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Essay on Desire

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Nature’s Influence on Janie’s Desire in Their Eyes Were Watching God

She fe[els] far away from things and lonely” (46). Though he continues to provide for her, Joe discourages her desire to become a part of the town. Joe considers Janie inferior and believes she cannot think for herself. Janie resents his authoritarian manner and tries to resist however, Joe continues to suppress her independent nature. Having grown weary of the constant power struggle, Janie eve...

Desiree's Baby Analysis Essay

In the end of Kate Chopin’s work Desiree and the baby leave on foot. “She did not take the broad, beaten road which led to the far-off plantation of Volmonde. She walked across a deserted field, where the stubble bruised her tender feet, so delicately shod, and tore her thin gown to shreds”(5), indicates that her and the baby did not make it. With Desiree and the baby already gone, the reade...

Audience in 'A Streetcar Named Desire'

In Scenes Four, Six and Ten, Williams introduces a roaring locomotive at dramatic moments: Blanche's criticism of Stanley, her account of Allan's death and before Stanley rapes her. The result of which is developing tension, to be released in the climax of the scene. The locomotive also has connotations of fate, in that, like the streetcar, it can only travel on one line, and in one direction, to ...

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My Desires for and Commitment to a College Education

Once in college I will take the courses of Business Administration since I have always desired a career that requires innovation, educated risk, and foresight. I learned to respect these qualities from my father through his example I have learned firsthand the advantages and challenges of a person with a low education and a person with a high education -the reward to be gained and the total commi...

"A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams

Williams juxtaposes Blanche's merry rendition of this song with Stanley's malicious revelations about her character, creating a situation of tense dramatic irony as Blanche sings about a future that will never come true. The song describes the fanciful way one perceives the world while in love, but it also foreshadows the fact that Mitch falls out of love with Blanche after his illusions about her...

Class conflict in A Streetcar Named Desire

The use of language in the play works effectively to define between the two classes. The lower class is associated with slang, whilst the upper class is associated with sophisticated language. The symbolic use of names, animal imagery and colour are important in also contrasting between the two classes. Finally the idea of cultural capital works in highlighting the class conflicts between the uppe...

Feminist critique on a street car named desire

Williams challenges the traditional view of marriage as posed by cultural standing, assuming that marriage is the end of the story, and that marriage is synonymous with a lifetime of joy, erasing all pain from behind that moment. Williams sees marriage as the start of a life for a man, far from the bliss that is advertised. Mitch and Stanley represent realistic portraits of men who will constantly...

Kate Chopin’s “Desiree’s Baby”

The Atmosphere is finally complete as the story reaches its dénouement and Desiree’s husband Armand, stumbles upon a letter from his mother to his father which reads “night and day, I thank the good God for having so arranged our lives that our dear Armand will never know that his mother, who adores him, belongs to the race that is cursed with the brand of slavery.” It is at this point in t...

"Desiree's Baby" Foreshadowing

The most obvious foreshadowing, the one that everyone knows that is going to be revealed is what creates the ultimate irony. The fact that the past of Desiree is wrapped in mystery only exists to form cohesion to Armand's personality. Armand a racist man plagued with hatred and confusion towards the race that he enslaves is revealed through a letter. A letter which holds the statement, that it was...

Cultural desire

Medical practice can be said to have international roots as well as cultures pertaining to different nations. Hence, more humane and patience would save more points to assume cultural features referred to an individual without any bias at all. Reference Alvarez, J. (1992). How the Garcia girls lost their accents. New York, NY: The Penguin Group. Andrews, M. M. , & Boyle, J. S. (2008). Transcul...

If I Had a Million Dollars

Giving to others will inspire your child to give as well. I always try to set a good example for my children, because they are watching and imitating everything you do. Be a good model for your children by giving and sharing with others. Furthermore, if I had a million dollars, I would continue to make other contributions to charities to improve the lives of others. I will assis...

Cromwell and the Queen: Desires of People and Monarchs

In demanding that Diana be heralded in the most elaborate of ways, the citizens were saying to the Queen that Diana was just like them, equally important, royalty. By requiring that her death be respected and honored in the highest fashion, the royal family felt the pressure of the people being imposed upon them. The citizens wanted Diana to be treated as royalty, and so, in the end, she was. Even...

Blanche and Stanley in a Streetcar Named Desire

It becomes evident that she has a drinking problem, and liquor becomes her go-to aid for all mental problems she begins to have. One scene I found interesting was when she asked a young suitor who comes to her house to deliver something for a kiss. I felt in kissing this younger man she was testing her charm and lust skills, which she obviously believes to be useless and rusty, for lack of a bette...

Essay on A Streetcar Named Desire

In this same scene, Varsouviana “steals” in softly and continues, the stage direction adds to the dramatic effect of Stanley ruining her birthday. The music symbolises the suicide of her husband so in turn we expect Stanley will bring something traumatic to Blanche’s life. He is not the visionary ‘heroic, white knight’ Blanche is looking for her in her fairytale; he is the toxic that poi...

Williams' Play A Streetcar Named Desire

“Poles”, Germans, and Austrians were previously known as Barbarians in contrast to the rising monarch civilizations French and Spanish civilizations once established and Blanche referring to Stanley as a “Pole” clarifies how she believes he displays traits reminiscent to his barbaric ancestry thus, ironically aggravating Stanley to acting equally barbarous by responding vulgarly. Since Na...

‘Desiree’s Baby’ by Kate Chopin

To put it briefly, the whole panorama to this short little story contains versatility in it. The beauty of Kate Chopin is that she has presented this story as a symbol as well as a lesson that should be learnt. The extent of understanding differs for the readers as some readers would find it only a depressing tragedy. Unarguably, this story portrays the racial and gender based differences in the s...

Dorian Grey's Desire for Youth

The loss of innocence due to the desire of beauty is deeply intertwined throughout Dorian’s endeavors. This is supported by many details and scenes that Oscar Wilde describes. It is agreed that this book is about the power of beauty and how innocence is given up when someone favors beauty over it. Some may even argue that Dorian Gray lost his innocence even before the portrait because at the beg...

Non-Verbal Behaviour and Gestures in "A Streetcar Names Desire"

Her body language as she “throws back her head” also points towards feeling comfortable and not intimidated under Stanley’s presence and insinuates a further relation with him that may come out later on in the play. The significance of this is not yet known at the end of Scene 2, but it leads the reader to believe she may have an eye out for her Sister’s husband. The non-verbal behaviour a...

Desiree’s Baby and Battle Royal: Character Comparison

Desiree chose to commit suicide and our narrator in Battle Royal continued with his life though he was unsure what he should do. They chose differently because they were different person, they came from different society class at that time, and their problems were not the same. But in the end, Desiree and the African-American narrator were both victims of racism which were portrayed differently in...

Marxist Critique of Desiree's Baby

Chopin, Kate. “Desirée’s Baby.” Anthology of the American Short Story. Ed. James Nagel. Boston, New York: Houghton Mifflin, 2008. 121-135. Print. ISBN: 978-0-618-73220-3 Gardner, James. Writing about Literature: A Portable Guide. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2009. Print. ISBN: 978-0-312-60757-9 Miles, Robert. “Recent Marxist Theories of Nationalism and the Issue of Racism.” The Briti...

Illusion Vs Reality : street car named Desire

The worse things get, the more we beg for fantasy. Escaping the reality and living in a fantasy world will leave oneself blind to the things around us. In some cases, if we are strong enough to withhold from the fantasy and illusions around us, we may end up in the reality, like Mitch. Both Stella and Blanche found it best in their minds to live in a fantasy but if you live in it too long it can t...

Illusion vs. Reality A Streetcar Named Desire

Mitch’s sick mother helps to keep him focused in the real things in his life by having him put aside all other things to take care of the one who cared for him. Escaping your reality and living in an illusion world will leave you blind to the things around you. In some cases, if you are strong enough to withhold from the illusions around you, you may end up in the reality, like Mitch. Both Stell...

Richard Rodriguez's The Achievement of Desire

At the end of Rodriguez's education, while writing his dissertation in England, he over hears a two Spanish scholars conversing. This brought him back to his childhood and began trying to revisit a nonexistent childhood. After writing his dissertation in England, he came home to live with his parents once again and realized their actions were very similar. Even though he enjoyed the simple life he...

The Awakening, The Story of an Hour and Desiree’s Baby

The Awakening: I would change the fact that Mademoiselle Reisz let Edna read the letters. I would like to see if she would still have the same emotions for Robert if she didn’t know for a fact that he loved her. Would she fall in love with Alcee? The Story of an Hour: I would change the fact that Josephine and Richard let her go to her room alone. I wonder if they were sitting in the room with h...

An Analysis of Writing Techniques in the Achievement of Desire

The biggest satire of this work is that the author found that the education made him distant himself from his parents while it again offered him chance to care for them. What an irony it is! These ironies add an entertaining yet painful effect to the essay and the readers, driving them to think deep. To sum up, all these writing technique do bring the readers forward and hold their attention, but ...

Commentary on ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’

What I think Tennessee Williams was trying to make the reader/audience feel when writing this passage was fear and curiosity at the same time. Fear from what would happen to the characters, namely Stella from Stanley and curiosity for the same reason. What makes this scene so interesting is the conflicting emotions coming from all of the characters, Blanche’s seduction of Mitch and need to feel ...

Street Car Named Desire

Knowing that he was going to rape her from the very beginning, he tries and stops Mitch and Blanche from entering any type of relationship. “We’ve had this date from the start” In conclusion all types of relationships affect Blanche and shape her identity in a way. But in the end she lost her identity already because her husband died. In the play there are many relationships that shape the c...

Fantasy V Reality - Streetcar Named Desire

Williams sister was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and he remained close with her throughout his life. It can be inferred that this greatly influenced the ideas of mental illness’s being basis for fantastical elements within his plays. In the late 1930s Williams accepted he was homosexual, this was a crime during his period in which he lived in. this mean that Williams arguably included the idea o...

Desire and Disappointment in “A & P” and “A Woman on a Roof”

Men have been used to classifying women according to types based on superficial images generated by media or during talks amongst themselves. When a man encounters someone that does not fit any of the molds, she disappoints him greatly, more than even she realizes. The characters in the two stories illustrate how hope could turn into disillusionment when a man entertains gra...

Introduction to A Streetcar Named Desire

Towards the end of scene one when Stanley returns from bowling there is evidence that Blanche's behavior changes and become more sensitive, her nature becomes different to the way she acts around her sister. Williams shows evidence of this firstly when Stanley questions her visit she become panicked and begins to mutter 'I - uh-' Blanche is out of her comfort zone and has lost all confidence in he...

Use of language - A Streetcar named Desire

Through the language of the characters it becomes easier to distinguish the differences and similarities of them. The language and accents are used to help to set the scene in New Orleans with Pablo, Stanley and Blanche being all in the same place but very different. The diversity can be seen in the characters through their use of language and the way in which they present their lines. Contributin...

Discuss A Streetcar Named Desire

As a result of this, the passages between them exhibit a rather distorted sense of tension, whereby Stella's consistency of view-point deflates the very conflict that Blanche is starting. Therefore, there is a tendency, particularly early in the play, to see Stella as a defeated character: there is aura of disconnection about her, as if the world has no effect on her: Blanche: And you are standing...

Streetcar named Desire: dramatic tension

This suggests that she is nervous around Blanche, and wants her approval. In the play script Stella is described as: "A gentle young woman, about 25, and of a background obviously quite different from her husband's. " This also states that Stella has had an upbringing different to that of Stanley's. Although her upbringing was the same as Blanche's, she has obviously successfully adapted to her cu...

Symbolism in a streetcar named desire

In A Streetcar Named 'Desire', symbolism has been significantly used to show the roles of men and women in society and how they expect each other to be treated. It has disguised many possible sexual scenes; therefore, Williams has succeeded in transmitting some of his themes or ideas. Some of these are sexuality, madness, jealousy, racism, cruelty, loyalty, gender relationships and conflict. How d...

Comparison of A Doll's House and A Streetcar Named Desire

Furthermore, Ibsen uses tension in dialogue of a single character to keep the audience's focus on Nora, while Williams contrasts the speech of two characters to highlight the contrast between two different social worlds, the new and old South. Therefore, the most important characters in a play are always multidimensional characters because most of a playwright's commentary is included in the devel...

Comparative Essay: Setting in 'A Streetcar Named Desire' and 'Hedda Gabler'

The setting used by both playwrights is essential in revealing the imprisonment of their protagonists, the values of a society in their respective plays as the set reveals the context of the play. Ibsen's Hedda Gabler and Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire are similar in a way as their respective settings reveal the lack of concern and empathy for their respective societies; this deficiency in sym...

He Desire to Change the Subservient Role

In old Chinese society, woman is absolutely not profitable than men. So people use women like a functional object to help working or take care of family. I think women are living a hard life and very powerless in society. Even thought they want to take education to change their lives, reality makes them difficult. However, women play many different roles which cannot be ignored. The authors expres...

A Streetcar Named Desire Film Analysis

Though after hearing more of her absurd grip on reality, he snaps into an aggressive brute who pins Blanche to the wall. Malden's on-screen chemistry with Leigh is apparent throughout the film, and is believable the entire time. Vivian Leigh and Karl Malden's performances perfectly depicted the tragic twosome that is Blanche and Mitch. With Leigh's seamless transitions of polar-opposite emotions a...

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