Descrimination of Women

Have you ever thought why people are different from each other? There are many differences such as intelligence, opinions, appearances, personalities and genders. Genders represent the differences and also similarities between men and women. Equality of women and men has been disputed for many years. Some people consider that this kind of equality is impossible because of their physical properties while others say the exact opposite. But no matter what they say, both sexes differ from each other greatly in some respect.

In the past years, men used to be considered superior, so men were more important and valuable in the society than women.

The stories Desiree’s baby and Trespass are focused the racism and discrimination by men on women. There we can see the both male demonism and racism which are very extremely harass women’s feelings. The both stories “Desiree’s Baby” and “Trespass” shows the relationship between men and women in different ways. Desiree’s Baby is the unfortunate story of a young woman who falls victim to both social and racial inequality by a man.

The story is going around a husband and a wife. There is a clear undertone to the relationship between them.

Both authors’ works focus on the choices and pressures that both of the main characters endure throughout the stories. Both females were powerless against their male society. The author Chopin takes a deep look into the personal thoughts and desires of her characters, especially married woman Desiree in the “Desiree’s Baby”.

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Socialized into thinking that African ancestry, the brand of slavery, is abominable, Armand suddenly hates his wife Desiree and the baby because of their tragic flaw, their African blood, which dramatically destroys his role as husband and father.

When one’s racist nature eradicates unexpectedly the role of loving and caring for his or her relatives, the family system collapses miserably, thereby tracing a sense of seamless dismay, distress, and despair. On the other hand, the girl, Carla facing different problems in different ways by some boys and the society in Trespass. Carla struggles with the greasy qualities of language throughout this story. She struggles to understand the language style and struggles to describe to the police the relatively simple image of a man masturbating. Although she sees the image intensely in her head, she acks the tools to put it into communicable form, in either English or Spanish.

The sexual content of the experience is no less an obstacle than her poor English. She realizes she has no word for genitalia in any language, although the policemen are able to follow her euphemistic substitutions easily enough. Her effort reveals the massive distance that a personal experience must cross in order to be comprehended by others, a fact we often take for granted, and which the policemen do not seem to sympathize with. In Desiree’s Baby, Desiree is asked to take her child and leave her husband Armand.

Armand no longer loves his wife, because their son is not white. As Desiree explains the situation to her mother in a letter, she is lost and confused. “My mother, they tell me I am not white. Armand told me I am not white” (Chopin 6). Without Desiree knowing, it is Armand who is the cause of her son being black. Desiree’s character is strong, but very ignorant as to her family history. When Armand blames her for making the child not fully white, she has no rebuttal for she knows not where or who she came from. Desiree is a gentle and caring young woman for has a lot of heart and love for her family and friends.

It is very sad that Desiree will never know the truth about why her child is mixed. If we take a look at the Trespass, the defining quality of the policemen is their indifference to her difficulties putting the image into words. Carla compares the policemen’s faces to images in a movie she is watching. The figure of speech suggests that the true drama is occurring in Carla’s mind as she confronts the imperfect bridge that language throws over the terrifying gulf between individuals. When the boys on the playground use ugly words to describe her new body, she feels almost as if they have the power of spells to create the body itself.

Their language may not be literally magical, but it has the power of metaphor; it comes to define her body for her, rather than allowing her to come to her own private understanding of her sexual being. The discrimination and sexuality are equally incomprehensible, hostile, and inescapable for Desiree and Carla. The both stories mainly focused on the mentality of the two females who were struggled due to the inequality. Over the past years both gender had the big gap to understand each other; it is due to the concept of the racism and discrimination.

Moreover the relationship between men and women has been changing since the world has developed. Social differences are the most studied characteristics between men and women. Both have unlike social distinctions. Women have more interaction than men among members of a group. Also, women develop more friendships than men. Men and women have peer pressure differences. For example, Men are disposed to follow their friend’s behavior, and more prejudice about what the group thinks about them than women. Men and women have adaptability differences.

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