Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resource Practitione Essay

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Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resource Practitione

The CIPD developed a map depicting the HR profession that signifies the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed by those in HR and Learning and Development professionals. The two inner core professional areas in the HRPM, Strategy Insights and Solutions and Leading HR, requires a deep understanding of the business activities, strategies and plans to drive business performance through the delivery of human resource strategy and solutions.

Leading HR in particular focuses on the organisation requirements and that human resources employees are fully engaged, working collaboratively and all understand the drivers that create value within the organisation. Both of these core areas are to be reflected within all HR roles at any stage of a successful HR career regardless of location or working within an organisation or alongside one. The other 8 professional areas identify the knowledge and skills required within each band level to provide specialist HR assistance. There are 4 band levels, each band level signifies professional competence and is linked to the professional areas within said band level at every stage of the professionals HR career.

To progress from one band to another there are three transitional pathways that identify what the professional must follow in order to progress. There are 8 behavioural areas clustered into 3 groups that identify how professionals at the relevant band level in their career need to carry out their duties and make a contribution to their organisations success. They include; Band One; Personally Credible; Builds a reliable reputation using experience and expertise and does so with integrity and in an objective manner. Collaborative; Works effectively with colleagues, customers, and individuals both within and outside of the organisation. Driven to deliver; Demonstrates a strong work ethic, consistent in their duties and take accountability for delivery of results.

Plans, prioritises, monitors performance and holds others accountable for delivery. Band Two; Advises on and manager HR related issues and has a clear understanding of the evaluation process. Whilst at band two, the professional will demonstrates the Personally Credible and Driven to Deliver Behaviour Areas seen in Band One while also demonstrating other Behaviour Areas; Courage to Challenge and Skilled Influencer.

Courage to Challenge; Shows confidence and courage to speak and challenges others when confronted with unfamiliar circumstances. Skilled Influencer; Demonstrates the ability to influence and to gain commitment and support form a wide range of diverse stakeholders for the organisation benefit. Band Three; Requires the professional to show a high understanding of the Behaviour Areas Courage to Challenge and Skilled Influencer. These are to be demonstrated at an expert level before progressing to the band level

4. The professional has the skills to lead in a Behavioural area and addresses key HR challenges at an organisational level. Band Four; Professionals are required to be an expert in their field, lead and manage the professional area or the organisational responsible for developing and delivering organisational and HR strategy. The professional is required to cover 3 Behavioural areas; Role Model, Curious and Decisive Thinker.

Role Model; leading by example and implying sound personal judgement in all interactions. Curious; Demonstrates an active interest in the internal and external environment, shows a willingness to learn and active in the development of self and others and organisation levels and individual. Decisive Thinker; Demonstrates the ability to analyse information quickly and constructively to make defendable decisions using knowledge, experience and personal judgement. As a learner just starting out my HR career my experience and knowledge is limited and I believe to sit at Band One on the HRPM.

Band One supports colleagues with administration duties and effectively manages data and is customer driven. The Professional Areas suited for Band One insure that all people within the organisation possess and develop the skills and knowledge to progress not only within the organisation, but their career by becoming motivated to learn, grow and perform.

High performance within the organisation is promoted by rewards that are equitable and cost effective, given when rewarding skills, capabilities, performance and experience. While Band One focuses primarily on Performance and Reward and Learning and Talent Development as professional areas, the HRPM also depicts that the behaviours at Band One level are to be achieved. These include; Personally Credible, Collaborative and Driven to Deliver. The two core Professional Areas (Strategy Insights and Solutions and Learning and Talent Development) are at the very heart of any HR professional and should be the core values of any
professional undertaking a HR career or an expert in their field.

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