazine. From there, she had to overcome all the challenges and the lure of the luxury life which are brought by this job. Particularly, the film also mentioned impressively the organizational culture theory of Runway fashion magazine company.

II. Aspect of culture in Runway fashion magazine company via “Devil wears Prada”. 1. The basic, underlying assumptions

As the film shown, all decisions are made by Miranda, the editor-in-chief. Additionally, the employees even cannot make mistakes. Their ideas are also considered strictly by Miranda. About the kind of people employed, the knowledge of the employees must be high in fashion. Moreover, they have to be passionate in fashion One significant thing of this organization is that when the employees do something right, they won’t be promoted or complimented.

However, when they make mistakes, they can be scolded or even dismissed. 2. Overt belief

Nigel, the art director of Runway said: “This is a place which product many excellent artists of the century. All their works, their creation is greater than the art because they lived for that” or the position as Miranda’s assistances is called “A million girls would kill for”. Anyone who work for this position for one year can apply for any newspaper office in New York. All the above reasons prove that Runway fashion magazine company has a strong organizational culture thanks to legendary figures such as Miranda, De La Renta, etc. 3. Visible artefact

Runway is a fashion magazine. Therefore:
The office design and furniture are modern. The pictures and photos about Runway are presented in all over the walls in the company. The employees have to be fashionable especially the female ones are slim and pretty. All of them worship the Runway magazine. 4. Symbols

The image of the leader is also the image of the company, it is Miranda. She are known as a tough and evil boss. Andrea, her assistance becomes something like a personal servant. The employees are scare of her but also respect her. Its product, the magazine, became a clear symbol in the fashion industry. 5. Rules, norms, ethical codes and values

Miranda is the fearsome boss. The most important one is to never ask her anything. All the employees have to abide by her decisions, including Nigel, the art direct. Moreover, the employees must understand the company culture to make a best choices and success. 6. Ritual, rites, ceremonies and celebrations

Obviously, the ‘morning-routine’ can be clearly observed at Runway in Miranda’s office. Everything is prepared in a fashionable way before her arrival. When she arrives, people avoid her by anyway: a girl gets out of the lift for her and apologize, people in the corridor turn back the way they came from, etc. Working under Miranda’s supervision require certain rituals. When Andy goes to deliver ‘the book’ to Miranda’s house, Emily informs her about the strict book-ritual. III. Types of culture

1. Power culture
The organization is controlled by central figures –the editor-in-chief, Miranda. She is the most powerful and famous one in company. Then, all important decisions are made by her. Likewise, she has the influence on the decisions of the employee. For instance, in the meeting with fine art teamwork, she is the only one who can choose the suitable ideas for the new collection and almost of them are denied but no one dare to oppose her opinions. Change or innovation is crucial in the fashion industry. Runway uses teamwork in order to get new fresh ideas. Miranda lets her team make suggestions to develop a new outfit for Runway-cover.

The balance in Runway have a tendency to integrate all the ideas instead of making difference, under Miranda’s tight control and the strong organizational culture. Last but not least, there are the good relationships between Miranda and her assistance, Andrea or Emily and Andrea. After a hard working time, Andrea was recognized by Miranda and she can come to the Fashion week in Paris with her boss. Finally, Miranda said to Andrea: “But I really see a great deal of myself in you”.

About Emily and Andrea, they have a beautiful friendship: Emily always helped Andrea to finish the tasks. At the end of the film, Andrea gave Emily all the clothes which she had wear in Paris. 2. Role culture

A role culture has a highly defined structure, where everybody has its own role. At Runway, people do not seem to have a clearly defined role. Obviously, Miranda was in the highest level in company. She played her role as an editor-in-chief, a design team leader and a human resource manager at the same time. Andrea is not only her assistance but also her personally servant to buy food or drinks and even do the scientific exercises for her daughters. Particularly, Andrea is so smart that she could expect what the others would think or do. In addition, all main characters in the film have a strong ambition. They can take risk to achieve anything they want.

For example: Andrea, she applied for the post of Miranda’s assistance in one year to have a chance of being a real journalist in New York. There is not much evidence for the stability of Runway fashion magazine company but with the accomplishment which this company have got, it can be seen that the organization had a high stabilization. IV. Conclusion

“Devil wears Prada” demonstrated that Runway fashion magazine company had a strong organizational culture which include sufficiently all the aspect of culture but only two types of culture.

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