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Developing Customer Relations Essay

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1.0 Introduction

Customer service is the provision of service to customer before during and after a purchase also it’s the ability of an organisation to recognise and consistently meet its customers’ need

Employees may find them self in a situation that they sold a product and the customer is been arrogant saying it is faulty they need to stay calm

2.0 Providing Customer Service

A new employee can provide good customer service by been well presented on their first day and wearing their uniform appropriately greeting the customer politely.

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3.0 Presentation Skills

In this section I am going to say why presentation skills are important to customer service


Why it is important

As this is merit grade work, I need to expand each box. You need at least three points for each on why this is important

Examples from business

You need a couple of examples from businesses in each box

Personal presentation e.g. personal hygiene, uniform/ dress, hair, makeup jewellery

The way an employee presents himself identifies who they are. It is important because your presentation of your self and the business is the customer first opinion if they business is dirty then the customer wouldn’t come there again

Customers in Tesco & Sainsbury’s wear uniform to make them look smart and they have to wear the uniform properly for example an employee might wear his uniform but not wear it smartly like not tucking in his shirt in companies like B & Q the employees dress to stand out by wearing bright orange

Also in the police force it is required to wear uniform

Body language e.g. posture, facial expression, smiling, gestures, eye contact

Body language has an impact on the customer’s perception of how friendly the staffs are. The body language of an employee is important because it shows how the employee feels about the customer and how approachable they are

If a customer ask a staff in a company like Primark “where is the T shirts” and they are frowning it means the staff there is unfriendly

In JD Sports if it is empty and there are no customers in there and the employees have a conversation then a customer comes in and has a query, the employee might frown when he comes in because he is interrupting his conversation

Presentation of work area and equipment

The presentation of the work area shows how prepared the staff are and how good the environment, it is important because it shows how prepared they are to start business and also the presentation shows how hygienic they are

If in McDonalds the tables are dirty it will put off customers and they wouldn’t eat in there

Greeting Customers, Courtesy, Confidence, Interest, Thoughtfulness

It is important because it shows that the employee cares that a customer is there and it makes the customer feel welcome

If you greet a customer every time they come in to your business they would attract more customers to your business by telling them how polite employees in the business are

Responding to different customer behaviour, Tact, Efficiency

It is important to adapt to different customers and situation because all customers aren’t the same and they will have different attitude towards the employee/ business

If a customer complains about how bad service is and you respond to them quickly it would show that you’re sorry

Of voice, pitch, language e.g. technical language, use of slang

How you communicate to customer is important because all customers are usually different e.g. you talk to old people different from teenagers

When you talk to an old lady you talk slowly so they can hear you properly but when you are talking to teenager you can use some slangs

Also in a company like Pc World if someone was about to buy a computer you would speak to them in technical language e.g. the computer has 512mb ram e.t.c and if the customer doesn’t understand it you explain to them

Listening, body language, appropriateness to customer situation

Your listening skills to a customer is important because if you don’t listen to them while you are talking to feels rude and employee should be able to adapt to different situations because there are different kinds of customers

If a customer asks a question like where is the toilet and you keep on telling them to repeat it. They wouldn’t come back again to the business.

Also there might be

4.0 Interpersonal Skills

In this section I am going to say why interpersonal skills are important to customer service.

Interpersonal Skills relate to the way you behave when you are dealing with other people and they are important because it makes communication clear.

Attitudes, Behaviour, First impression are aspects of interpersonal skills

The attitude of a staff to customer the first time they come in matter because that is their first impression and that’s what they will tell other people about the business

In a Supermarket if a customer asks where an item and the employee replies “go away” is to the customer it will put them off and they wouldn’t come back

Behaviour this is closely linked to attitude because this influences what you do and why you do it. A friendly person will normally behave in a cheerful way also if u enjoys working with people you will normally behave in a courteous and thoughtful way

5.0 Communication Skills

In this section I am going to talk about communication skills

Communication Skills are important to customer service. It is crucial that information is clear and accurate. In customer service employees must be able to explain company’s policies to customers and answer question about product and service.

Tone, Pace, Pitch of voice, Slang and Listening are aspects of communication skills

Tone is difference between the way you talk to a supervisor and your friend. Tone is how informal or formal you are and the tone of your voice

Slang includes word used informally such as waste of space, chill. None should be used in business when talking to an external customer.

Pace relates to the speed at which you speak and should be varied depending on your audience.

Listening skills are invaluable in business particularly in the following situations e.g. when a customer is telling you about his or her needs or preferences, when you are been given information to give to someone.

Pitch of voice relates to how you sound. A low pitched voice is deep and gruff, a high pitched voice easily sound shrill. Varying your pitch makes you sound more interesting and enables you to hold people attention better if you speak in a monotone

6.0 Customer Service Situations

I am going to explain which skills are important in the following situation face to face, on the telephone, email, urgent situations, and difficult situations; either it is Interpersonal Skills, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills.

Face to Face: I assume communication skills are the most essential skills when an employee is facing a problem face to face because although your presentation and interpersonal skills is important the employee is facing them and the way he communicates matter. The most important communication skills is their listening skills because it will show how effective they are to deal with the problem

Telephone: I assume communication skills are the most essential skills when an employee if dealing with a problem on the phone because

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