Despite Having a Vast Interest in the Marketing Sspect of Business

Despite having a vast interest in the marketing aspect of Business, I was first attracted to Cornell by their inspiritment of the semester abroad program at the Sotheby’s Institute in London. As described by Cornell itself, “Our business is a better world”, and I’m fully determined to . To me, It says that we’re born with bubbes and I fully intend to pop the bubble and that is the reason why I feel so compelled by my passion for the Dyson School in Cornell to apply for it.

Though creating and leading my own Innovative Art museum is my dream goal, the motivation for my passion are the creative and hidden challenges behind the scenes- accommodating different needs, cooperating with different people and dealing with tough and tricky problems that might pop up at any moment – the same challenges one would always face in the hospitality industry. And yet being a part of the hotel management is a greater challenge than planning an event in that once the event is over, the planner’s responsibility is over, which is scarcely the case in hotel business.

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Guests are particular about their needs and they compare and contrast all the time – is my breakfast better than last time I had it, does the hotel across the street provide a better room than you do, or as simply as do I feel like staying in your hotel rather than switch and try something new. To be a good hotel manager, one has to deal with different issues all the time as well as the same issue over and over.

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As publication of the book “Hotel Babylon” as well as broadcast of a BBC drama of the same name, hotel as an industry first caught my attention in that it epresents the both the luxury on the surface and the difficulties hidden behind the curtain. To be very honest, my hotel dream started with such a fantasy similar to a modern Cinderella fairy tale. However, a sheer fairy tale is not that a sufficient ncouragement for me to decide my future career.

A few days ago, I got a chance to attend the Western Regional Honors Conference in Washington State. Students and faculty instructors were staying in the Tower of Davenport Hotel in Spokane, while the conference was taking place in the historic part of the hotel. For the first time in my life I witnessed how a hotel functions in planning an event as grant as this conference.

Davenport Hotel is overwhelmingly luxury, which helps a lot in accommodating its guests’ needs. Yet it is far from enough in many guests’ eyes. Some complained about its dull breakfast – eggs and sliced bread every day. Some did not like the last lunch – it started too late and ended too early, though it was for the sake of the people who had to rush for their flight. And some whined over the fact that they had to wait for more than 20 minutes before the main entr?e is served after they collected the plates for salad starter.

I thought I was staying in the best hotel ever, yet there were people complaining.

It is challenging to run a hotel. It is even more challenging to run a hotel that makes its guests feel content and still profitable without exhausting its employees. If I want to be a part of the hospitality industry, and if I want to be qualified for hotel management, the only type of training can make it possible is that type provided in the Hotel School in Cornell University.

Originated from Business School, Hotel School is actually a specialized branch of business. Many business majors don’t think about their future career until they get their MBA degree. But in Hotel School, students decide what they want to do right from the beginning. One of the significant parts of the education in the Hotel School is the opportunity to learn it by practice it. Students in Hotel School have a chance to find a part time job in the Statler Hotel, which is another great project that really lures me to go for it. I believe in studying through experience and Hotel School is the best place I can think of for training before I enter hotel management.

Meanwhile, Cornell University, as a member of the Ivy League, enjoys more prestige than most four-year institutions in the world and has better facility and a greater enthusiasm for its students to obtain a well-rounded education. I am very impressed by the variety of courses provided by Cornell. Majoring in Hotel Management does not mean taking business, accounting or management all the time. Besides these courses, there are fine arts, foreign languages, and communication and so on waiting for students to pick. Cornell University’s exploration and expansion in variety of education definitely train its students to be the best developed and best prepared for any challenge they will face in the future.

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Despite Having a Vast Interest in the Marketing Sspect of Business

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