Describe Mongol Tactics Essay

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Describe Mongol Tactics

Describe Mongol Tactics in battle and on the march. How might these tactics have contributed to Mongol success? The Mongols were successful in their battle because of the tactics they implemented. Khan created battalions of soldiers from combined groups of people, Mongols and Turks, such that new leadership and allegiances would be created. Each of the battalions would simultaneously invade different lands. Their swiftness provided them the advantage to conquer fast, thus they were able to take over easily and move on with the march.

They killed people the most drastic way possible sparing no one, thus the image that was created of them was that of fear, so no one even dared fought them, even if they were outnumbered. Another tactic used was feigned retreats providing an illusion that their defense was weakening. Moreover, their ability to travel lightly, for they need not bring with them ample supplies also helped them become more mobile and enabled them to move faster.

Who else were Muslims fighting at the time of the Mongol advance? The Muslims were really struggling at that time because as Ibn al-Athir al-Jazari recounted, they were afflicted with calamities during that period, which no one has ever imagined. Aside from the Mongols, the Muslims were also fighting against the Frankish invaders at that time who were taking Syria from the West. Thus, it was a very trying time for the Muslim and Islam who had to deal with two such distrustful enemies at the same time.

What political circumstance facilitated the Mongol conquest of Persia? The Mongol’s conquest of Persia became easier because of the fact that the place did not have effective obstacles at that time. This was because of Muhammad Khwarazmshah who took over the land and who killed and destroyed their Kings such that he remained as the sole ruler of the countries. Thus, when the Tatars came, there was no one to defend or ally with in order to preserve Persia.

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