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Design an Advertisement or a Web Site for the Cinema Essay

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Design an advertisement or a web site for the cinema. Your advertisement or web site should be attractive and easy to update as films and timings change and be suitable for publication in various places.

The application chosen

To complete the task above, I used Microsoft ‘Front page’ 2000. T his is a Desktop Publishing package and enabled me to create a web page, as specified in the task brief. This task required a DTP (Desktop publisher) as it is a web based project, in other words, the result could be published on the web.

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I used Front page, as it enabled me to easily update and modify the web page, this was also required in the specification. It is also easily published onto the World Wide Web, or the Internet, as long as I have the required web space necessary. I could have used Microsoft Word, which I have more knowledge about, and therefore would have been easier to use, but I felt that I would use Front page, as it automatically saves the web page as the required format for web publishing and also it is designed for my required purpose. Equally I could have used Microsoft publisher, also a desktop publisher, but as I have no previous experience using this program, I felt that I should use Front page.


Advantages / Benefits

Disadvantages / Drawbacks

Front Page

Specifically designed for Desktop Publishing, many features designed especially for Web publishing.

Very complex to use, not much experience in using program.


Very simple to use, can be used by beginners to experts, the more experience a user has with the program, the more complex the program can become.

Primarily a Word-processing package, not designed for DTP.


Desk Top Publisher, lots of templates for easy publishing, easy to update and insert images and text boxes etc.

I have not go much experience in using this program, also it is quite difficult to use with no experience. Does not automatically save as html format.

Big M’s Software

Big M cinemas are currently running computers that can only run basic word processing packages, they may need to upgrade their software, for example a Microsoft Office suite may suit their needs as this can be basic and advanced depending on the skill of the user. Their printer software and drivers may also need updating as they have problems when sending things to be printed, they sometimes do not come out, as they should.

Software available for use at home;

Microsoft Office 2002;

* Publisher

* Word

* Front Page 2002

* Access

* Excel

* PowerPoint

To complete this project I will not need any other programs, I will need Microsoft Access, Excel and Front Page, and Word for this write up.

Software I need to complete this project;


Purpose and Advantages

Front Page

Specifically designed for Desktop Publishing, many features designed especially for Web publishing. Specific for my requirements also easy to update page and site, as specified in the requirements.


Very simple to use, can be used by beginners to experts, the more experience a user has with the program, the more complex the program can become. Specific for Word processing that is what I need it for, in this write up. It incorporates many advanced features, e.g. table of contents, that otherwise would take along time to produce.


A very advanced spreadsheet program, which will enable me to make a accounting package, with the use of functions, macros and many other features specific to this program.


This database software will enable me to complete task 3, a very advanced database program, enabling me to run queries, forms and to create letters to members depending on their interests.


For this task the user would need a relatively fast computer, e.g. 300mhz or over, this would enable the user to use Front Page effectively. Any slower and the time needed for image handling, and even fast input of text maybe hindered. I could have used a slow home computer or those in the library with slower processors and older software. I decided to use the computers in the ICT department as they are adequately fast enough for my needs and will run all the software I need.

School Computers – Connected to a LAN (Local area network)

Standard Qwerty Keyboard

Standard PS/2 Mouse

15″ Visual display unit (SVGA)

600MHz Celeron processor


A:\ Drive for 3.5″ diskette

Epson Stylus colour 850 Inkjet

Hewlett Packard 2100 Laser jet Printer

Epson Scanner

56K Modem

My Home PC

333MHz Celeron Processor

CDRW 8*4*8 and 10*8*32 with Nero 4


Standard Qwerty Keyboard

Standard PS/2 Mouse

15″ Visual display unit (SVGA)

A:\ Drive for 3.5″ diskette

Epson Scanner

Epson stylus colour 440 Inkjet

56K Modem


Advantages / Benefits

Disadvantages / Drawbacks

School computers

Fast processor, 600mhz, networked so I can access work from all computers, very efficient laser printers and colour printers.

Some computers do not have Front Page, although this is Software, limited printer credits, and sometimes the internet connection is down.

Big M’s Computers

None, apparently. Capable of basic word processing.

Many; too slow, trouble with printers, whole system out dated.

Qwerty keyboard

Most commonly used keyboard.

Not as quick to type on as other keyboards, e.g. Natural keyboards.

Home PC

Linked to Internet, no sites are filtered, enables me to do extra project work, out of the time limit. No printer credits

Slower processor than school, infected with virus, so has a tendency to crash. Does not have all the same software as school. Lacks new scanner etc.

This system is similar to what Big M Cinemas may need to upgrade to, 600 MHz processors are adequately fast enough and will run every piece of software available today. Also the laser printers used at school may also be necessary for Big M cinemas to get high quality print outs and also quick printing. This would enable them to print out lots of very high quality leaflets, and information sheets in a very short amount of time.

Using the software

In designing a Web Page, as specified in the project requirements, I broke the steps down into smaller parts. Firstly I researched the films, included in my database, and selected some of the latest films. I then created 3 separate pages, Main page, Latest films and Ticket prices. I then created the main page, a very simple page, as outlined in Appendix 1, or the web page research. I then, very briefly explained the ticket prices, Standard Luxury and disabled, giving prices for each. The last page I created was the Latest film reviews, where I simply entered a block of text, or the review and a graphic into a table with two cells, giving a simple and easy reading review page.

Data needed by the system

The data needed by the Web page system, will be information such as film times, ticket prices, certificates of films, and corresponding pictures for the review of the film. This will also apply for the corresponding text for a certain film. When the data is put into the system, it will have to be correct. I made sure the data was correct by checking it previously. I also made sure when compiling the film reviews, obtained the text and graphic and the title of the film at the same time, so as not to make a mistake. I would have to make sure that information like the Certificate of the films, e.g. U, PG, 12, 15 and 18 was correct as this may be misleading if it was not. Film times were also important as if these were incorrect; people may turn up to the cinema at the wrong time. A lot of this data is included in the Film table on the Database, see Database. This information could be put onto the web page if I were to do this task as the extension. I will also check spelling of film names using a spell check tool. The ticket prices would also have to be correct to correspond with the Spreadsheet, as I only included standard seats in the spreadsheet, I would only have to make this price match, in this case �5.

System outputs

This task should produce the following outputs, a printout of the Web page, as necessary in this project, to hand it in. Another output possible would be a booked ticket, if I had constructed a booking system on my website, this could be an extension task. I chose to keep my outputs limited to a printout, as this is all I had time to do during the project as time was limited. Systems like the spreadsheet and database will have many more outputs as these were required.

Analysing the problem

During my research, I found the user would like colourful and attractive, also easy to use web sites. The evidence to support this can be found in Appendix 1, although this is printed in greyscale, all the web sites are high in contrast and very colourful. They are all very simple to use but very complicated systems at the same time. I will be able to achieve a high contrast and colourful site, and make it simple to use, incorporating hyperlinks to each page but will not be able to create a complex system in the time limit. The stages of input, processing and output are shown in the flow diagram below;

Types of system Output

The system can output information in different formats e.g. using a VDU the information can be displayed on screen, also the information can be printed using many different types of printers e.g. laser or inkjet.

Output devices



Visual Display Unit

Size can be altered on most programs e.g. percentage of view. Information can be changed on screen.

Information cannot be amended by hand whereas a printout can be.

Inkjet printer

Colour or Black, good quality. Printouts enable information to be marked or easily amended.

Very expensive, slower than laser printer.

Laser printer

Very fast printing, black, very high quality.

No colour in some models, extremely expensive.

Having looked at the system devices, I decided to use a VDU to change data on screen, which enabled me to change view and so on. To print documents entirely in black, I will use a laser printer for speed and quality of printing. For colour documents I will use the inkjet printed which will enable me to print in colour. One more system output is the image on a VDU, which the user of the system will be able to view. The information, and film reviews will be what is visible, depending on the page that the user is viewing.

Data Storage

The data will be stored on the school network and my home PC, in addition I will keep a back up on floppy disk. This is three methods of data storage, the hard drives of both computers, are a form of magnetic storage, this also applies for the floppy disk. If I were to make sure I would not lose my data, I could store it optically on a CD (compact disk). For security purposes, I could store all my work on a tape, a security procedure carried out on the school network weekly.


To make sure that the system works I will complete these tests;

* Ask an impartial person, to use my system, for example, I could ask them to load up the home page, by opening the file in my area, Click the link to the reviews page and print it off, If they were successful I know my system is successful.

* Results; I completed this test and the user was able to complete my request.

* Ask another person to open the web page, again and click the link to the reviews page, again as before, but this time, highlight the review and graphic for panic room, copy it and paste it into Word, and print it off.

* Results; I completed this test; it was also successful, proving my system is user friendly.

Simple Documentation

For this task, I will only complete a simple user documentation. As this Web page is very simple, and does not have any complex features or relations, it is very simple to use, and as there are no booking systems, or show times, it is not very complicated.

* If the system has been uploaded to the Internet,

* Type in the address bar; www.BigMCinemas.com

* This will take the user to the home page,

* Follow the links to either, the Latest film review page or the Ticket prices page.

Latest Reviews;

* Look at the film reviews,

* Scroll down to access hidden ones,

* Either, take the link back to the home page or to ticket prices.

Ticket Prices;

* Gather required information on ticket prices,

* Either, take the link to the home page or latest reviews.

This is an incredibly simple user documentation, but as the system is so simple to use, this is all that is required. If a booking system were incorporated, the user documentation would become more complex.

Evaluation – The benefits of the system

The benefits of the system I have developed will be;

* The user will be able to access Film reviews from any computer connected to the internet.

* If I were to extend my site incorporating a booking system, the benefits for the user would be that they would be able to book online, and pay with a secure connection using their credit card.

* Another advantage for the user, if they were to become a Friend of Big M’s Cinemas, they would be able to get benefits from using my system, as members may get a reduced price for tickets, and priority seats.

* At current, the site is very simple, but another benefit, as it is web based and designed to be easily updated, I will be able to update the film reviews very quickly and easily. This is a benefit for the user as they are getting the latest reviews, and prices as soon as they come out.

There may be drawback to my system, such as that at current it is very simple and may not provide all the information the user wants. For example, it only has reviews for a limited number of films, due to the time limit I had in making it. When using the system, which only has 3 different pages, the user may not get all the information they require, e.g. different prices for different seats, and discounts for members.

I produced a very simple system and realised that I would need to spend a lot more time in planning and designing the site if it were to become viable to upload to the web and use as an active system. I would need to produce a booking page, with all the different seats and prices for each screen, and depending on the age Certificate, update the ticket prices, e.g. if a film was a 15, child prices would not need be included, and so on. A secure connection would need to be gained for Credit card payment, and I would need to produce a Membership form online, like that featured ion Appendix 2. as well as this I would need to increase the amount of reviews, and add Film times, and their certificates.

I could have used a membership form that I could design and print out, and hand out at the Cinema chains, by hand. These forms could be returned in the post. This method is a lot slower and not so reliable, as sending letters is not 100% safe, they can easily be lost or misplaced.

Alternative methods for my system;

* (1) Instead of publishing my system on the Internet, I could put my parts of my system, as already exists into a newspaper. Many cinemas already advertise film times, and the names of all the films, in weekly newspapers. There are many drawbacks to this system. I would only be able to put in a small advert, due to a large cost for advertising, and I would only be able to include film times, certificates and screens showing certain films. It is a very effective method as it is available to a lot of people.

* (2) I could also put my system onto Tele-text, instead of the internet; there are also many problems with this method. Tele-text is quite slow, the design and layout is very simple and not very eye-catching. Only certain information would be provided, as graphics for the reviews would not be possible. An advantage of this system is that it is very easily updated.

If I had more time, I would have improved my system, and included a booking system, and improved my reviews page, I would also have included film times, different cinemas, certificates of the films, incorporated a membership application page and generally improved it, making it more complex, but regaining its simplicity.

My system

Alternative Method (1)

Alternative method (2)


Enables me to put all the information onto the system, including booking systems, film reviews and film times, and ticket prices that are easily accessible for anyone with access to a PC, with an internet connection. It is also very easy to update, enabling me to regularly keep the site posted and constantly bring up to date the film times and the screens on which they are showing.

More people could access the information, as more people have access to newspapers than the internet. It is also a very good way of advertising as more people will see the information and in some aspects, it is quicker than using either my system or method 2, as it is very direct and the information is very easily obtained.

By putting the system onto C-Fax, or Tele-text, I would be able to make the information available to any one with a Tele-text compatible television. This would be easily updateable, unlike alternative Method 1, which is only updateable when a new Paper is released. This system could also include a number for phone booking.


There are not too many disadvantages to my system; it is a lot more comprehensive than both the alternative methods, as they are both limited.

This system would not be very good, as it would only incorporate the film times, and titles. The first system, allows the user to read reviews and book online. Although this system could include a phone number for phone booking, this is a very successful method.

Graphics could not be included, although reviews could. Ticket prices and links to other pages could also be provided. Hyperlinks could not be made, and the design and layout is very primitive on Tele-text.

Summary – The use of ICT

If I compare my solution to ones that already exist then I can see that in many respects my system would be better, if I were to extend and improve it. These system already exist and are very successful, as shown in Appendix 1, showing the Odeon’s web site, a comprehensive example I would need to follow if I were to extend this particular project. Comparing my current system to systems like that on the Odeon page, I can see mine is very primitive, and not very good. The changes that have occurred due to the use of ICT and computers are, the increased ease in Booking Tickets, becoming a member, viewing reviews quickly and easily, and looking up film times, certificates and the price of various tickets. Computers have enabled many more people to access this information and increase the complexity of a system like this. The people that use the system would benefit from using it as it would save them time booking tickets or becoming a member. In some ways it increases security, and reliability, as a membership form sent in the post could be lost. The user would also find all the information they need in one place and at the same time, eliminating hassle in phoning up the cinema or buying a newspaper.

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