Development Theory Essay

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Development Theory

This coursework tends to analyze the case why Sally, a certain researcher, seems to lose her working will which caused her to be dull on her job. This paper discusses the applicable development theory which could explain the reason behind her said behavior towards her job. The development perspective or theory which could be applied to Sally’s case is the Contextual theory. Contextual theory explains the development wherein the recent or various context of a certain person’s life influences her behavior.

There are two major views in this development, the first one is the ecological theory and the second one is the life course theory (“Contextual Theories,” 2007). Sally’s case can be applied in the Life course theory which explains that the present life context of a certain person is a result of his or her historical time and place, timing of lives, link lives, and human agency and social constraints (“Contextual Theories,” 2007).

These major themes under the life course theory major view explains why Sally experiences her loss of mood towards her job. Historical time and place theme could explain the theory that maybe since Sally already worked for fifteen years in the small corporation and contributed lots of achievements, she might be feeling that she already did all she has to do with her job and that she does not have to further give major contributions to the company.

Timing of lives theme could explain Sally’s behavior towards her work because maybe there had been lots of distressing events that happened to her, link lives theme could provide the theory that maybe Sally loss her mood towards working because she is having a relationship problem within her family or even friends. Lastly, human agency and social constraints could explain that maybe; Sally’s behavior is caused by some of her decisions in life such as deciding to resign on the future since she had been working for the company for a long time already. View

Certain events that happen on a person’s life do indeed influence or affect a person’s present and even future behavior towards her life aspects such as work, relationship, and even decision-making. Therefore, the present behavior of a person is shaped by her life’s events from the past and even from the present as much as the social environment and/or place influences or impact’s a certain person’s behavior. Cultural Event and Analysis A certain and considered major cultural events that shaped the lives of families and children is the event when the world trade center had been bombed (“TERRORISM – WORLD TRADE CENTER ” 2001).

It causes families and children to experience trauma, loss of job, and even fear which as the time passed, were still a part of their everyday lives. Like for example, those children whose parents died because of that event are presently not studying or working but instead they became an addict of a certain substance such as alcohol because of the depression they were not able to contain. This case could be studied so as to why and how its result turned out that way by simply knowing the past events and influences on the children’s social environment.

The present behavior of those who where affected by that certain event can be figured out by researching about that certain person’s past experiences, places he or she was living, and also knowing the other events that may have contributed on shaping that person’s behavior. References Contextual Theories [Electronic (2007). Version] from http://www. mc. maricopa. edu/dept/d46/psy/dev/Fall98/Theories/Context. html. TERRORISM – WORLD TRADE CENTER [Electronic (2001). Version] from http://www. greatdreams. com/trade. htm.

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