Development Essay Topics

The teacher in the two key stages

The role of the teacher in the two key stages is both similar and different in many ways. These can be established through a detailed analysis and observation of the teachers’ roles both inside and outside the classroom setting. One means of doing this is to look at the teachers’ roles against the heading for… View Article

Describe and assess one theory of cognitive development

Piaget argued that CD is based on the development of schemas. This refers to a psychological structure representing all of a person’s knowledge of actions or objects, e.g. gripping or driving. To perform a new skill which the person has no schema they have to work from previous skills that they have. This is called… View Article

Since vocabulary development

Since vocabulary development is an active, ongoing process for children during these years, helping them increase the size of their vocabulary should be an integral, ongoing part of any school curriculum. As suggested by the research cited above, curricula for vocabulary development should concentrate on introducing new words into the classroom and using a variety… View Article

What was important to women in the past

In the early 20’s, things like getting married at an early age while you were still at your prime, building a family, buying a house with a “white picket fence” were important. Then in the 30’s, getting married and having a family was still the most important thing, but also perhaps becoming a socialite and… View Article

No development without Security

Discuss this statement. In 2005, Kofi Annan, former United Nations General, made the memorable statement that there could be ‘no development without security, and no security without development’. This sparked a debate among multilateral agencies, governments and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) about the effectiveness and targeting of international aid. Kofi Annan and the UN observed that… View Article

To what extent is this statement correct?

Every country has given high priority to the development of their countries and it has contributed to create a range of health risks in both developing and developed countries. This report focuses on the health risks caused by different levels of development and health risks that have no relation to development. Following this introduction, section… View Article

Explain how and why the meaning

There are many terms used in respect to World Development, common terms include “Less Developed Countries”, “Third World” and “Developed Countries”. There is also the more recent and politically correct MEDC’s and LEDC’s, both being introduced as a sign of the growing awareness that poverty is not just about economic status. At one time it… View Article

What do you find most effective in Hardy’s technique

What do you find most effective in Hardy’s technique as a writer of short stories featuring the supernatural? Give consideration to his portrayal of character and his use of narrative development. By: Zahrah Macci Throughout literature history writers have made use of people’s fascination with the macabre. Hardy like many other Victorian writers enjoyed writing… View Article

Human Development

Taking a look at the Human Development Index map of Africa, which can be seen on ( on the web; it shows that many of Africa’s countries are very underdeveloped.7 One of the obvious reasons for why countries is Africa are underachieving is because of how poor is the strength of their economy compared to… View Article

Managing and Developing People (Developing People)

Introduction In this assignment I will be interviewing a member asking for their past experience for undergoing a training programme. I will be researching closely upon aspects… * The need for the individual to be on the training programme? * Training method used? * What the cost was? * Any obstacles which made it difficult?… View Article

Participant’s development

With this model in mind, the author of this essay, who represented the coach in the coaching session, will consider back to the session and reflect what planning had to be involved and why, and what was intended and included. The author of this essay is herself a passionate Badminton player, exercising regularly for the University… View Article

The Development Quantum Computing

The story of computers started with the abacus invented by the Babylonians around 500 B. C. In 1614 John Napier began to develop mechanical computers such as the Babbage differential engine that could carry out one fixed problem to the accuracy of 20 decimal places using steam power. This is a picture of the left… View Article

Sports Development

Within my placement period for sport development I wanted a placement that was both challenging and interesting. For me it seemed too easy to apply to my old school to teach PE. I wanted to do something with a sport that was under developed, with this in mind I secured a placement with Dance Northern… View Article

The Development of Ballads

Ballads have been in evidence since the seventh century and have been popular ever since. They travelled around the globe as people emigrated, picking up stories of historical significance on the way. Their main purpose is to entertain, being sung or recited, often accompanied by music. Their distinctive poetic form told appealing tales of heroism,… View Article

Development system

Over much of the twentieth century, the foremost edges of economic development and growth were mainly identifiable with sectors distinguished by varying degrees of mass production, as expressed in large-scale machine systems and an unrelenting drive to product standardization and cost cutting. all through the mass-production era, the dominant sectors evolved through a progression of… View Article