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Developed countries Essay

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Developed countries

One of their impositions is the much-touted phenomenon of globalization. This is literally being stuffed down the third world throat which is already over-choked with Western sleaze. Everybody knows that it is a Western ploy for self-promotion, yet the brazen attitude of the West to package it as an exclusive blessing for the teeming millions of the developing world is strange. There was a time when people disguised even a blessing which in fact need no disguise; they have at least some spot of decency in them.

But now even a curse is being strutted as a virtue. But the facts call out different shots. The whole plan is a Western conspiracy against the developing world and might prove the last nail in its coffin. Jan Nederveen Pieterse (2004) is of the view that “While global economic integration has grown over the past decades, global inequality has increased. In a clear rupture with the pattern over previous decades, global inequality has increased sharply since the 1980s. ” There is now little doubt that globalization of the world is inevitable.

Because of the magical innovations set in by technology distances are dissolving like aspirin in a bowl of water, communication is becoming instant as the blink of human eye and decisions are being taken in split seconds across the globe. In general term, it is this shrinking of time and space that can be defined as globalization. Sooner or later, the globe must be a teeny-weeny easily accessible place. More suspect is the haste with which globalization is being bulldozed into the third world.

It took the Europeans more than half a century to arrive at a reasonable consensus for creating a European Union and yet they allow only a handful of nations to join it. The economically stable European countries do not allow the cash-strapped countries to join them unless and until they upscale their living standards. This requirement is meant to ensure that when the barriers of immigration, trade, capital flow out and other stumbling blocks are lifted, there are no mass confusions which might threaten established society and living standards of the rich nations.

If they are cautious about a developed area like Europe, how come they are not worried about what will happen when barriers are dismantled between bizarre countries like Somalia and centers of serenity like Australia? The rich countries are not worried because their brand of globalization is a dystopia unlike the European Union. The only barriers they wish to snap through the World Trade Organization are those which have been raised by the third world for the cushioning of their industry and trade from the more advanced and developed countries.

There is not even a small reference to the barriers erected by rich countries to pre-empt migration. On the contrary stringent laws are being imposed to ensure that the cozy life style of their societies is not disrupted by immigrants from the ‘cash-clipped’ countries. The West is obviously very selective and its veneer of egalitarianism is only a smoke screen to hide its more sinister intentions. For example, it will never capitulate to the demolition of certain barriers, “even though hell should bar the way”.

These are the barriers for the transfer of technology, easy access to capital, equal opportunity, partnerships and a host of other barriers whose retention gives the West an edge over the East. It is no denying the fact that globalization is very helpful for the developed countries. It will definitely reduced the status of poor countries to that of suppliers of raw materials while the developed countries will chuckle at them and will use this raw material to fill the stomachs of their always hungry industries..

The capitalist free traders are now not in need to compete with the communists and so they have stopped showing a friendly face. Their greed knows no bounds. They looked for countries which had fought hard to gain independence; next thing they want of them is to give up that precious independence, to do away with their borders, to allow the capitalists free access to do what they like to the economies of these poverty-stricken countries.

This term is given the name of free competition by the capitalists of the developed world. As they merge and acquire each other, they become monstrous giants against whom the small businesses in the poor and developing countries will not be able to compete. Now, what is the meaning of competition if you cannot win at all in the end? A few of these big giants will control the economy of the whole world. And it is a sad thing that they are not above cheating and corruption.

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