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Introduction The name of my article is Young viewers bailing on TV at sharper rate. This article comes from the USA Today from November 12, 2018. The writer of this article is Gary Levin. Gary Levin stated that “Younger viewers are fleeing TV at an accelerated pace. The trend should surprise no one who has seen the rise of Netflix, a resurgence of video games and a shift to digital. But new Nelsen data show a widening gap in viewing behavior among young and old that’s alarming some network executives.

” Summary The article is about how the younger generations are enjoying the internet, and smart phones. They are growing up with more choices. Watching Television for the younger generations have changed with all the advance technology and choices they have available to them. The younger generations are interested in going to the computer, websites, and or mobile apps to watch movies or play games.

The Senior Vice President Peter Katsingris at Nielson who is over the audience insights has reported a yearly drop in television watching for the viewers age 55 and older.

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Mr. Katsingris says it reflects the new millennial mindset. This is a concern for the Senior Vice President. The younger generation are interested in Netflix, Internet TV, tablets, smart phones, Facebook, Google television, HDMI monitors, and Wi-Fi are just some of the choices for them. This is making other areas nervous that the older viewers are online alone with the younger generation. Descriptive Statistics Most people like myself would prefer to pull out my laptop to watch a movie.

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Online is so convenient and easy to access. I spend more time looking on Facebook. Steve Harvey show is on Facebook and I can watch his television show. The internet is easy to access and maybe have more options as television.

The article stated, “Streaming, apps and a wealth of content redefine how people enjoy the small screen” according to Gary Levin in the article USA today. With the increase in technology many banks, department stores, grocery stores, hospitals, and doctor’s office encourage people to use the internet. Some companies fell they are under stress afraid that they are not going to make it. Some of the companies are trying to add new programmers and selling reruns of their shows to Netflix. Other companies are in hope that younger will impersonate the older parents and go back to watching television. Descriptive Statistics The chart that is used in this article is the bar graph. The title on the bar chart is “TV viewing among young millennials drops sharply”. According to the chart in 2014 the viewing of people ages 18 to 34 using television has plunged 15% and is down 36% from 2014. In 2014, the percentages were 26.4%.

In 2015, the percentage of television watches down from 26.4 to 24.2%. In 2016, a dropped to 22.3%. In 2017, the percentage of television watches decline to 19.8%. In 2017, the percentage dropped to 16.8%. This data was performed by Nielsen data. From the results of collecting the data for 3 months from September 24, 2018 to October 28, 2018, the results show that cable and satellite systems reported the loss of one million customers, the largest quarterly drop. Other TV channels or programmers have considered selling reruns of their shows to Netflix and other revivals. To fill in the gap. Other television channels such as MRV are trying to sign a deal to relaunch realty series “The Real World” on Facebook Watch, and similar online revivals. Real World Applications This article is in reference to the real world of technology.

I feel all generations are interested in doing things faster, using things that is convenient, and easily accessible. I feel the older generations would be the ones that would consider watching television. Watching television has changed because of the smart phone where you can watch movies on your phone. The younger generation are move into play station, and x-box. They can play these games on their personal computers. People are just not watching television as much and this is a concern to the MTV productions and network executives’ other programmers are concern and the data is showing in the graph above that there is a widening gap in viewing behavior. The network executives must figure a way to reach the younger people and target the older audience in order to survive. At this present time, I am currently retired, however I don’t watch television that much. I have been using a personal computer to check out job openings and doing my school work.

Personal computers and cell phones to me is a necessity to survive watching television is optional for me. Analyze The title of the article caught my attention. The bar chart was very interesting. In reading the article it made me even more aware of how the younger generations are into technology. I didn’t realize how much Netflix, video games, Facebook, Google, smartphones are a revival of the television. I choose this article because I was curious to find out the drop in the TV viewers. Look at the younger generation even the two-year-old babies with computers watching movies on their I-pads. How will the networks compete with Netflix or video games? This was a great article and the bar chart was easy to read statistical report. Conclusion The article is about television viewing among young viewers.

A survey conducted by Nielson data. The data showed in a bar chart the findings of the survey conducted. The data displayed a percentage of young viewers from the age of eighteen and thirty-four on a bar chart. The chart showed a drop-in young viewer. The loss of another one million customers. The largest quarterly drop the network has had. The networks think the young viewers have too many choices such as Netflix, video games, watching movies online, personal computers, and Facebook. The article is in line with the definition of descriptive statistics. According to the textbook descriptive statistics consists of the collection, organization, summarization, and presentation of data. The different network companies analyze the results of the three months survey to make decisions based on the outcome to come up with a plan for effective marketing strategy. This may result in selling reruns of their shows to Netflix.


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