Develop a media plan Essay

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Develop a media plan


I am going to define the EYWA company media requirements. And as well as identifying target audience and consumer profile, analysis the product market factor of the EYWA Company. Analysis the creative requirements of an advertising message and identifying media merchandising requirements , confirm the media budget and legal and voluntary constraints of the company of EYWA. 2. Characteristics of the target audience from the advertising brief. Earth sprite products are 100% natural and effective reasonable and innovative. The target audience consist of woman who are beauty conscious and who are looking for natural products. They are aware of the adverse effects of chemical-based skin care products. They are looking for natural products which are good value for money and will their skin looking rediant and help fight aging.

3. Prepare a detailed consumer profile EWYA Company

Demographic information
Gender – Females
Age – 25-54
Marital status: half of married and half of single
Level of educational attained: females professional, Wives of professional Income – approximately $150,000
Geography profile- inner city and suburban areas
Psychographic information:

4. Analyses market factor to determine the reach and frequency required for each of the advertising media suggested in the brief. Media strategy: EWYA Company using media for advertising such as TV, radio, woman’s magazines and health magazines. EWYA Company also using some of social website for examples Face book and twitter could also highly effective. Point of sale display in a major super market or chemist chain should also be considered. Level of involvement: TV, radio, and magazines and social media are high level involvement.

Point of sale display in a major super market or chemist chain comes in low level involvement. Product usage and lifecycle: product usage is high and product life cycle comes in four sections. Advertising message characteristics: it is reasonable price and 100% Australia owned. Product characteristics: The entire earth sprite product contains tamanu oil which has a unique capacity to support the formation of new tissue. Eywa is 100% Australian owned.

Ewya products price are very affordable rather than the competitors’ products. Competitive situation: other similar products on the market in term of product features and pricing. Create brand awareness for the Earth sprite products and differentiate the brand from its many competitors. Media enviourment : it is combination of electronic and hardcopy media enviourment.

5. (a) creative requirement
Eywa using mainstream media.
Music and sound

Colour plays important part in advertising. colour perception controlled by brain, eyes and influencing our emotions and actions and we can use many colour such as black, blue, red, white, yellow, green, pink etc. Through the action add to the creative message by demonstrating how the product can be used and features of the products. Images based on the impact you want to make on the consumer. Music and sound I the key element in advertising like using the advertising slogan as part of the sound experience for the consumer can also make a big impact through brand association. The cost of this promotion is $5 million.

Advertising message and media implication: the catchy slogan “Reconnect” with nature. Eywa is 100% Australian owned. Ewya products price are very affordable rather than the competitors’ products. 6. Outline the product or service merchandising requirements

Point of sale display space in a major super market or chemist chain should also be considered. Merchandising refer to any activity that aims to sell products or service using point of sale The product or service advertising be relevant to the specific communities. The product and service have an association with a specific media vehicle. A media merchandising strategy is to adopt a brand extension strategy. 7. Identify any relevant local, national or international legislation or standard that you may need to consider.

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