Designing A Music Store Web Application Computer Science Essay

The aim of this undertaking is to plan a Music shop web application with user interface which will enable them to shop, hunt, acquire song recommendations and purchase the song points of their pick. The motive of this undertaking comes from my desire to larn the progressively turning field of.NET, SQL server database designing, website designing and their growth popularity.

The word `` design '' in the context of a Web Application can intend many things. Its most popular use likely refers to the ocular and user interface ( UI ) design of a web site.

This facet is important because, the visitant is frequently more impressed with how a website expressions and how easy it is to utilize than approximately which engineerings and techniques are used behind the scenes, or what runing system the web waiter is running. If the site is difficult to utilize and easy to bury, it merely does n't count what engineerings was used to make it. The ocular portion of a site gets visitants interested to get down with, but its functionality makes them come back.

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A web site can sometimes be implemented really rapidly based on certain initial demands, but if non decently architected, it can go hard, if non impossible, to alter. Thus, public presentation is besides a major thrust country in the Web application which is one of the chief grounds why users get attracted to it. Turning user demands should be taken in to concern with new characteristics to be included. Effective public presentation can be achieved by doing proper database design scheme.

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Besides, easy pilotage besides needs to be accomplished while put to deathing this undertaking.


The end of this undertaking is to supply an machine-controlled.NET Web application that allows a user to shop and purchase a music Cadmium over the Internet at any clip.

Undertaking Overview

The system will interact as follows:

a. The client sends petition and.NET signifier inputs over the web.

B. The Internet Information Server ( IIS ) receives.Net signifier inputs.

c. IIS Web waiter

I. Processes inputs

two. If required, questions to the database and retrieves informations

d. The IIS Web waiter sends back processed end product over the web as a Web page.

e. The client receives the end product as a Web page.

Flow Diagram


1. Construct a system with three-tier architecture.

2. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, ASP.NET, C # linguistic communication, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and XML will be used to develop the system.

3. The concluding merchandise will be run on Internet Information Server ( IIS ) .

4. Mozilla Firefox will be used as a chief browser.


The Web application is developed under the.NET Framework hence the system can merely be deployed on the IIS waiter.

Microsoft SQL waiter 2005 is used to let maximal user connexion.


The Online Music CD Store Website will be written in C # linguistic communication.

The development environment will be Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

The Online Music CD Store Website will be tested on Windows XP platform

Other Requirements

All user interfaces are ASP.NET-generated Web pages. In order to entree the

System, the user will necessitate to utilize a workstation with Internet handiness equipped with a web browser. It is besides a must that the Microsoft.NET Framework is installed on the same machine. A broadband connexion is recommended to hike the public presentation. A Web page will be displayed harmonizing to the user 's pick. The on-line client can browse/search through the catalog and purchase the music CDs/DVDs of his pick.

Use instance Requirements Diagram


Undertaking Developer: Is responsible for making clear and project aims, constructing the undertaking demands, and pull offing the ternary restraint for undertakings, which are cost, clip, and quality.

Undertaking director: is accountable for carry throughing the undertaking objectives. Create clear and come-at-able undertaking aims, constructing the undertaking demands, and pull offing the ternary restraint for undertakings, which is cost, clip, and range.

Tools, Techniques, and Methodologies

The undermentioned tools will be used for coding, proving, and certification:

aˆ? Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2005 IDE - for coding

aˆ? C # - for coding

aˆ? JavaScript - for coding

aˆ? HTML - for coding

aˆ? XML - for coding

aˆ? CSS - for coding

aˆ? IIS - for web waiter

aˆ? ASP.NET - for web signifiers

aˆ? MS SQL - for database waiter

aˆ? MS Word 2007 - for certification

aˆ? MS Project 2007 - Undertaking Planing

ASP.NET is a web application model developed and marketed by Microsoft leting coders to construct dynamic web sites, web applications and web services. ASP.NET is built on the Common Language Runtime ( CLR ) , leting coders to compose ASP.NET codification utilizing any supported.NET linguistic communication. The ASP.NET SOAP extension model allows ASP.NET constituents to treat SOAP messages.

SQL Server is a relational theoretical account database waiter produced by Microsoft. Its primary question linguistic communications are T-SQL and ANSI SQL. It includes native support for pull offing XML informations, in add-on to relational informations. It define an xml informations type that could be used either as a information type in database columns or as misprints in questions. XML is converted to an internal double star informations type before being stored in the database. SQL Server besides allows a database waiter to be exposed over web services utilizing TDS packages encapsulated within SOAP petitions. When the information is accessed over web services, consequences are returned as XML.

Project Life rhythm

Origin Phase

Vision Document

Undertaking Plan

Software Quality Assurance Plan


Design Phase

Undertaking Plan

Requirements Specification

Architecture Design

Trial Plan

Technical Inspection

Feasible Architecture Prototype

Production stage

User Manual

Component Design

Beginning Code

Assessment Evaluation

Undertaking Evaluation

Gantt Chart

Architecture of the system

The architecture of the system is based on three-tier architecture. There are three logical grades: the Presentation Tier, the Business Tier, and the Data Tier. The presentation grade is responsible for exposing the contents to the user while concern grade communicates between presentation grade and informations grade. It is the chief constituent of the web site since it is responsible for managing the overall logic. The information grade is responsible for hive awaying the merchandise information, minutess of the client and shopping cart merchandises. The information grade is besides responsible managing the petitions from the concern grade and utilizing stored processs go throughing the consequence back.


1 ) Response Time increases linearly with figure of users for both Wireless and LAN

2 ) Max no. of users handled by the system before it becomes saturated = 1000

3 ) Practical no. of users that the application can manage is up to 200. The response clip is about 7 sec, practically users will be loath to utilize the web site with such response clip.

4 ) Response Time is less for LAN due to better bandwidth.

Factors impacting Response Time

1 ) Extensive Data entree - legion read petitions handled and images retrieval

2 ) Changing Network Bandwidth

3 ) Limited System Hardware Resources ( CPU, RAM, Disks ) and


4 ) Server running on the same machine


The Online Music Store System is running on a personal version of IIS. A better scalability can be achieved by upgrading a personal version of IIS to a server version of IIS. The system database waiter and the IIS waiter are running on the same machine. An increased public presentation and scalability can be achieved by utilizing a dedicated database and a web waiter.

Undertaking Evaluation

Technology: One of the first and basic jobs was placing which engineering to utilize for developing the undertaking. There were two options to take from: J2EE or

Microsoft.NET. Both tools had their advantages and disadvantages. I chose the

latter option because of its easiness of usage plus it had lesser constellations to execute as

compared to J2EE.

Language: It took rather some clip for me to acquire used with the scheduling linguistic communications. Although, C # was really much similar to Java and ASP.NET with Visual Basic, still I found myself meeting some challenges in footings of happening a good book that covers in-depth illustrations. My basic cognition of linking with databases to direct the information was non plenty. Chiefly covering with the datasets and arrangers concept in C # .NET was a major acquisition curve.

Security Issues: With my computing machine puting Is have encountered some issues with the security policy. Some functionalities of the application, that used to work, were no longer functional. I spent a batch of clip seeking to happen where the existent job is arising, the database connexion constrains was the major information non to be seeable to the users.

Undertaking Duration: The initial estimated clip of the undertaking was 1 months. But after finishing Phase II, I estimated the needed yearss to be 20 for Coding/Debugging, Testing and Documentation. The existent clip spent on the full undertaking is about 1.5 months which is 15 yearss more than the estimation.


This undertaking gave me experience that I did n't hold earlier. It presented me a good exposure on what is it like to work on real-world undertaking. I learned how to set about certain undertakings under force per unit area. Traveling through the full life rhythm procedure of package development made learn how to acquire organized. Most of the package used is inexpensive and we can implement this system about instantly and low cost. E-commerce is quickly happening its manner into many concerns worldwide and such is the nature of the Web that any organisation can take part in this new concern paradigm.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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