Describe the Things That Irritate You the Most Essay

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Describe the Things That Irritate You the Most

First on the list of irritating things is traffic jams. Going to town on weekends or holidays is never enjoyable because of the perpetual traffic jams that choke the streets. The inability to move freely is already bad. To make things worse, there are irresponsible or poor drivers who cut across lanes without signaling, stop suddenly or generally do not seem to be aware of the danger they cause to others or to themselves.

Then there are idiots who talk on the mobile phones while driving, or kids who stick their heads out of the window, kids who sit on their daddy’s lap, and one day I saw a man actually shaving in his car while we crawled along ! The top offenders are definitely the motorcyclists who weave in and out of traffic without a care for their own safety. No wonder they top the list of road fatalities. Finally reaching our destination brings no joy either because usually there is no place to park.

So when we go to town, we go in pairs, one to drive and the other to get down to do whatever is necessary. Otherwise we stay home and avoid the irritation. The second most irritating thing is inconsiderate people. Examples are people who throw rubbish on sidewalks, roads and out of moving cars. Out of sight and out of mind for them, but how about others who have to put up with the rubbish or clean it up ? Sadly the worst offenders are occupants of luxury cars. God knows what is behind the tinted windows, probably some spoiled brat and their indulgent parent.

Mobile phones ringing in public places are also very irritating, especially when the owner suddenly become oblivious to their surroundings when they answer the call. More than once I have been bumped into by phone-wielding buffoons who seemed to have become temporarily blind. And they don’t even apologize. As the world’s population grow and grow, it is inevitable that irritations will also grow as we fight for living space. There is really no permanent solution, only a temporary one and that is to keep way from the sources of irritation as much as possible.

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