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Determining the Rate of Osmosis with Water and Sucrose

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (425 words)
Categories: Human, Water
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Determining the Rate of Osmosis with Water and Sucrose 10/3/2012 Determining the Rate of Osmosis with Water and Sucrose Author: Results: Bag 1 had a rate of osmosis equal to 0. 01 grams per minute. Bag 2 had a rate of osmosis equal to 0. 0543 grams per minute. Bag 3 had a rate of osmosis equal to 0. 0471 grams per minute. Bag 4 had a rate of osmosis equal to 0. 0886 grams per minute. Bag 5 had a rate of osmosis equal to -0. 0914 grams per minute (Figure A).

Figure A: Shifting of mass in grams for each dialysis bag was measured every 5 minutes for 30 minutes.

Data follows expectations of hypothesis on the basis that H2O will move from an area of high concentration to low concentration. Also, the rate of which it would move depending on concentration. The higher the concentration of sucrose inside of the dialysis bag, the faster the rate of water will travel into the bag.

The rate of osmosis increases as the concentration of sucrose inside the bag is higher.

Correspondingly, with bag 5, the water inside the dialysis bag would travel once again to a place of lower water concentration, the sucrose in the beaker. This is so because sucrose has a low concentration of water. Therefore, the water will travel from high to low concentration. The sucrose in bags 2, 3, and 4 are hypertonic to the water inside the beaker. Adversely, the water inside the beaker is hypotonic to the sucrose inside the bag.

Another example to this would be swimming in the ocean (salt water) where the ocean’s water is hypertonic (lower water concentration) and the human body is hypotonic (higher water concentration), causing the water inside the human body to move from its high concentration to the ocean’s low concentration. Bag 1 represents an isotonic solution, where the water concentration inside the bag is close or equal to the concentration of water outside the bag. Another example of isotonic is 0. 9% NaCl, an I. V. olution, is isotonic to humans. This study interprets the importance of osmosis in daily biology as it can be detrimental to living cells and simultaneously profitable. For instance, plants need to be hypertonic to their hypotonic surroundings. If the solution outside the membrane has a lower concentration of solutes than the interior has, water will move into the vesicle via osmosis (Freeman p. g 91). Water travels into their cells, causing their cell to swell so that their stems may stand up straight.

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