Describing an Experiment from the Perspective of Jose Saramago, the Author of Blindness

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I have chosen to write a written debrief consent of an experiment from the perspectives of Jose Saramago, the author of the book Blindness. I did this because you can try to explain the fictional situation through the perspective of the author, as to why he created a world with a new way of viewing the world. This seemed very interesting for me to try and express myself as the author and to reveal the true light of the phenomena. The audience with these kind of messages are just for the participants of the experiment Most likely only the experimenters and the citizens of the city.

Only years later the experiment itself could be studied by other people, for further development and analysis I realize that as an experiment, the methodologies of the experiment would be full of ethical issues, For example, the issue of deception and consent. All of the people were under great dishonesty, and therefore not asked for the consent Also, the participants had no say in withdrawing from the experiment.

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This is also an extreme case, as the experiment harmed a lot of the participants, physically and mentally. A lot of the people were crazy and developed manners out of character. Furthermore, many of the people died. However, the experimenter could argue how they were in it by themselves, and the events happening were caused by one another. I tried to make use of language from the experimenter as professional as possible. Jose Saramago, of course, witnessed all of the events and watched the city from afar.

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Some of the events happening were controlled by the experimenter as control variables, although this purpose would be defeated by the free will of the people, I think it would be hard for the experimenter to completely draw a strong conclusion, as there would be a lot of other factors affecting the situation.

The analysis would seem a bit vague, Jose Saramago hardly knows what was happening in the people’s minds most of the time, unless they were thinking aloud or took an action upon the thought. Despite of all, if the experiment was real, I think it would bring a new light to the way we view humanityt This proves the true nature of humans, regardless of in blindness or in seeing. Written task 1 Hello, I am Jose Saramago. I come from outside the world of Blindness, where our worlds are parallel, but the reality is a tad bit worse, as we are all seeing. I designed your city as an experiment. I govern the Government and thus responsible for most of the city’s maintenance, The experiment aims to investigate what people are ought to do when they aren‘t able to see, which is why I chose to give the people free will as this increases the ecological validity of the overall results, although some variables are controlled to make ease of the correlation of causation, I created the doctor’s wife to ensure hope. i believe in a world full of blindness, hope is the one thing to keep people going on, even though this hope is at times unknown to be present. The doctor’s wife is also the true purpose of the experiment, as she is an individual presenting the control group. Without hope~the doctor‘s wite~the would be no solution to the story, It’s similar to our real world, you see, in the case of everybody being in trouble, there has to be one person as a savior, or otherwise we‘re all doomed. I don’t believe we are doomed, unless we want ourselves to be, I get the inspiration of this experiment from my own life I have experienced the world at its worst, and from these experiences I learn how the way the world works has a true potential to shape a person’s life.

The purpose of the experiment is to depict the fragility of humanity. To extend on that, I would like to say that the people in my world are, to an extent, blind. Blind at what is happening on what is happening around them, blind for seeing things from various perspectives, and some are even blind for events as obvious as homeless people living in the streets. The fragility in your world is seen, for example, in the misuse of order and power amongst the blind people in the wardimuch like the world. Take, for instance, the man with the gun, who automatically has the ultimate power in the ward because he has a gun, indicating violence He breaks the rules of rights and morality in order to get what he wants only because the people in the world view him as a powerful figure He abuses this power to gain himself money and women. I operate this experiment to explain why certain phenomenons happen in a certain way. I‘m not willing to dictate a world The variables exist to regulate the events as a more sensible justification. I want to expose the world and acknowledge all the wrongs in the society to make things right, eventually being a better place I simply believe that the world could be a better place, and it could very easily be made so. I do not like the world in which I live. An ideal world I envision would be one of goodness I used to think vision was the core problem in the world That perhaps if people aren’t able to see, our perception of beauty will be positively alteredinot focused on the body, but on the soul. Unfortunately, we live in an inevitably violent world. Violence is necessary for our survival. We have to kill animals, or someone has to kill them for us, in order for us to eat, We pick fruits, and even flowers to decorate our homes; both an act of killing the two things. Animals behave in the same manner.

However, animals are not cruel. Man invented cruelty. Animals do not torture each other, but we do We are the only cruel beings in my world We get offended if people compare us to animals, yet we are worse. Blindness is a metaphor for the blindness of human reason, The cruelty in the novel refers to the daily cruelty happening in both of our worlds. You didn’t become blind. You are blind. We all are, Blind but seeing, Blind people who can see, but do not see. Precisely as what the doctor’s wife concluded. We choose to ignore so much of the misery around us so that we can be safe in our own little worlds. Either we are blind, or we are mad I didn’t give any of you a name because, as what the girl with the dark glasses said, “Inside us there is something that has no name, that something is what we are,” Beyond the city, we have names, instead of labels. A name is a way to shorten these labels—which are still inevitable to follow through It’s to give you a feeling of universal affliction. As in major crises, we often don’t know names and are more involved in the crisis itself, rather than the individuals affected. if you’re watching this now, I believe you have gained back your sight, and that you have survived the acts of killing yourselves or being killed. It is proof that my experiment has succeeded—that perhaps the world will not end by humanity. The time has come for you to come back from your isolation and rejoin reality. I cannot promise it will be better than the city of your blindness, but I have faith that it will eventually improve, There is more to the blindness you lived. An aircraft from the government will bring you back. Mankind awaits for you, with hope, beyond the city.

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