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Essay on Design

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AB/InBev's Design and Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Because AB/InBev offers almost 200 unique products, layout strategy is incredibly important in keeping the company competitive—efficient and effective use of space ensures that things continue to run smoothly. At the brewery in St. Louis, a couple of different layouts can be seen. Silos at the entrance to the campus store the various ingredients needed t...

Smash Design Company's Quality of Product

I recommend we purchase Aeron Chairs for our employee, Aeron chair meet the most criteria, and have addition offers. Staple Deluxe package covers more ergonomic items than Simple package, but it’s over pricing. And Aeron Chairs’ functions already cover some usability of ergonomic items. So I recommend we buy the Simple Package from Staples supplies. Sign up the gym membership will exceed $50 o...

Lucas de Groot, an Influential Person in Type Design

De Groot later on founded his own type foundry, LucasFonts, in 2000 due to his successes with creating so many successful font families. Its aim, in a few words: to make the world a better place by designing typefaces that look good and work well under any circumstances and in many languages. Graphic designers across the planet have discovered the special qualities of Luc(as)’ fonts. They are at...

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Fashion Designer Issey Miyake

As miyake was becoming the forefront in fashion at the time so was the shift of post-modernism his ideas and conceptualized aesthetics; visually as a designer it was the start of the interpretation of postmodernism. He created Designs that where ‘…breaking the boundary between west and east, fashion and anti-fashion, Modern and anti-modern’-Kawamura (2004). Furthermore this was the beginning...

Suspension Bridge

With any bridge project the choice of materials and form usually comes down to cost. Suspension bridges tend to be the most expensive to build. A suspension bridge suspends the roadway from huge main cables, which extend from one end of the bridge to the other. These cables rest on top of high towers and have to be securely anchored into the bank at either end of the bridge. The towers enable the ...

Grecian Couch

Today, Grecian couches are used to display elegance and grace much like it did in the past, usually as a centerpiece for the room. New designs and more padding must have increase the comfort of the couch, so women today will use it to primarily to sleep, rest and read their books in. The design change keeps the Grecian chair elegant but with added comfort. It acts like a modern half bed for women ...

Vera Wang

Studying historic fashion may also identify what was going on in the world at the time a specific garment was worn. Different needs throughout the generations can also be identified through the types of fashions that are displayed. I also observed that, like in history, Vera Wang builds on previous ideas from other designers. Throughout the study of historic costume it is sound to say that many of...

Papanek’s Function Complex

If someone has the option to choose between two identical objects they will look for the more aesthetically pleasing one. This aestheticism is then crucial for an object’s function because it will not be used if the object has a more appealing competitor. Clocks come in all different shapes and sizes, thus to appeal to all realms of people’s taste. Thus, a clock easily falls into all categorie...


Fossil’s ability to continue to fund itself with debt capital, given their exposure to volatility in the fashion product market, was questionable. An initial public stock offering (IPO) which would provide access to capital needed to expand Fossil’s working capital base and fund additional sales growth, was managed by Montgomery Securities of San Francisco. While not uncommon, IPO’s of less ...

Elements Of Design in "The Dark Knight"

The audience gets the feeling of dark and maniacal evil versus the pure and innocent. I believe the film makers did an effective job of creating the mis-en-scene not only in this particular scene, but also in the entire film. The design elements definitely lend themselves to the overall dark feeling of the movie and the sinister plot involving The Joker versus Batman and the overall theme of good ...

Decorating Cakes

Blown sugar is a warm piece of pulled sugar that is placed on a hand air pump then shaped and cooled while pumping air into it. Cast sugar is made from hot liquid sugar that is poured into a mold. The molds are usually silicone, due to the high temperature silicone molds can handle. When decorating, there is no limit to what can be put on the cakes. If it can be imagined, usually it can be represe...

Award Winning Office Stack Design

They have categorized the furniture layout plan into four sections, toilet space, public space, relax and chill place and exercise place. However it is quite daring of her to placed the toilet at the center for each floors. I am interested how she is going to tackle the air ventilation issues. There is no obvious private space in her design as her emphasis is more to an open and shared space trend...

ArchiCAD 17: Creating 3D Models

ArchiCAD 17 is an exceptionally valuable application that has been created for the planners and architects and it causes them in creating nitty gritty 3D models. This application has been outfitted with a total arrangement of control apparatuses. This application causes you in portraying your thoughts on the screen in advanced frame. This simple to utilize application enables you to make custom co...

Two Areas That Concern A Case Study of Concept Design Services (CDS).

In conclusion, this report has hopefully put across ideas that illustrate why and how operations management is important to Concept Design Services and explored options that CDS could potentially adopt going forward. Several strategies CDS have utilised, such as their "concept" range and the partnership deals they made with design houses were discussed. In addition, the report touched on how their...

Project Overview - Lyndon Neri with His Partner Rossana Hu

Inspired by floral walls that surrounds the residences of royal women in Korean palaces and blossom-patterned doors in traditional temples, Sulwhasoo's iconic plum blossom patterns showcase subtle but captivating beauty. The balanced beauty of curves and straight lines, and the harmony of non-existent six-petal flowers, symbolize the ideal beauty that Sulwhasoo's pursues. This pattern has also bec...

Dell Case Study: Circular Economy and Closed-Loop Ecosystems

Furthermore, dell has taken the risk on trying new inventions in terms of its sustainable supply chain where chances of failure can occur but they have conducted the change on its supply chain where their interest is aligned with most people nowadays where environmental is a sensitive issue and governments are now implementing carbon footprint in order to combat environmental issues. It can be sai...

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