Destined To Be a Fighter Pilot? Essay

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Destined To Be a Fighter Pilot?

Ever since I was a toddler, I have always wanted to become a fighter pilot. I first stumbled across this goal when I was looking though a stack of books during our reading time. Kids would usually pick books that attract them the most. And what struck me? — An encyclopedia of planes. Then on, when I opened the book, I knew what I wanted to become in the future. Growing up with my dream was obvious to everyone who knew me. My family and friends never took long to find out what I wanted to become. When I was seven, other kids were fond of collecting toy cars; but I favored planes.

Every time my friends and I would play a game where we have to select a vehicle, I would always choose the one that would resemble an airplane or, at least, that which has certain characteristics of it. For example, when we are to choose our favorite character in one of our favorite Japanese animations, Gundam Wing (Gundam are giant mechanized robots that are piloted by outer space colonists to end the war between space colonies and the earth), I would choose the most agile of the five characters at all times while others are going for the more robust and human-looking gundams.

Mine, however, was the only gundam that could be transformed into a plane. My preference has, in a way, persistently given me a sense of individuality and distinction, and strengthened a no-backing-out attitude for my dream. Undoubtedly, my intense passion over what I desire led me to opt to what I believe is the right direction. And applying in the Air Force Academy to ‘become a pilot’ has been the biggest step that I have taken by far. On the side, I have been attending civil air patrol meetings at the Willow Grove Naval Air Station.

I never isolated myself from the opportunities that could hone my understanding and knowledge, should it come. I never stopped learning. After all, I believe that this is only the beginning of my journey to become a fighter pilot. Many people questioned why I wanted to become a fighter pilot and I adamantly responded, “It’s in my blood”. As a son of a Master Sergeant in the army and former flight attendant, I received total support from my parents on this issue.

No matter what country or class of society a person my come from, anyone can achieve his dreams. Throughout history, people believe a person with wealth and class can achieve anything. This may be true. But history has shown that timid people such as Martin Luther King have big voices, and drop outs such as Einstein have big minds. Everyone and everything, they say, exists for a reason and we are given the wisdom to find out what it is. And I believe that dreams are the tools that will aid us in finding out the reasons for our existence.

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