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Describe a Sports Event That You Took Part in or Watched

Categories Event, Friendship, Mobile Phone, My Favorite Sport Badminton, My Favourite Sports Person, Phone, Society, Sports, Technology

Essay, Pages 16 (3845 words)



Essay, Pages 16 (3845 words)

I love to play badminton especially in the summer time. It is a game I really enjoy, so play it whenever I can get a willing partner. It is a lot like tennis, but I can play badminton anywhere. I do not have to go to a tennis court to play and I can play in between classes without getting sweaty.

Badminton is played with rackets that look a lot like tennis rackets, but they are much more delicate.

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You should have a net, which sits high above the ground, and a ball that is called a birdie. The birdie has a small rubber half a ball on one end, and it fans out with feathers on the other end to help it to fly. A badminton court has a net in the center that stretches from side to side. Each side of the net has a square that the team mates play in.

It is ideal to play badminton with four people, but you can play one on one as well. You can also play without points or a net, but I do not think it is as much fun.

It is a game that takes a lot of energy so you get plenty of exercise playing badminton. The main reason I like the game is that everyone, man or woman, has an equal chance to compete. There are so many sports that require height or strength to be good; it is refreshing to play one that I have an equal opportunity to win.

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Maybe that is why I get very competitive and energetic when I play. I love the game; it is fun and rewarding, and I feel alive when playing.

Describe a difficult thing you did well. 一件难搞定的事 可以参照一个你参与的合作项目 You should say:
what it was
and explain why it was difficult. or
and explain how you felt after you did it.
Difficulty is a very subjective term.

What one person may find difficult the other may find rather easy. For me overcoming my glossophobia was a very difficult thing. I used to be very stage shy and could never speak in front of an audience. It so happened that once I participated in an environment fair held in my hometown. We were a team of four students – Mohit, Rohan, Ravi and I. We had to make a model on pollution. It was very difficult to collect ideas for the model, but our teacher, Mrs Promilla helped us. We collected all data from different sources like the internet, library, magazines and so on We presented all three types of pollution – air, water and noise pollution – on thermocol In this project we showed the causes, effects and ways to control pollution We had to speak turn wise on our model.

I remember I was very afraid to speak. But my other friends gave me the confidence. I felt very good that I was part of that team. I spoke very well that time. Getting over my glossophobia was an accomplishment for me. I felt very good after that. We won the first prize in this competition. The judges specially mentioned that the first prize was mainly because of the verbal explanation of the model. This fair was covered by the local cable TV and so many people of the neighbourhood congratulated me the next day. Our photograph was also there in the local newspaper Jag Baani. Our school principal also appreciated us I cannot forget that day. All four of us were on cloud nine on that day. So, this was a difficult thing I did well.

something useful you learn from family member
Describe a person who taught you a certain skill, such as cooking or driving or swimming. Please say

– Who is that person?
– How did he/she teach it to you?
– Why did you learn it?
– Was this skill useful to you?

I have learnt many skills from people around me in my life. Here I would like to talk about my mother who taught me a very useful skill of cooking. My mother is in her forties and she is very tall and beautiful. She has a gifted hand in cooking. She has her unique way of teaching us, I mean me and my sister, how to cook. She never made us feel as if she was teaching us. She just kept us involved in the kitchen while she cooked. We learnt a lot just by observing her. I learnt cooking because I too want to be able to cook like her. I also learnt cooking because it is a very useful skill in today’s time. Moreover, as I plan to go abroad for my higher education, this skill will be veryuseful.

I will not face any food problems. I am a vegetarian and I have heard that veg. food outlets are very few in foreign countries. This skill has proved very useful because many times I have been able to attend to guests when my mother was not at home. My mother not only taught me simple routine cooking but also some Chinese dishes. She also taught me how to make pizzas in the electric tandoor. She also bakes excellent cakes. Whenever anybody in our neighbourhood celebrates a birthday, the cake is always baked by my mother. She loves experimenting in the kitchen and she has many of her own recipes which are quick and easy and at the same time very delicious. She also presents her dishes very well. She says that the look of the dish is as important as its taste. I am fortunate, I have a talented mother who has taught me this useful skill.

something you saw or experienced that made you laugh

Here I would like to talk about one when I really laughed from my heart. It was my cousins wedding two months ago and we were all dancing on the beats of DJ. The groom’s father that is my uncle had taken a few pegs of whiskey. He was dancing the maximum. His odd and weird dancing steps were very hilarious and everyone was laughing at him. But he was not at all perturbed. He was thoroughly enjoying himself. My aunt tried to stop him many times but he wouldn’t listen. He was wearing a silken dhoti kurta. Suddenly he tripped and his dhoti came off.That was the most hilarious moment of all. The bride and the groom also had a hearty laugh.The photographer captured it all very nicely in his video camera. Even today when we see that we all have a hearty laugh. So this is the situation when I laughed from my heart.

Describe a special meal you would like to eat:

What would it be?
Where would it be?
Whom would you like to share it with?
Why it is special for you?

I’ve had many special meals in my life. Some were special because of the quality of food. Others were special because of the occasion And some were special because of the people with whom I shared those meals with. Here I would like to talk about a special meal that I would like to have. It would be dinner at the Rangla Punjab section of Haveli which is a beautiful restaurant in the suburbs of my home town. I would like to share it with my best friend who is now studying in Australia but is coming next week to spend his winter vacation here. Actually his birthday next month and I would like to treat my friend to a dinner at Rangla Punjab. Dinner is very special at Rangla Punjab. It is accompanied by cultural programmes.

They serve dinner with traditional Punjabi hospitality. First they serve buttermilk which is followed by salad and light snacks. Then they serve two to three types of green vegetables and some lentil curry and rice with various types of chapatti. During winter they also serve makki di roti and sarson ka saag. Makki di roti is a chapatti made of maize floor and sarson da saag is a dish made of mustard leaves to which spinach leaves can be added. In the end they serve rice pudding and after that some jiggery. I have had dinner several times at Rangla Punjab but I would love to have it again with my friend. This time his company would make the meal even more special. I know he has never been to Haveli so he would also love it.

Describe your favourite way to communicate with someone.
You should say:
what it is
and explain why this is your favourite way to communicate

Man is a social animal. To survive in this society we need to communicate with others. We can communicate in many ways – such as through cell phone, e-mail, internet chatting or by face to face communication. My favourite way of communication is through cell-phone A cell phone is a very useful gadget. We can communicate with almost anyone, from anywhere and at any time. That is why it is my favourite means of communication. It has become an indispensable part of my daily life. I use it daily to stay connected with my friends and family. I can call them, send messages and even send and receive e-mails through my phone.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 model It is fully touch screen It has android operating system. It has its own application market through which we can download various applications according to our needs. I downloaded Talking Tom application which copies and speaks whatever you speak. I downloaded various games also. I have downloaded Sudoku which I play daily. My friends also play Sudoku and we compare our timings with each other. It has GPS facility through which we can search the desired location. Once I went to Delhi and through this GPS system I could locate my Uncle’s home easily. Otherwise it is very easy to get lost in Delhi. It has wi-fi facility. It has many inbuilt applications .It has a 12 megapixel camera.

Describe a child you know.
You should say:
how you know him or her
how often you see him/her
what kind of person he/she is (= what his/her personality is like) and explain what you like about this child.

I know many children but here I would like to talk about my niece, Gia, who is three years old. She is my cousin’s daughter and lives in my neighbourhood. She is very cute and I just adore her. She is a very chubby child. When she smiles, she has dimples on both cheeks which look very beautiful. I always feel like picking at her cheeks but she screams when anybody does so. She has curly hair and does not like getting her hair combed. Almost every day she comes to my house with my cousin. Then she comes to my room and messes everything up. Normally I don’t like if anyone messes up my things but with Gia I don’t mind at all. She loves chocolates and candies and I always keep some in stock for her.

She is only 3 years old but she really knows how to twist everyone around her little finger. It is sometimes very amusing to watch her small pranks. She surely knows what she wants and gets it somehow. Recently, my cousin admitted her to a pre-nursery school called Petals. That school is in our neighbourhood and is very nice. She goes there happily and enjoys the three hours she spends there. She has learnt many nursery rhymes over there. Sometimes I go to pick her up from school as my cousin is busy in the household chores. I just love it when she comes running to me and hugs me tight. She has so much to share with me about her school and her new friends. May God bless her with a long and happy life.

A job you would like to do

My ambition is to become a teacher. I would like to teach small children i.e. primary level students. A bachelor’s in education degree is required to be a teacher. Nowadays, teaching has become a very lucrative profession. Moreover, I like being with young children. I am good at telling jokes and stories. Secondly, I am a very sensitive person. I am the first person to note if someone is sad or not feeling well. Since children don’t always say what they feel. My sensitivity would make me a good teacher. I am also a very organised person. Children need to be organised too So, I can instil these values in my children. I know that I don’t have a very high ambition but this is a very fulfilling ambition. I believe in enjoying what I do and at the same time I wish to do quality work. These children are our future. I aspire to would them to become good human beings tomorrow. I believe god has sent us all on this earth with a purpose. I hope I can fulfil this purpose by becoming a teacher.

A gift you have given

I have given and received many gifts in my life

Here I am going to talk about a gift which I gave to my best friend on his eighteenth birthday. It was a mobile phone. He had always wanted a mobile phone. But his parents would not buy him one I saved all my pocket money for five to six months to buy this mobile It cost me Rs 2800 It is a small mobile – a Samsung X-210 model It is black rectangular and a folder type model It has many features like watch, calculator, FM radio, alarm, timer and a memory card to store phone numbers It does not have a camera but all the other features are very useful I saw an ad of this phone six months ago and immediately started saving money to buy it. Then, I used to get Rs 500 per month as pocket money.

I was so fond of chocolates and candies that I used to spend all my pocket money on these things. But I remember I did not eat a single chocolate those six months. I was overjoyed to see the happy look on my friend’s face when I gave him the mobile phone. I honestly feel that there is more pleasure in giving than receiving.

A childhood toy

I had many toys in my childhood but here I am going to talk about my electric toy car. My father gifted it to me on my 11th birthday. I used to spend hours playing with it. I was greatly fascinated by it It is red in colour It worked with four pen torch batteries fixed in a box under the car. When I switched it on it would move in all directions If there was an obstacle on the way then the car could change directions Along with that it had lights which flickered at times.

I was so fascinated by this car that I used to finish its batteries very soon. I used to show it to my friends with pride. None of my other friends had such a beautiful toy car. I just loved it when I saw the jealous look in their eyes. I remember, once I took it to school in my bag. When I came home I got a big spanking from my mother. I was very possessive about my car and never used to let anyone touch it. Even though I don’t play with the car any more I still have it in my room It brings back nostalgic memories of my childhood

favourite time in a day

The evening time is the best time of the day for me. It is the time when all my family members are together and we sit together and have our evening tea and chat with each other. We discuss all our day’s happenings with each other. During the day we all are busy and have no time for each other. In the evenings, sometimes, I go with my mother to do some shopping for grocery and vegetables. Once or twice a week I go out with my friends. There is a park near my house. Occasionally I go there also. All the children of my neighbourhood are there. I play some games like passing the ball with them. The elderly people of my neighbourhood are also there.

It is a good time to interact with them and learn some values of life from them. There is a Mrs Sharma in my neighbourhood. Sometimes I meet her in the park. She has a great sense of humour. Ten or twenty minutes with her are really very refreshing. She is a lecturer in Kamla Nehru College, Phagwara. Sometimes, she guides me regarding studies too. Then I come home and take a nice cool bath. After that I watch TV for half an hour to one hour with my family over dinner. We all love watching some reality shows and sitcoms. Then I study or read something for an hour or two before going to bed.

Describe a friend you haven’t been in contact with for a long time but who you would like to see again. 与喜欢的青少年合并

In our life we come across many people and make a lot of friends.I too made a lot of friends during my school and college days. Here I would like to talk about a special friend of my school days with whom I lost contact but would really like to meet again. His name is YINYANG. He joined my high school in 2nd when his father got transferred to my hometown.His father was teacherin my high school at that time.I remember, he was very shy by nature and used to sit next to me. In just a few days we became good friends.He was not very tall AVERAGE in terms of appearance with his curly hair and a dimple on his chin. He was very good at studies.I used to trouble him all the times as I always had problem with maths, but he was always willing to help.

We remained very good friends for three years and then his father got a promotion and was transferred to Chandigarh. After that we lost all contact because we are busy with our study I always think of him and would really like to meet him as soon as possible. I made other friends but I could not get as intimate with anyone else as I was with him I could share all my secrets with him and be sure he would never tell anyone. He was so trustworthy.I think I will have to travel changchun province to reach him. I would like to share all my experiences which I had till now after we separated. It has been 3 long years and I am sure he would also be happy to see me or hear from me.I wonder what he is doing now.

a decision made by others but wrong in your opinion
You should say:
who the person was
what the situation was
what decision they made
and explain why you think it was the wrong decision.

In our day to day life we all have to take a lot of decisions. Some decisions turn out to be very good and some turn out bad. Here, I would like to talk about a person who made a wrong decision. Actually he did not mean it to be wrong but it turned out to be wrong. This person is my cousin Ravi. He is in his mid thirties. He is not tall but looks very handsome. He is running his own business of readymade garments. He has a seven years old son Rohan, who is very naughty. He was fed up of his naughty pranks and to punish him he sent him to a boarding school in Shimla. He thought that a boarding school would teach him discipline but when Rohan came home from his boarding school everyone at home was shocked because he had become very stubborn and even more naughty.

Now he answers back to everyone and does not show any respect or love for his parents. Actually, he knows that the boarding was his punishment. This was a mistake done by my cousin. Children are very sensitive and should be handled with care. My cousin should have told him that the boarding was necessary for him because the education there is very good. Then perhaps Rohan would have not felt bad about going to the boarding school. Now my cousin repents for his decision. He has decided to call Rohan back from his next session. We had a family meeting and there it was decided that it would be better if Rohan stay at home with all of us.

Talk about a meaningful song

I love music and I love listening to Hindi and Punjabi songs. Most of these songs are very meaningful. Here I would like to talk about a Punjabi song by a famous Punjabi singer Gurdas Maan The name of the song is Boot Polishan. It is from his album Boot Polishan It was released in 2008. The song gives the message that work is worship. Instead of begging for money a person should work and earn. It does not matter if the work is small. If a person works and earns he can always hold his head high.

I heard this song about two years ago and since then it has become my favourite song. Actually Gurdas Mann is my favourite singer. He is a multifaceted personality. He is a singer, actor, director and a lyricist as well. He writes the lyrics of his songs himself. He has also acted in many Punjabi movies. All my family members also love his songs. When we go out anywhere together we play his songs in the car. All his songs have messages. He even performs in stage shows. There is a village near my home town where he comes every year and performs for charity. I went there last year. It was an electrifying experience.

A thing make you relax

Once I have accepted that there are unhappy issue impacting my life, it’s necessary to make room for relaxation amid all those busy things I am doing. Walking the dog can be one of the most effective ways to ease your mind. What I want to mentioned is that My pet is a very important part of life. Spend time with my pet is the most relaxing time for me. when I feel lonely, I turn to play with her. I will Talk to my pet about all the stress and anxiety I ‘ve been going through ,that makes me feel a lot better. I guess that Pet therapy is a genuine means for relaxing; you can also learn a lot from watching how the pet relaxes.

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