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Develop and administrate

An important reason many countries need help is the lack of stable and fair government. Many countries are ruled by a dictator who has the power of the army to stop uprising and even the countries with democracies still face huge corruption. This is one of the reasons that aid is less effective, and if the corruption can be removed then this will have more of an effect. This could be done by putting pressure on countries to remove the corruption, although a slow process with help from the UN and other agencies this should be possible within the next few years and decades.

Therefore form this they can begin o create stable governments with sound and successful governments. Too much is written about needing democracies which is not necessarily the answers, man countries have had huge growth and development without having democratic government, Taiwan and china being the main example, Taiwan having a strong dictatorship while China followed the communist ideas set out by Chairman Mao.

These both proved that although democracies a strong government that has firm control but does not abuse human rights (or this will discourage TNC’s from investing within the country) can develop. It will also give people confidence as many don’t set up businesses as they know governments will take their produce from them. There are also uprisings and wars within many of the countries so without the removal of this any factories or businesses are at risk, a good example is Somalia where extremists and pirates mean that development is practically non-existent.

It is very hard to remove the corruption within a country but this is arguably the most important part of allowing a country to development as without this there are limitations to everything from trade to aid help as well as where the government spend money, e. g. on healthcare rather than arms. Therefore an imperative future aim for the UN should be help countries create stable governments as this will help them achieve their millennium goals as well as help the countries of LDCs develop. However if we do get involved there are numerous ramifications that must be carefully considered.

One such is the over-reliance on aid for a country to grow. If the country became reliant on the aid money it was being given then this would not represent stable development as if this aid money dries up then there could be a collapse of that country, sending it to the times before tit became developed therefore requiring the process of development to be repeated again. This would therefore represent a waste of money and time therefore it would be better to allow countries to try and develop on their own and many believe like Adam Smith that over time capitalism will just happen and therefore there is little need to do anything.

This must be carefully examined however as Adam Smith lived in Ireland a relatively wealthy country and did not fully witness the problems and climate of many of the countries in Africa. This is another reason assisting LDC’s may not work, that there geography and climate. Many of the countries are land locked making it harder and more expensive to trade with large amounts of the world as well as meaning imports of capital and other goods take longer and more money to get to that country.

As most LDCs are between the tropics this means their climate is very harsh often meaning its difficult for development to take place as any development risks damage from famine or drought that can kill large numbers of skilled workers or at least risk the population. It also makes it difficult to continue growing food for the country so means imports, which are more expensive, have to be done and if a country is also land locked this becomes hugely expensive.

Overall therefore it can be concluded that a combination of factors mean that countries are in a low levels of development and that many of these are changeable if help from the developed world is forth coming. These include the lack of capital and money to build up businesses, much of which could come from aid and donations from other governments. There is also the problem of lack of strong, focussed governments in many LDC’s which requires pressure and nurturing from the UN and other organisation to help remove corruption and help set up reliable, strong-willed governments.

In my opinion this is the main reason for lack of development as it can be seen as the main or at least a major factor in almost all the reasons that countries still haven’t developed, including lack of healthcare and sanitation, inability to administrate the use of natural resources and minimal trade. It’s also important to know that because of the climate and geography of the area it is difficult for the countries to have a green revolution which has been the beginning of every other countries development as well as the ones who have got themselves out of poverty.

Therefore overall I agree largely with the statement that developed nations need to help LDC’s to get out of poverty and in my opinion the most effective way for this to occur would be through the pressure of the UN to create strong governments in each country as well as help to give the countries a chance to develop and administrate the removal and sale of their natural resource wealth.

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