Determination Essay Topics

Determination of the Gas Mileage

Problem: Tammy wanted to determine the gas mileage she was getting on her car. She filled the gas tank on her car when the odometer read 49,420 miles. When she refilled her tank, the odometer read 49,717. A. If it took 11 gallons of gas to fill the tank, how many miles to the gallon… View Article

Foreign Exchange Rate Determination and Related Issues

According to economists the US economy had been in recession since March 2001 and the September 11th terrorist attacks only deepened this recession. Despite the fact that the attacks had a massive localized impact on New York City, the impact on the entire economy was not large enough to affect the productive capacity of the… View Article

Problem realization

One problem I have had in the recent past has been concerned with making the decision on where to pursue my higher education. Getting an understanding of the problem involved not just realizing that I wanted to attend college, but also understanding how my grades and experiences may aid me in (or barring me from)… View Article