Design and Creation of Graphic Images

EvaluateTechnology has adapted enormously over the years and will continue to very fast. Soon we will be using technology in everything we do, up to the smallest tasks. Things seen in innovative movies will one day become real and will be accessible to everyone, but still, then there will be new advances waiting for us.


Over time monitor functions have evolved quickly, their appearance has changed, hardware has been updated and they now have new features that have made them more applicable to modern technology.

The first style monitors that came out were large and the images shown on the screen were only shown in black and green, which caused a lot of trouble such as irritating the user’s eyes. These types of monitors were used mainly by big organizations. Monitors were very bulky and usually took up a good deal of space, they were called CRT monitors, which means cathode ray tube. The hardware was hazardous in monitors; it gave of poisonous gases when the computer was on for too long.

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Now when you buy computer monitors they are usually very thin, they are now made of a better piece of hardware and produce a much-enhanced quality image.

Modern-day monitors are typically made of LCD, which means liquid crystal display, using LCD guarantees the feature of the monitor is always high and that the pixels are high in resolution. LED monitors are also available to buy, this is a thin piece of hardware and it means Light-emitting diode, it releases light from the back of the monitor, this lessens its size, however it increases its quality and it is paper-thin and also saves energy.

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As the resolution of the pixels is increased it makes it more efficient for graphical users to handle because the contrast output is vast on LED monitors.

In modern day the manufactures of monitors now make them HD (High Definition) which makes the potential to watch movies and TV shows on them as easy as watching a TV, another point is that the majority of people prefer to watch TV on big screens and monitors now come in a variety of sizes, although before CRTs were restricted to smaller screens, as a result more people are interested in buying LCD/LED monitors, this allows them to produce high definition images and videos.


Output medium has transformed greatly over the last few years, at first printers were slow and often quite large. Mainly used by printing presses, who were the only ones who could actually afford printers and had enough space to keep them. At first, Printers were manually handled and particularly slow. After the 1800′s, there was a production of automatic printer, these were powered by steam. Printers now have many uses and you can find a variety model to choose from; dye-sublimation printers, photocopiers, laser printers and ink jet printers. Printers have continuously changed over the years and their quality has increased. Price of printers has also reduced which makes them available to a much larger audience.

There are however some printers that are expensive, they are targeted to graphic users and businesses instead of document users, these can cost up to £40,000. We now have printers that are able to print 3D images. It is done by sheets of material being printed over and over on them until the object being printed is made. You do however need a 3D scanner to scan objects that you want to print out. As the technology is new, they are quite expensive and it is quite difficult to find one. 3D printers are now being established that can print metal and print circuit boards, which means that they could in fact effectually print out another of themself. Photo-realistic textiles’ printing is a new type of printing. This allows us to effectively print images onto textiles. The new printer has been produced so that it can print photo-realistic images on textiles.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have changed dramatically in recent years, evolving from “Bricks”, to now is very extraordinary, when first released mobile phones were bigger than your head and had to have a long aerial they had no screen only numbers. There are now mobiles which can fit in your pockets and can do over a million things. Games, apps, videos, music and pictures are just some of the things that you can have on a mobile phone today. Mobiles now contain an SD card for extra memory, they are used when the phone memory is filled, SD cards can store more files such as images and music and apps on it. Mobiles now also come with high-quality cameras, they can reach up to 12 mega-pixels, which is the same quality of a digital camera by itself, meaning the quality of pictures and videos will be extremely clear. These high quality cameras also show colors better, the resolution will be higher. Due to the high resolution of a mobile phone camera it is easier and better to edit them on your computer so you won’t need to convert it to a bigger file format; this is more efficient for graphic users as you waste less time converting an image. The majority of mobiles now come with editing software, but usually you will need to download, this allows you to edit images and videos by adding special effects to them and cutting or cropping them, this just shows how much technology has evolved over the years.

Examples of how the evolution of output mediums effect the way in which graphics are created

Hal Lasko a 97-year-old typographer lost a majority of his eyesight in 2005, at this point Hal thought his painting days had come to an end. The typographers found a new exceptional way to make his art – he used Microsoft Paint. His family had introduced him to Microsoft paint in the late 90s where he’d become hooked. When he lost his sight, Instead of his talents being lost, he found that Microsoft Paint would allow him to continue painting. The software allows him to zoom in on individual pixels.

The role of graphic design in international development is huge. It will touch the lives of many individuals on a regular basis and is the foundation for a variety of disciplines such as architecture, communication and contemporary studies. It affects cultural identity, social structures, economies, cultural development, and environments. The design has a primary role in modern societies; it is in everything we use today. A newspaper, cup, car, computer, medical device, chair, sign, the shelter has all been perceived by a designer.

Recently, the use of design has affected an increasing number of countries in the developing world; designers play a huge role in the process of cultural and sustainable development. Places such as India, China, South Africa and Brazil are places where design has become an effective tool for socio-cultural improvement. Graphic design is also affected by a cultural dimension; it is affected by traditions, multiculturalism, ethnicity, diversity, language, gender, beliefs, and value system.

Graphic design is an incredible tool to promote cultural identity and it is important for local people to learn design skills to allow them to communicate about their culture and make a visual identity that shows tradition and contemporary life.

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