Describe a Library Essay

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Describe a Library

Ok, so the topic on my card is to describe a library that I visited, and I suppose I would like to choose the library in my college, which is a landmark in my campus. Now going on to my next point which is what it looked like, from the google map when you overlook it you will see a big rectangular surrounded by grass land sand trees. Therefore, the layout of this building is very organized. But the north and east exterior wall are all glass curtain walls. This will make the library sun-filled enough in during the daytime. The most interesting design, is that there are two trees(I really do not know what kind, it just like some big shrubs ) just live in the center of the first floor.

I think it could flourish all the year round just because of the air conditioner. Because it is very hard to find some books suit for my research subject in the library and all journals have online edition so I seldom borrow a book or journal from the library. I often read some newspapers and magazines in the library and sometimes I also see a movie with my girlfriend if I could take a small desk only for two people, such kind of place is very hot. Finally then, I think all college students have their own memories with their college library. It just like a friend accompany with you, you prepare the exam there and finish your graduate thesis there, I think that’s why many people would like to take a picture with their library when they will graduate from the college.

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