Development Essay Topics

Developments in Young Adulthood

Tayid, who is 29 years old, is born Indian but settled in United States since his childhood. Though he wanted to go for Law School, he was never confident on achieving his goal. He is now working as paralegal in a public defender’s office. After he passed over a promotion opportunity by his boss, he… View Article

Role of Play for Toddler Development

Abstract             The role of play for toddler development can have different purposes which could serve different advantages. Depending on what is being played and who is playing with the toddler, playing could lead to significant changes in the toddler’s growth and development. In trying to develop a toddler’s growth, one has to know what… View Article

The development of oil investment

In 1971, Qatar won its independence and consequently assumed full authority over all decisions related to oil in the State. On September 2, 1977, it nationalized all oil companies, and handed over petrol investment to two main companies, Qatar Shell Limited and Qatar Oil Limited. In 1974, Qatar established the General Petroleum Corporation, known as… View Article

Conclusion and implication

Failure to make use of available hazard-reduction information and measures of known effectiveness constitutes another general policy issue. It is one that assists to stimulate the ongoing UN-sponsored International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (Mitchell, 1988). In many places it would be potential to mitigate losses simply by putting what is known into effect. For… View Article

Program, curriculum development and instructional strategies

I. Programs Bridges Learning System: This program uses five step processes involving submit, evaluate, outline, extend, success to develop the students aptitudes and talents that are very important in the classroom through evaluating test results and constructing a profile each student skills and abilities. By then, students’ necessities are known and a particular program will… View Article

Senior Software Development

Accomplished, goal-oriented Information Technology Professional with 14+ years experience in software development and system integration.  Dynamic Leader with exceptional ability in successfully completing projects in the Banking, Manufacturing, Transportation, Stock Control, Telecommunincations, Billing Systems, and E-Commerce industries.  Excellent customer service skills with an in-depth knowledge of EAI utilizing Websphere MQ and Websphere Message Broker.   Received… View Article

Childhood Development

Introduction                         Patterson and Bronfenbrenner came up with a comprehensive explanation of the role that a child’s context plays in their developmental process. These two sociologists assert that children’s culture, parenting style, social network among other factors tremendously affect their overall outcome as adults. The essay shall examine the latter author’s theories with regard to… View Article

Human development

When looking at the development of Abraham Lincoln I first wanted to look at cognitive development. Early cognitive development consists of changes in how children think about the world. The most influential theorist in this area was the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget. Piaget’s early training as a biologist influenced his views. Piaget believed cognitive development… View Article

Training and development

Orientation Period All fresh and promotes employees take part in an orientation period. The reason of the orientation period is to greet employees to The Cornell Cooperative Extension Association and to publicize them with the Association and their fresh jobs and responsibilities. The beginning of the orientation period may comprise of a tour of the… View Article

Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein

We thus contend that in so far as arguments for a demarcation between science and pseudo-science may sound plausible, none in reality exists. When science is challenged by So-called ‘paranormal’ activities or happenings much advanced than it can handle, it has found it safe to call it pseudo-science. This is evidenced by the fathers of… View Article

The development of information technology

The development of information technology presents attractive solution for businesses as they can develop and deliver better services to customers. This condition happens as the results of easier and simpler purchasing scheme like using web-based application (e-commerce), connectivity to multi suppliers, and faster product delivery. In many industries like manufacturing and hospitality, the adoption of… View Article

Social Learning Theory

Moral development is successfully achieved when it starts at the youngest learning stage. Vision, character and competence are the three prime elements that a young person needs to develop to achieve moral standards. Moral development of character is an organic process. The integration of an individual’s physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being must be prioritized… View Article

Human Growth and Development

Within the Hispanic culture, the generations that have come before us have struggled to keep traditions alive and thriving. Putting emphasis on proper traditions and celebrations is important. Our elders believe that it will keep our heritage strong. For example, there are two holidays that I would like to discuss, that are important to the… View Article

Human Cognitive Development

The paper is designed to discuss human cognitive development through the prism of various perspectives. Apriori, developmental psychology is nowadays dominated by Piaget’s views, so the essay provides a detailed examination of his theory, including it basic assumptions, the connection between human physiology and cognitive development and the four stages of progress of cognitive abilities:… View Article

The IMF and its affect on LDCs

Let me first express my sincere regrets at not being able to participate in this High-Level Meeting on Least Developed Countries in person. Unfortunately, this important event coincides with the IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings, which I am attending in Singapore. I am thus conveying this written statement to the Assembly in my absence. I hope… View Article

Relationships between Satisfaction with Life

  Abstract             Satisfaction with life is a concept highly valued in today’s society. In an effort to understand mechanisms behind the life satisfaction, present study investigated the relationships between social network size, optimism and conscientiousness and the outcome variable, satisfaction with life. The four variables were measured through the use of a survey. Participants… View Article

The Relationship Between Moral and Cognitive Development

Jean Piaget clearly believed that moral development of children is related to their cognitive structure at any given time.  A child’s “relative social relationship with adults” plays an equal rule in the determination of his or her respect for rules (“Moral Development and Moral Education”).  Hence, young children do not understand the meaning of rules. … View Article

Personality Development Case

Success in business and personal life is determined by one’s ability to communicate effectively with others. “Social intelligence,” or the ability to interact, converse, negotiate with, and persuade others, is the most highly paid and respected form of skill one can have, and this can be developed. Students participating in this program will experience a… View Article

The Robot in the Crib

1) The background or motivation for the study, and the authors’ hypotheses or expectations. One’s life is the distance that one covers from the womb to the tomb. It is the mammoth journey, the joint efforts of about 500million sperm. They travel through the vagina, move to the uterus and reach the fallopian tube. Since… View Article

A Taste of Honey

Human development is a continuous process, but there may be critical periods in our development during which adaptational success or failure heavily influences the course of later development in the life cycle. Adolescence clearly is one of these critical developmental transitions. The number of extent of changes that occur simultaneously during adolescence present major challenges… View Article

Anabolic Steroids in the Enhancement of Muscle Development

People nowadays have been more conscious of their physical appearance. The will of others to be physically fit, enables them to enroll in different programs or even engage themselves in the administration of drugs that help enhance muscle development. One of these drugs is the Anabolic steroid. Anabolic steroids are defined as synthetic substances that… View Article

A sense of self-direction

There may be personal information that you want considered as part of your admissions application. Write an essay describing that information. You might include exceptional hardships, challenges, or opportunities that have shaped or impacted your abilities.             Discipline is one of the issues being faced by most teenagers anywhere in the world. A lot of… View Article

School of Education and Child Development

The School of Education and Child Development in Drury University aims to provide a teacher education program that would engender educated professionals who would uphold the importance of education and exert great efforts in order to become a productive contributor to the learning community. Future educators are trained in the university to make sound choices… View Article

Transforming a Third World Country

The country that I am leading is located in Southeast Asia, a region that has experienced tremenduous economic recession during the 1997 Asian financial crisis. Unfortunately, while my country is surrounded by nations that recovered from the above-mentioned catastrophe and eventually went on to become the flying geese of the realm, my homeland has lagged… View Article

Summarise and Compare the Evidence for the Development of Agriculture

The two continents provide a very different insight into the development of agriculture. America with its slow alterations, for example the gathering that continued and the consistency of crops remaining in their natural habitat until much later for example the May grass. South West Asia reveals a different approach where although still gradual development the… View Article

Observing Toddlers

Introduction             There are a number of places where toddlers could be observed unobtrusively—at the park, the playground, the mall, and the daycare center. For the purpose of this study, however, I chose to go to the park and observe parents and their toddlers play together. This way, I could easily observe unobtrusively as people… View Article

The developmental milestones of a toddler

This is a case study presenting the developmental milestones of a three-year old American boy named Kevin (not his real name).             Kevin was the first-born child of Sam and Joan. After a full term of nine months, his mother gave birth to him via normal delivery on the 4th of December in 2003. He… View Article

Developmentally Appropriate Practices

Feedback is a very important aspect in teaching any subject but it is most important in an algebra class. This is because there are many instances when particular students tend to repeat implicit errors hidden in their solutions. In a large class, it is unmanageable to study each of the student’s solutions in order to… View Article

Training And Development Strategy

1.0 Executive summary Training involves has to do with behaviour modification which is implemented in a formal and systematic manner. Organizational training and development needs to be incorporated in Fair Price. The aims and objectives of carrying out training in this store are to minimise absenteeism and equip employees with skills etc. There are various… View Article