Development Essay Topics

Child Development

1.2 Research holistic development and write an account about your understanding of this, giving examples of how different aspects of development can affect one another. Holistic development means that each area is dependent on the other to make sure the child develops to their full potential. Development is split into different areas, Physical, social, emotional,… View Article

Urban Planning Community and Economic Development

Stedman Graham, the best selling author, public speaker and entrepreneur said, “When you have a sense of your own identity and a vision of where you want to go in your life, you then have the basis for reaching out to the world and going after your dreams for a better life. ” I have… View Article

Personal Leadership Development Plan (PLDP)

The Personal Leadership Development Plan is a resource tool to be used by associates of the PFR/ATTC Network Advanced Leadership Institute to organize and articulate their goals for what they want to learn and develop as a part of the institute experience. Similar to the Individual Leadership Development Plan that was completed as part of… View Article

Professional Development Journal

Education is an aspect where one’s cognitive and learning abilities are put to tests and pushed to its maximum abilities. It is important because education gives a man a career so he can compete with a career-oriented workplace. Education also prepares a man to efficiently and competitively perform his tasks in the field of his… View Article

Professional Growth

Developing Ethical Practice Part I             In any industry, business or work, morality is a sensitive issue that needs to be personally and professionally addressed. Individuals have moral convictions as much as companies have their moral values where usually their corporate culture is based. Thus, t is important for companies to look at their moral… View Article

Pritchett, Lant (2006) Center For Global Development

Introduction: When the wings are strong, even the birds fly! Birds also, as a rule migrate, flying thousands of miles to the area and the climate of their choice every year. Even before the Christian era, adventurous traders and devoted missionaries have been moving from one country to another for their purposes in view. Migration… View Article

Can schools effectively improve students’ self-regulatory skills?

INTRODUCTION Overview of the Study Self-regulation is the key mediator between genetic predisposition, early experience, and adult functioning. This paper argues that all the key mechanisms underpinning the enduring effects of early relationship experiences interface with individuals’ capacity to control (a) their reaction to stress, (b) their capacity to maintain focused attention, and (c) their… View Article

Contemporary Developments in Psychology and Counseling

Every human behavior includes in an events and activities that a human being show in his lifetime. Human’s intelligence and creativeness produced great inventions that prolong human lives and make living on this earth convenient. But at the same time human intelligence have produced life threatening inventions that can take away lives at the press… View Article

Pervasive Developmental Disorders in Preschool Children

Pervasive Developmental Disorders is the umbrella term for  neuro-developmental disorder exhibited in children which is characterized by language deficits, impaired social skills and abnormal behavior. PDDs include PDD-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), Asperger Syndrome, Autism-, Chidhood Disintegrative-, and Rett Disorder. Increase patterns of autism disorders for the past 15 yrs at England may indicate changes in… View Article

The Usefulness of Psychodynamic Approach

Introduction      The psychodynamic perspective is based on the work of Sigmund Freud. He created both a theory to explain personality and mental disorders, and the form of therapy known as psychoanalysis. The psychodynamic approach assumes that all behavior and mental processes reflect constant and unconscious struggles within person. These usually involve conflicts between our… View Article

Development or environmental injustice

What does it really take to experience development? What are the defining criteria for development? Is development quantitatively measured or qualitatively evaluated? What are the key indicators of a developing or developed country? The answers depend on the person’s priority and preference. The expansion of metropolitan areas has been referred to as urban development by… View Article

Assimilation and Accommodation

Assimilation and Accommodation Jean Piaget viewed intellectual growth as a process of adaptation (adjustment) to the world. This happens through: * Assimilation, which is using an existing schema to deal with a new object or situation. * Accommodation – this happens when the existing schema (knowledge) does not work, and needs to be changed to… View Article

What impact does an absent father have on child development?

The absence of a father can have emotional and social consequences in a child’s development. Children manifest problematic behaviors including depression, aggression, delinquency, early role difficulties, as well as poor social and adaptive functioning and low self-esteem. In daughters, the absence of a father reveals different behavior dimensions, the way they view the opposite sex,… View Article

Erikson’s Theories Personal Portrait

Erik Erikson’s and Lawrence Kohlberg developed several different theories that demonstrated each phase of our lives. Their theories demonstrated how each stage developed and how the stages help to make us who we are today. We develop, learn, and revolutionize through developmental and moral developments. This paper will illustrate how each developmental and moral development… View Article

Foreign Market Entry

9. How will entry into a developed foreign market differ from entry into a relatively untapped market? Marketers face many issues in the decision making process in order pursue the many different possibilities concerning foreign and domestic markets in terms of expansion and structural change. These companies seek ways to improve capital by expanding into… View Article

Using Architecture for Sustainable Development

The world today faces the grim realities of climate change and global warming. Competition for fossil fuels also drives the cost of energy upward. As a response, more and more people and organizations are employing environment-friendly and efficient technologies to produce products and services. Architecture has adapted to these present realities by using sustainable development… View Article

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a very important concept in human life as well as the entire living things. Sustainable development entails that we are using the available resources to meet our current needs, without making the future generation unable to meet their needs. Sustainable development is more tied with the social challenges that human beings constantly… View Article

Role Of Environment In Language Development

Language development refers to the process of acquiring a language during a person’s early stages of development. The process involves language acquisition through learning or by mimicry. As a child continues to develop, the language development in turn moves from simple to complex (Barrett, p 13). For instance, infants do not use a language to… View Article

Role of Youth

Lack of participation of the youth in community development and family integration may lead to poor skills and characteristics. Community development helps the youth a lot in working their skills, building their character and communicating with others to have a good relationship. Family integration makes the youth more confident c Generally, this topic focuses on… View Article

Social Pedagogy

What is social pedagogy? Social pedagogy is concerned with well-being, learning and growth. This is underpinned by humanistic values and principles which view people as active and resourceful agents highlight the importance of including them into the wider community, and aim to tackle or prevent social problems and inequality. Social pedagogy uses the holistic approach… View Article

The Best Ways of Marketing Yourself

Every one wants to have a successful job and to be the best in his or her life, so if you want to create your wonderful life, marketing your self is the most important thing to make it real. Marketing yourself is the great way to find success in your life and to get your… View Article

Theory of Cognitive Development and Jean Piaget

Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget was the first to study cognitive development systematically. One of his major contributions is his theory of cognitive development. However, his theory has numerous limitations and has come under frequent criticism. This essay will analyse four limitations of Piaget’s theory and provide alternative accounts. The first three limitations will be presented… View Article

Explain and Evaluate Two Approaches to Explaining Moral Development

Moral development is what we consider to be right, wrong, good or bad. It is developed from infancy through to adulthood and is the principles we use to determine what is right or wrong, fair or unfair. Each individual has their own understanding of what morality is, however generally this is determined largely by the… View Article

Rationalizing Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability

There happens to be a two-fold task governing the existence of economic development and environmental stability – national progress towards economy depends on natural resources, and natural resources needs replenishment to continue the cyclical mode of economic development. In this manner, these two important national concerns continuously exist with a common approach of relationship. Indeed,… View Article

The relationship between economic growth and economic development

Economic development seem to be quite different from economic growth but the two seem to be reinforcing each other. Economic development implies sustainable increase in the living standards of a given country’s citizenry. The increase in the living standards or welfare means the increase in the per capita income, better education and health facilities, improved… View Article

Lifespan Development

Lifespan development, also known as human development, is a field of study that is devoted to understanding constancy and change throughout a person’s lifespan (Berk, 2010). Lifespan development begins with infancy and looks at several points in a person’s life in which significant change takes place. The study of children did not begin until the… View Article

Reaction Paper on Piaget’s Learning Theory

Cognition is defined as the process of learning that includes perception, memory, judgment and thinking. It is also the basis of Jean Piaget’s theories on learning. He was able to identify the different stages of cognitive development by interviewing and observing children of different ages in gathering the data to which he was able to… View Article

Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse

In the text of Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, Lily is in the stage of Pre-operational. According to Jean Piaget, in the pre-operational stage, children develop semiotic function which is an ability to represent an object or action with signs and symbols, such as language, imagery, drawing symbolic games and deferred imitation. At first, Lily likes… View Article

Technology Development

The causal link between development and historical time is often contested, although there is persuasive evidence of this link. Therefore, this essay will have the following structure: first of all, theoretical justification of the claim that historical time is connected with development will be given; secondly, several case studies will be analyzed; and finally, the… View Article

Understanding Your Role As A Teacher

I have been asked to critically examine and discuss the work of three selected authors and to compare and contrast their views. I will link this theory to my experience of working with children, and give my own views and how this has developed my understanding in my role as a trainee teacher. The readings… View Article