Descriptive Writing Essay

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Descriptive Writing

I could feel a gentle warm breeze that was blowing in from the west, bringing with it a mouth-watering smell of strawberry ice cream. Also with the wind came the enchanting smell of fresh salty air mixed with another smell that I didn’t recognise. The active bustling metropolitan was surrounded by rolling emerald green hills, giants watching over me. In the centre of the city sat a colossal thirty storey skyscraper made purely out of glass and reinforced steel.

The city faced the never ending topaz sea: it stretched all the way up to a calm and pleasant lake which glittered over a mile away in the distance. The north section of the city was taken up by imposing skyscrapers and a humming metropolitan of lights and music; a huge building encrusted completely with multi-coloured gems that bathed the city in the reflective luminosity. Nestled at the bottom of the skyscrapers were dozens of magnificent and completely unique cafe’s and bars.

The first cafe at the top was a marble building that looked like a mausoleum, with heavy columns. The second bar was completely different- a million lights flashed from every surface. The third cafe was a long, low building with the front made completely of glass that was patterned with hundreds of different patterns, and it had beanbags inside and low coffee tables. Another cabin was covered in flowers that had grown on the walls and doorway and another spectacular cabin was made of solid gold that seemed to glow in the sunlight.

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