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Descriptive Example

While working in a fine dining restaurant, I got to sample some of the best foods I’ve ever tasted in my life. Working in a restaurant of any kind is hard work from start to finish. I used to say, “If I’ve walked one step today, I’ve walked a thousand.” My feet would feel like they were going fall off. Heavy plates, customer satisfaction and perfection of plate presentation were all stresses that a server would have to deal with in a night, just to name a few. I have to say though that one of the things that made it all worthwhile was a meal made especially for you by the Chef. It didn’t matter how tired he was after his night, our Chef showed his appreciation to us by feeding us something off menu, something creative. He would come out of that kitchen just as proud as a child at what he created, no matter what it was. He never made anything less than perfect.

I will never forget the kitchen with something that was so heavenly, so decadent that the memory of it is engraved in my memory forever. The aroma hit us before we ever saw it, intoxicating. I assumed that it smelled so beautiful because I was famished. Then we saw it, simultaneous gasps came from all of the servers. He called it Boursin Stuffed Filet, short name that was not short on character.

This was not just any filet mignon, this was art. A 12 ounce grilled filet perfectly juicy, stuffed with Boursin Cheese, wrapped in applewood smoked bacon. Resting atop creamed potatoes and topped with a demi glace and grilled asparagus. Sounds simple? Looks can be deceiving.

The moment I cut into mine it was like an out of body experience. The filet was 12 ounces of the finest cut of beef tenderloin available anywhere. It is the opinion of any great Chef that a filet be prepared rare, as was this one; perfectly blue-red in the core and brazed at its perimeter. When you cut into it the Boursin, a soft cheese similar to cream cheese with a light hint of garlic, oozed out to mingle with the creamed potatoes. With every bite you had the smokiness of the applewood smoked bacon with a hint of creamy garlic. The demi glace and asparagus rounded everything out with an elegant richness which cannot be described but only experienced. I took my time with every decadent bite, knowing that our Chef truly did love food. How else could someone create magic with simple ingredients found in every grocery in the city. That experience still haunts me to this day. I don’t believe anything can live up to it. That Boursin Stuffed Filet will always be an apparition of what food can be.

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