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Describe a local park

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (809 words)
Categories: Park
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“Ronaldo!!” shouted Rooney. “Go tackle Sam”. Teenagers were running on the grassy land, kicking the ball all over the place, trying to be a professional footballer.

Everywhere it was green. Which means no pollution. A boy got tripped over on to the

grass. It was calm and peaceful everywhere, no violence could be hunted around. Near the far end of the park, away from the football ground, was a beautiful garden for children to play. Swings, slides, play horses etc. were there.

On the swings, a newly built boy was swinging really high and got tripped over and started crying because he got injured badly. Thus, his mother picked him up and first aided him.

When you walk pass the tennis court, you can hear people saying “I challenge you for a match”. This is what usually happens in my local park.

This was the brief description about my local park. However, there is more. It is summer, the sun is happy and is shining all over the place.

People come out and play football, cricket etc. Old people come out as the weather is welcoming them and they jog or cycle on the walking tracks. People come to the park with their families. There is a wide variety of plants and trees to look at. There is a nursery in the park with healthy plants. Mostly in summer as it goes dark at ten, most people come to enjoy as there is a lot to play. They also have a athletic club for that park as it is on of the best park and has an athletic stadium. It is also the best in athletics and wins every year.

The name of the park is ‘Salt Hill Park’ and is located in London. It is one of the best local park in London as it is as enormous as Legoland. It is a paradise on the earth because mostly, you don’t find such good parks in London because it is all polluted there. You can find lots of things in the park such as: baseball, tennis and skating courts, cricket and football pitches… It isn’t that crowed as well. You can find different people playing different kind of sports or children playing on swings. The grass is cut and layed out stunningly amazing. The branches of trees don’t pop out and is cut in really good way so that it looks beautiful and prevents any kind of hazards. You can find different kinds of colourful birds such as: green parrots, colourful parrots, normal bird, etc.

People of all age come there to enjoy. Children’s’ playground is built soft so that if someone falls down, they won’t get a severe bruise. You can find a climbing thing there. You have to be a monkey to do that as it is really hard to do. Predominantly the workers of circus can do that as you have to be really flexible, and confident in jumping to do it. You have to try to jump to the next point to carry on going but, it is really hard to reach the final level. However, you can always try to turn over a new leaf. You can keep trying as it isn’t crowded. If you keep trying, you might reach there once in a blue moon as it is said every dog has its day. If you reach the top, you will get a prize and it might be a red letter day for you.

Unlike other parks, you can also find a restaurant behind the children’s’ playground and can find really delicious food there. The staff in there such as waiters, are really accommodating to provide you your needs as quickly as possible. They are really courteous. Last time I went there, people were joking and laughing hilariously and some people ate ravenously. I heard a boy shouting out “mom! I want chocolate pudding and chicken legs”. This made me really hungry and so, I bought chips and a burger. People give really good comments on the restaurant which shows that the staff keep their customers happy. And this makes the park really good as it contains everything.

Finally, in conclusion I think that the local park I go is the best park I’ve ever seen in England. It is because it meets the needs of everyone. The good thing is that it is big and so, everyone can enjoy the wonderful park. No gangsters come to this park because they go to the park where mostly no one goes so, this is another quality of this park. I also think that this is the best park because everyone can enjoy it and not only the kids. Children to old, everyone has equal right in the park and this makes it really special. Wouldn’t you like to have a park like mine?

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