Description of a Friend Essay

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Description of a Friend

I know my best friend Fiona for nearly eleven years and she’s an awesome person.She was actually the first friend I made when I moved to Spain, and we started talkingto each other because we were in the same situation. We could say that it was“friendship at first sight”.Fiona is not very tall, and this is probably the thing which she hates the most. She’s gotvery dark, brown hair and she uses to wear it short.She has got an incredible eye colour; we could describe it as a mixture between green, brown and grey, but it changes depending on the light.Her nose is quite small and she wears a piercing there for aproximately two weeks;she’s very proud of it. Since then, she wants to have another one and also maybe atattoo.She usually wears dark clothes; normally jeans with a wide sweatshirt or T-shirt.Fiona is a very kind girl, although she doesn’t like to show that much.

If you don’tknow her well, you could think that she’s quite serious, not very friendly, but once youtalk with her you notice that she’s very cheerful and you just have to like her.She’s also very intelligent, and she knows about many different things. Her only problem is that she’s quite lazy at school.Her hobbies are, first of all, music. She loves listening to music and to sing, speciallyrock and heavy-metal songs. She also loves playing the guitar, although she’s stilllearning; playing tennis and playing computer games. Specially this last thing is one of her greatest passions and I think she’s been a “gamer” since she was three years old.

After Batxillerat she wants to study Criminology at university and I’m sure that it’ll be the perfect job for her .One of her biggest aims is to form her own heavy-metal band and to be famous with it. The things I like the best of Fiona is that she’s always there when you need her, that she’s always ready to listen to you and to help you. The only thing that I don’t like about her is that she’s not very self-confident sometimes and that she thinks things about herself that she shouldn’t .To sum up, Fiona is one of the most incredible people I know, and I’m happy to have her as one of my friends .So, if you still don’t know her, what are you waiting for?

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