Designing a structure Essay

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Designing a structure

Lighting is an essential aspect of interior design. It refers to the use of light, natural or artificial, as a decorative element in designing a structure (Gordon, 2003). It gives a house its highlights when viewed from the outside. If lighting was not considered when creating a house, the structure will look like a body without its soul. An interior designer looking at the lighting of a house should not only consider the orientation of the house (north, south, east, or west – facing) but also the furniture around which will also be affected. The client’s conditions should always be respected in planning.

One can make a creative lighting plan when he/she could combine the lighting principles and the client’s wants. Below is the proposed plan for lighting and electrical equipment coinciding with the proposed space plan already submitted. Switches for all the lighting fixtures have a “$” symbol. The wife wants to deal with the kitchen first as this is her primary reason for redesigning the floor plan. As seen in the lighting plan, 3 lights are in the kitchen in order to illuminate the place adequately. Pendant lighting was chosen because it can give task and general lighting for the house.

Two ambiance transition pendant lights can be found above the prep table and nook. This is placed so to accentuate and set the mood of the nook and also provide ample light in the prep table, where meals are prepared. One big fluorescent pendant light is found in the middle of the kitchen to lighten up the whole area. If this is opened, the two pendant lights over the nook and prep table can be turned off as to save energy as the fluorescent pendant is sufficient to lighten the two areas. These lights should have shades or globes to prevent producing glare.

A microwave oven is added near the nook to add convenience to the family if ever they have no time to cook for their food. Two outlets are also identified: one for the refrigerator and the other for the microwave oven. The dining room has two low pendant lights that provide light to the whole dining table. A floor lamp is situated beside a cabinet for additional light when getting an item from the cabinet. As the primary room where family members meet and bond, the living room should have enough lighting to provide quality time for the family.

In the plan, chandelier was chosen as means of lighting the room. It is situated above the center table and enhances the style of your living room. To modify the mood of the living room depending on the activity, a dimmer control, chandelier shades or chandelier glass can be used to vary intensity of light. Two table lamps are located in front of the living room, near the kitchen. This is done so that the wife can clearly see the activities in the living room despite doing something in the kitchen. Also, the table lamps can make the atmosphere cozy or intimate when the situation needs it.

Two outlets are provided for the table lamps. A flat screen TV is also added in front of the entertainment cabinet. Flatscreen TVs are cheaper to use because it saves space and also uses less watts compared to CRTs. Game consoles such as PS3, Nintendo Wii, and others are placed inside the console desk near the living room. The bathroom’s lighting was also redesign. Wall sconces are used and placed on the sides of the mirror to provide sufficient shadow-free lighting when grooming (e. g. washing face, shaving of beard, brushing of teeth).

The sconces illuminate the whole bathroom by reflecting light with the use of the bathroom mirror. The study room was one of the major rooms which need good lighting. At the center, a fluorescent ceiling lighting fixture is located to enlighten the whole room when a group study or activity is done inside. When individual use is observed (e. g. reading newspaper, studying alone), a floor lamp and a table lamp are provided near the seats to give light. The Personal Computer (PC) and printer are also located inside the study room.

All electrical equipment has outlets near them. An additional outlet is placed at the opposite end of the PC for other desk users which have laptops. During mornings and afternoon, the windows and curtain can be opened and serve as lighting. Sheer and louvered blinds can be used to filter light during noon and the afternoon. Recessed lighting is installed along the hallway from the laundry room to the study room. The ceiling lights should have a transformer before mounting. These lighting type provide ambient lighting to the place.

The walls if the hallway should be warm in color so the light can be reflected instead of absorbing it. On the display/console desk, track lighting is used to emphasize the items displayed inside the desk. Finally, the laundry room has a fluorescent ceiling lighting, similar to the study room, to light the work area enough. An outlet for the washing machine or dryer is provided. Proposed lighting and electrical equipment plan is still dependent on the client’s decision. Reference: Gordon, G. (2003). Interior lighting for designers (4th ed. ). USA: John Wiley and Sons.

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