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Desciptive Writing

Categories: Writing

Some say being as a child is the happiest thing in life. Once you grow up, you can’t never taste the enjoyment of being a child anymore. But there’s always a place where turns adults into children once again — Disneyland. It makes kids’ dreams come true while it lets adults relive their childhood one more time. Entering the park, the notes of that vivace music go into my ears, bringing me unprecedented comfort. The sound of the train passing by mixes with the well-known Disney movie soundtracks, letting me enter a world that doesn’t exist in a concrete jungle.

The sun shines on the red brick road, buildings from the 1920s, keeping me to be intoxicated with the atmosphere of an American small town back to the 1920s. Trees on the sidewalk are swinging softly, slight wind rustles the leaves, making them fall on the brick road. The faint breeze and the warm sunshine integrate with the atmosphere of vintage American small town, setting my mind free from the busy life.

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Merchandises are well placed in the display window, sparkling under the dim deco light. A bunch of kids gather around a clown, watching his funny performance, spreading their widest smiles on their little faces.

Laughing echo in the background, in my mind. Passing through the Main Street and the Sleeping Princesses’ castle, now I am standing on the land of fantasy. Little girls dressing up like princesses, riding on the merry-go-around with little boys and big grins on their faces, reminds me of those perfect prince and princesses couples living happily ever after.

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It’s what every little girl dreams of. The smell of sweet cotton candy and caramel popcorn wafting across the Fantasyland, smell like happiness and dreams. Leaving the Fantasyland and entering the Tomorrowland, it gives me a whole different feeling.

Spaceships flying on the sky, the silvery buildings and mysterious music , making me feel like I’m floating in the milky way. Buzz Lightyear and Zac were staring at each other, those nosy little three men finally become silence. Everyone in the Tomorrowland were holding their breath, expecting what is happening next, even a pin drop can be heard. Everyone was trying not to blink their eyes in case of missing any moments. All of a sudden, Zac is defeated by the space ranger and everyone relieved. Clapping and cheering become louder and louder.

The space remains peace once again. Next to the Tomorrowland is the Adventureland. Once you step into the Adventureland, you’re are now in the deep of an Africa jungle. Luxuriant forests, strange tweet from the sky, gloomy shadows of the trees, unexplainable sound made by the wild beasts that can’t be seen, standing alone in the ghastly woods. Not having a sight of anything, leaves are rustled by the ice-cold wind, giving you shivers to every inch of your skins. It’s getting darker and darker, the sun is going out of me sight.

Making me wonder am I going to be trapped in this forest forever. ”Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the lights,”1 an old wise man’s words from a magical movie echoes in my head, giving me the courage to walk on and find the way out. Walking out of the gruesome forest, a golden bright sun ray hits my face. The gold is setting behind the castle, making it sparking, like a dream you always to be living in. All these scenes blurred and I close my eyes, enjoy the moment of dreams.

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