Detective Essay Topics

Sherlock Holmes the original

This is so that he is able to solve the crimes without getting too involved. If he became a friend of one of the people involved with a crime it would be difficult to look on them from a distance and work the crime out. All detectives are shown to have an accomplice aiding them… View Article

The Speckled Band

Our task involves doing an essay on the similarities and differences of three detective fiction stories: The Speckled Band, A Scandal In Bohemia and The Dancing Men all written by the magnificent Arthur Conan Doyle. The genre of these particular stories is all based on Crime/detective. All three stories have the same type of structure… View Article

Detective stories

The Sherlock Holmes stories are the work of Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes first appeared in the story ‘The Study of Scarlet’, which was published in the magazine ‘Beetons Christmas Annual of 1887′. Over the 40 years that followed Holmes appeared in 5 collections of short stories, and 3 other novels. Holmes’ popularity was partly due… View Article

Harry Lavender Essay

As you all know, even a visual tells a story. However, characters in a text through distinctive voices demonstrate their personalities which contribute to an insightful understanding of the text. Marele Dey’s novel, The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender (Harry…) 1988 expounds the criminal activities of crime boss Harry Lavender whose distinctive voice though… View Article