Developing Yourself as an Effective Learning and Development Practitioner Essay

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Developing Yourself as an Effective Learning and Development Practitioner

The knowledge that HRPs in Band 1 show or demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of training and learning needs analysis at the organisational and individual levels but it ensures that the activities are carried out effectively and to / with the right level of knowledge. With my organisation it is imperative that I know the organisation is structured, what products and services the organisation provides to enable the understanding about the way the company works and objectives it has. This is to ensure the service provided is accurate and effective. He/she also has to have knowledge of relevant employment l and discrimination law to minimise risk within and to the organisation.

The Serco HR and L&D manager must demonstrate their knowledge about how to collect and collate cost data and how to analyse feedback from training programmes in order to demonstrate a return of investment. HRPs in Band 1
must be someone who is driven to deliver as they need to actively plan, prioritise and monitor key performance (KPI) areas of each employee in order to prompt employees when training opportunities that are in line with and when their personal development arises which should be reflected within the staffs’ appraisals. They must also need to work effectively at all levels within the organisation and work closely with external training providers for example:- Chartered Management institute, Northbrook and Chichester College.


The behaviours required the L&D practitioner to deliver a successful service. The team needs to be clear, accurate and positive when communicating messages within the organisation but in a way that also motivates all staff to perform their job roles well. Also under the heading of behaviours it is very important that the L&D manager and his/her team needs to have a fair un-biased view and be non-discriminatory at all time but, be assertive, curious and have the confidence to challenge but most of all be approachable to colleagues and managers and lead by example and act as a role model to others.

Activity 2 – Understand customer needs (including examples of 3 different customers and 1 need for each, and explain how you would priorities conflicting needs)

Customer Needs

It is important that the Serco HR practitioner provides a timely and effective service. Therefore; the he / she must understand each of their customer’s needs and how to prioritise them in accordance to urgency but, also how to manage the customer’s expectation.

Table 5:- 3 examples of three customers: needs-

Customers’ needs

Customers are:-

1. Participants (Learners, Candidates or Students) of the training programme

2. The training development coordinator

3. Line Managers, supervisor of the L&D practitioner

practitioners time

urgent information
regarding training

results from training analysis

1. All three customers may need the L&D practitioners time, this need may happen where by the customers may wish to see the Practitioner at the same time. This might cause a conflict where the L&D Manager may have to prioritise which is more important and what needs are to be addressed urgently and which could be handled later

2. The L&D training coordinator and facilitator may need to see urgent information regarding the training from the Lead L&D practitioner.

3. The L&D supervisor may need to see and speak to the L&D practitioner to know whether the training has achieved its intended results from training analysis

2.2:- Effective communication (include: examples of three different communication methods and the advantages and disadvantages of each)

Effective Communication

The examples of 3 different communication methods together along with the advantages and disadvantages of each are listed below in Table 6:- Communication Methods: Advantages & Disadvantages

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