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Destroying Avalon

Categories Abuse, Bullying, Emotion, Psychology

Essay, Pages 3 (711 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (711 words)

(1) The pseudonym ‘AFriend” is ironic since the individual by this name is not a friend nevertheless a bully which is sending Avalon messages about what the other women consider her at school.

( 3) Being overwhelmed by the material of the e-mail is quite typical for Avalon generally since it was recommending that she was not liked and that she was being bullied.

( 5) Avalon’s moms and dads have favorable mindsets and strong values towards education as their both teachers.

( 7) Mitch appear to be great and friendly towards Avalon, similar to Caleb who is the web surfer laid back man that deals with Avalon in a friendly method.

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( 9) Avalon’s bag was screwed up following the netball match as an useful joke and harassment for Avalon it was one of the starting things they have done.

Damaging Avalon (SHEET 3 ALL).

Marshall thinks Avalon can pull through the bullying which he has actually faced, however believes he may not have the ability to take much bullying as he was being battered.

In the Chapter the ‘Liverpool kiss’ the gender stereotypes are challenged as Tamara knocks Brett’s lights out, it reveals that she is a strong, brave person, not afraid of any strong person.

Avalon told her parents whatever as she had actually lost control over her emotions and let whatever pour out, she thought that it would be the correct time to tell them.

In chapter ‘the eye of destruction’, I think Marshall is within, huddled in his room afraid of the bullies returning, scared to leave his room.

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Marshal’s death is unanticipated I was extremely baffled. I thought no such thing would take place as he was really strong for Avalon.

Using repeating brings an unfortunate awareness of how awful this act was, it brings Avalon horror and effect on her feelings, as death is a strong word, we would all act highly with emotion towards it.

Avalon blames herself as she believed the bullies only targeted Marshall as she neglected their attempts of her, thus finding a new victim.

We discover from Marshall’s mom, that Marshall was a up and going young kid when in primary, thrilled for High School and constantly appeared to be pleased.




(Consider font,

size, style, page

format etc.)




structure, vocab,

repetition etc)


January 15

Small writing

Expresses his emotions and feelings

His dad leaves

February 25

Small writing

About his feelings

He got embarrassed in front of the class.

March 6

Normal writing

Expresses his emotions

Getting bullied by Todd and his mates.

May 13

Capital letters, bold writing.

About his feelings and emotions

He hates himself and wants to die.

Avalon had been guilty of judging Alice the whole time jumping to the conclusion that weather it was her or not, Avalon ended up feeling regretful later.

^Table above


Alice – a mean, heartless, popular girl who cared for nothing and had no heart

Tamara – thinking she was a very odd and scary looking person ( unfriendly)

Marshal – Gay

Jeremy – a friendly easy-going guy

Avalon will move on positively from her torment proving Marshal’s prophecy correct, but she will never forget the friend she lost.

Alice turned the popular girls against her, this in turn turned most other people against her, and she did play a major role against Avalon but did not make up lies or rumors.

Dragon Girl did not want to lose Avalon as a friend as she had with Alice, she has always lost to the popular girls and thus she turned everyone against her so Avalon would stay in the group and not leave them.

It would have been easier to know that Alice was Dragon Girl as Avalon already disliked her, Dragon Girl would have just increased her anger and rage

I noticed Avalon was exposed to a wide range of emotions and situations, which differed to what she would’ve faced in the country, but I believe this was hard for her at first but she soon adapted and her personality and mental strength increase dramatically. She proved to be a very strong and caring person then many believe she could ever be.

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