Development of india Essay

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Development of india

Why India is still a Developing Nation and not a Developed Nation This resource will provide necessary information on why India is still a developing nation and not a developed nation even though there are lots of options provided by the government for the development criteria. India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. But you can see the fact that the speed of the development is not as good when compared to the other countries that are already developed and that are much superior to India. There are many reasons behind the lack in the development criteria of India.

Most of the people realize that India is very slow in development but they don’t focus on what to be done in order to make India a developed country. There are many issues in our country that are preventing India from becoming the developed nation. This resource will provide information on the issues that are preventing India to be the developed country. The reasons are as follows India holds the second rank in the population . There are many things to be taken into consideration because of the population issues. If a country is highly populated it is sure that the development of the country will also be very slow. There will be a lot of necessity for the resources to be shared among the people of the country .

The major fact is that there should be resources available for the same to be distributed among the people. If the population of the country is brought into the proper control it can be said that there are lots of possibilities to make our country one of the developed countries.

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