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Descriptive Essay on A Place: Charlie's Cabin

Categories: Descriptive

The freshly cut wood sends out bits and pieces of red hot coals in all instructions, but are blocked down rapidly by the charcoaled black cast iron wood burner. The mysterious scent of the environments crawls into your nose and provide you the constant tip that you remain in Charlies Bear Valley cabin.

As you initially drive into the small, however appealing valley, you understand that within minutes you will remain in the cabin that makes dreams come to life. As you pull into the long driveway, you can not await the automobile to be tossed into park so you can run up the creaky wood stairs and toss open the door and go into the good old cabin.

When you get in the cabin, a feeling of hospitality that you have actually never felt comes over you. A scent that you have actually never smelled starts to enter your lungs. Its a sort of smell that you smell when you enter your grannies house, but modified.

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It has a much heavier more individual taste to it. As you take in this fragrance, you understand its one that will not be forgotten at any time soon, its so distinct that you can just find it in the cabin.

After you have absorbed the smell to its maximum, you start to take a look around and see how this wooden cabin is provided. The furniture, carpet, drapes, and tile offer of such a retro sensation, like you have actually entered the Brady Bunchs house.

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With a substantial ball of joy developing in your stomach, you start to open all the doors in the cabin, exposing what each room needs to use. The design of the cabin seems really confusing, you cant open particular doors unless the one next to it is closed, and there are two bathrooms ideal next to each other.

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As you continue to explore the marvelous cabin, you come across a small kitchen that has food left behind from pervious visits. The entire feel of the cooking area is not like the one you have at your home, it has a far more friendly feel to it, as if its asking to be used. It blends in with the tone of the remainder of the cabin, sort of really utilized, but packed with a gigantic quantity of character. The entire home just has a specific feel to it that welcomes you sit back and relax in.

The more and more you look around the cabin the more you find. Just about when you think you have seen the whole cabin you open up one last door, which reveals a staircase. You quickly run up the stairs and see a whole other story to the house. Upstairs consists of many more doors and rooms to explore. One of these rooms has a big window, which lets the warm mountain sun in for you to bask in. When you lay there in the sun, you can do nothing to keep yourself from falling asleep. This is the best room in the cabin to snooze in.

After you have finished exploring the retro cabin, and finish unpacking your entire luggage, you begin to find fun activities to do with your friends, or whoever if present with you at the cabin. The cabin has a magical power that automatically bonds whoever is in the cabin into one. You learn things about people that you never would of guessed and get close to whoever may be with you. The conversations may vary from humorous and joking to deep and very meaningful. Excitement builds throughout the night and everything seems perfect and happy. The cabin works as a therapist.

Charlies cabin is a place that can be compared to nowhere else. It gives you an ultimate feeling of nirvana when you are in it. When you are staying there you forget about any worry you may have in the real world, and just live in the moment. The wooden giant has so many unique aspects to it that make it what it is. The cabin is the place that I will always look back upon and smile when I think about all the fun times I have had there with my friends and what the future of it has to offer.

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