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Developing new technologies Essay

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Developing new technologies

Canon has established research centers all over EU, USA and Japan to conduct research in developing new technologies. Canon emphasizes on managing its process in order to deliver product that are cheap and fast maintaining a good Information Management strategy. Manipulation of information using documentation, emails and other paper works became a potential information overload for many similar companies. Hence Canon takes advantage of the new advance technologies to manage and maintain the information overload. Today, Canon is more efficient, more productive and more profitable organization due to improvements of its own business processes.

By playing a major role in Information Systems Management, Canon has helped other business and non-business organizations providing them with solutions to better development and better uses of the Information Management Systems. It has also developed ICT solutions for the education market which minimizes teachers’ administration time and cost of the institute. The main objective of the ICT solution is to helped teachers to do their jobs without any interference from the administration as well as meets the organization needs.

This system can help to develop school to provide students with better infrastructure to enhance their learning skills. For example, students having privilege to access Internet from home, receive lessons or other updates related with education. Since many schools can not afford such system change therefore Canon decided to lease the infrastructure to educational institute rather having them purchase outright. Did Canon make the right decision? Yes! Canon made the right decision. By reducing complexity and infrastructure availability, Canon can make a major difference in the educational institute.

Many educational institutes can not afford to maintain and purchase such ICT solution. The main problems that educational institute faces are making sure school does not fail to provide proper education, low teacher shortages, lack of capital investment, over-regulation and most of all teachers involvement in administrative task which keeps them away from real task. To overcome these problems it feasible to install such ICT solution and this minimizes teachers’ administration time and cost of the institute.

Teachers can concentrate more on student’s weakness and learning rather wasting precious lesson time sorting out students’ technical problems. Using the right infrastructure teachers and students can access notes, projects, assignments and other documents remotely making the process of education smooth. An example of such system is Sun ICT Solutions for Schools [1], where SUN Microsystems implemented a system to reduce complexity of the education process in the UK. They provided low-cost wireless Sun Ray laptops and other infrastructure to enrich the curriculum of the school.

Other organization such as Ark ICT solutions [2], also works with different school to meet their demands. Such system can help school by providing services such as internet access, teachers monitoring system, maintain school curriculum, provide a feasible communication between teachers, students and the institute and provide FREE services to institute that can not afford such services. GV Technologies was established in October 2000 [6] and today it provides services to over 600 educational institutes and trying expanding it business globally.

Their main objective is to provide complete ICT solution to education sectors and other organizations by effectively delivering of the curriculum through the use of ICT. Schools and educational institute needs an integrated ICT solution to support teaching and learning and the solution must concentrate on raising standards and addressing teacher’s workload. By making effective use of ICT many similar organization tries to create a step-change in the educational system and it is only possible if the ICT system is properly integrated into the educational system.

Having such system enables and support the remodeling of school workforce, provides efficient streamline knowledge management, enhances the communication of students, parents and teachers and most of all allowing education and learning to take place anytime-anywhere. Providing fast, efficient and secure ICT solution to educational institute and other organizations is becoming more profitable as more and more people are depending on information. The main objective of the ICT solution decrease cost and save time by efficiently manages production and information flow.

ICT solutions and services can be provided using verities of hardware, software and telecommunications technology. Other business such as Teksys Limited [12], which has been providing ICT solutions to the education sector for the past 15 years giving them expertise working with schools colleges and local education authorities. It is a specialist Microsoft services business providing ICT solutions. They also implement system that transforms education, teaching and learning to meet the needs of the organization at present and for the future.

Schools, universities and other educational sectors are facing challenges every year in attracting and retaining students. Due to reduced funding and competition form other schools and universities the need to have an effective educational system is necessary in order for school to compete with other organizations. NIVID Technology Solutions [13], implementing innovative ICT Infrastructure, IT/IS Strategies and Software to ease the administrative processes, increases students and their learning and reduce operations and maintaining cost.

ICT solutions can provide many services to school, university and other educational institute. Services such as ICT solutions for administration and school curriculum, implementing ICT strategy, implementing ICT networking systems, provide access to Internet, implementing wireless based systems using laptops and both online and offline support can help to grow the educational system of today to meet the needs of the future.

Both teacher and students are increasing and hence institute implementing ICT solutions such as electronically delivered education can make use of the resource and funds school and organizations. Today, many schools are facilitating e-learning to motivate students into more education and learning’s. Many teachers are going on-line to ensure and verify student’s status fast and instantly. Students will no longer be required to memories facts instead they will be encouraged to use ICT infrastructure and solution to manipulate information and knowledge.

Students will be able to communicate with other students, teachers and organization all over the world at the same time parents and teachers will be involved to support and improve the learning process and environment. Teachers can be involved with students in more personalized way compared to traditional ways of teaching. ICT will connect teachers, students, parents and the community in more synchronized way to improve the education process. Leasing the infrastructure to school can be cheaper and more feasible for many schools and educational organization.

Once the infrastructure is ranted out to schools, the maintaining task and updating the system cost goes down and hence school can properly manage its budget. If any infrastructure goes down or malfunctions Canon can take responsibility to reinstall the system where it is necessary. Canon can also take the responsibility of the maintenance cost by leasing the infrastructure. Directly purchasing the products and solution can be very expensive for many schools in Europe and USA because most schools are bound to monthly budget. Hence, purchasing outright can be expensive for educational institute.


SUN Microsystems; ICT solutions-Sun ICT Solutions for Schools; http://uk.sun.com/servicessolutions/schools/pdf/schools_ICT_Solution_DSv3.pdf

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