Description of Jail

Jails have been present within the criminal justice system for as long as you can probably date back. Jails play a vital role in the correction system. When jails originated they were used to serve the sole purpose of keeping an individual confined. In the beginning the jails and their conditions were inhumane and very harsh. Jails were not they type of place that individuals would like to be and often times people feared the possibility of having to go to jail.

There are many reasons why people feared going to jail and one of the main reasons were because of the conditions that present in jail. There were many times where the inmates were not fed and they hygienic conditions were poor.

As time progressed factors about jails changed. Jails were no longer only used to house criminals but they were also used to rehabilitate the criminal and allow them to opportunity change enough to be released safely into society.

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As time progressed jails begin to add programs that allow them to advance and further themselves. It is now possible to obtain a high school diploma while being incarcerated in jail. There are now programs that help aid drug addicts and alcoholics recover from their addictions before they are released. There are also programs that allow inmates to obtain a trade degree that they can use once they are released back into society.

You made a lot of valid points within your post. I use to always wonder why exactly criminals committed the crimes that they did, like what possessed them to do those type of things? I wonder now if criminals weigh crime and punishment why would they feel as of the reward that they will gain from committing a crime is worth their life and their freedom most of the time.

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Maybe these thoughts vary from person to person meaning what I may not think will be worth the punishment that will be received from a crime but others may not agree with my thought process.

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