Deprived of education Essay

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Deprived of education

From a very early age I have cherished a desire to work for the betterment of children. I hail from Iran and in my life I have witnessed many instances where children are deprived of education and even necessary means of sustenance. Most of these children do not get any emotional support while they are forced to lead a challenging life amidst a harsh social environment. Within my home country social organizations lack sufficient power so they are unable to make much difference to the lives of those children who have been adversely affected by some unprecedented events.

Not many opportunities exist in Iran for some one who is dedicated to making child care a career so I have come to the U. S. A in order to gain academic skills that can be applied to the betterment of children, whilst I am pursuing my studies I intend to gain some practical hands on experience in various fields related to child care and child development. I possess some prior work experiences which have some commonalities to the internship programme of the Family Stress Centre.

I have worked as student assistant at Santa Monica University. Amongst the various responsibilities that were given to me I was assigned a task which required me to help children learn with the aid of computer software. I am presently working at preschool as a an assistant teacher, at the preschool I have worked with children in the age group of 3 to 5 years, I have also worked with disabled children. I have been working at the preschool since January 2008.

My superiors at my present and previous organizations have approved of my work. I am fully committed to constantly improving my performance at work and I ensure that any work that is delegated to me is completed to the satisfaction of the clients and my superiors. I have graduated from Santa Monica College; at college I have done courses such as Child Development Professional, Family and Consumer Studies, Play and Human Potential, Music and literature for children etc.

I have found that these courses had enormous practical implication and I have successfully applied my theoretical knowledge in my work. The Family Stress Centre will offer me opportunities to acquire new skills and enable me to practice the theoretical skills that I have acquired as a part of my Child Development Professional course at CSUN. I already possess people skills that are necessary for a position such as this.

Additionally I have prior experience of worked with children I have also worked with physically challenged children. Since Family Stress Centre offers counseling services my experience as an assistant teacher will help me to quickly acquire counseling skills.. I am confident of the fact that if selected for the internship I will work with dedication and commitment because I have dedicated my life for the betterment of children.

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