Developed versus Underdeveloped Essay

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Developed versus Underdeveloped

In offering a response to this article it would be from a sociological perspective that the writer would advance the discussion. As it pertains to the theories of poverty the article simply identifies the faces of imperialism. These faces are mirrored through the economic institutions existent within the social structure. In this sense one can understand how third world countries’ economies are influenced by the world economic order. These countries are impotent in resolving any policy imposed by these super powers.

Imperialism has shaped the world’s economic structures through Federal Reserve strategies, the World Bank and IMF put together. What has been offered as explanations for the situation in poor countries is a decorative painting projecting aesthetics of the real situation. The truth is that there will always be poverty in the world regardless of how well relationships between third world and developed countries are enhanced. Poverty was here, precisely, before any institutionalized economic order.

It has existed at different levels under much cultural expression through out history. Therefore, to explain poverty in its true sense is to say that it coexists to provide social order. Conclusively, speaking from the sociological paradigm of functionalism, poverty is functional. What has been reflected in the disparity between rich people and poor ones in many countries of the world is the shadow which covers rich countries and poor ones as well.

It is popular belief that the economic crisis will improve when there is a re writing of a world economic order which is fair to rich and poor alike. In essence poverty is the face of imperialism which dictates under structured inequality that there must always be economic disparity in the world among countries and people.

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