Depression Essay Topics

How WWII Ended the Great Depression

Due to the massive depression that occurred in the United States after the world war II, in the early months of 1929, with the economy supposedly flourishing as never before, unemployment rose sharply in the United States (Kennedy, 1999 p. 133). Over 300,000 Black workers, about one-fifth of all Black industrial workers, had already been… View Article

Childhood and Adolescent Depression and the Risks of Suicide

Introduction Problem and its Background             One of the most common reasons for referral of children and adolescents to mental health professionals is suspected depression. There are continues debate as to whether childhood and adolescent depression are a reflection of normal variation in mood. It is reasonable for the primary care physician to view childhood… View Article

Three Major Types of Depression

The average person commonly associates “depression” with the non-clinical expression of “feeling blue”, where the person in question would experience fleeting moments of abstraction due to some cause of sadness. This occurrence is quite common and considered normal under any circumstances, where one would linger on the feeling for just enough time for the person… View Article

Running Header: Article Critique

The article aims to reveal the connection between tobacco dependence, smoking cessation, and depression, in mentally ill health patients, especially those who have been previously diagnosed with unipolar depression. According to previous studies, smoking cessation causes depression in individuals who have suffered from the condition previously. Moreover, statistics gathered from comprehensive data analysis and research… View Article

Music-Induced Affect as Treatment of Elderly Depression

Abstract             Depression in elderly patients is one of the most prevalent psychological problems today. However, research and knowledge regarding this subject is limited and those involved in the application of this knowledge to help elderly individuals experiencing depression are lacking in efficient strategies and training. This paper aims to explore the efficacy of inducing… View Article

Treating Depression in Family Therapy

            Depression is a condition in which the individual experiences an unusually low mood along with absolutely negative thoughts and feeling such as helplessness, pessimism, distress, suicidal ideas and a feeling of giving up (Parker, 2000).  This seriously affects with the normal functioning of the individual at the home, workplace, social settings, or at the… View Article

Postpartum depression: The mother, child and partner involvement

Traditionally, postpartum psychiatric disorders have been divided into three categories depending on increasing degrees of severity: postpartum blues, postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis. Postpartum Depression (PPD) is thought to affect between 4 and 28% of all mothers. Despite its prevalence, it is not well understood.  It is the duration, severity and complexity of the symptoms… View Article

Post Partum Depression

ABSTRACT                 Every woman who becomes a mother has their own reasons of being happy after giving birth to a child. The first days of a child in their arms seems to be the greatest gift that they have ever received in their entire lives. However, things at times turn out uneasily different as the… View Article

Cross-cultural Depression

Kraft (2013), “Sadness is a short adjustment period. Depression is a long term illness.” What exactly depression is in clearly defined terms and where this disease comes from is something that has been left to discussion for some time. Butcher, Mineka, and Hooley (2013) make it clear to be aware of the cultural and historical… View Article

Attitude Survey: Depression

One of the most widely controversial and contemporary issues in today’s world revolves around depression and the increasing numbers of individuals who are diagnosed with depression. It may benefit some patients and even clinicians to conduct a quick and easy depression survey before they get into a costly affair. Although, a more effective measurement would… View Article

My Worst Day

Someone might have said “Life has been tough for me because I have to face many disappointments in it.” So do I, sometimes I thought that my life is indeed an ocean of endless problems and sadness, however, there is one of the sad moments that I have encountered is also may most interesting story… View Article

Europe and the Great Depression

The years preceding the First World War were an idyllic time of peace and prosperity in many parts of the world. A golden age of sorts, it was the standard of life that people wanted to resume as quickly as possible after the war ended. However, that was not to be. (Clavin, p. 19) The… View Article

Before The Great Depression

After the First World War, the United States entered into a period of relative prosperity. Actual GDP of the country exceeded potential GDP by about 15%. Almost all industries experienced high growth rates, as demand for every major product almost doubled in a span of 10 years. Financial institutions too enjoyed some measure of growth… View Article

Combating Compassion Fatigue

Introduction According to Van der Cingal, 2009, compassion signifies “an acknowledgement of another’s suffering and is accompanied by the expression of a desire to ease or end that suffering”. Persons in the health care industry are known for their compassion and which is what usually draws them to this profession. Nurses work in a stressful… View Article

Analysis of “The Lorax”

The story, “The Giving Tree,” is a book written by Shel Silverstein that is about the relationship between a tree and a boy. In the beginning of the story, the boy and the tree spend a lot of time together having fun. For example, they would play hide and seek, the boy would play on… View Article

Bipolar Disorder in Islam

If your pancreas couldn’t produce insulin, you wouldn’t have much trouble accepting the deficiency and then taking the necessary meds or treatment. Well, think of your brain in the same way. Right now your mind is not in balance. It is missing certain chemicals that control your mood. And you are simply taking meds to… View Article

Necessities for the party

Cannery Row takes place in a small area that has sardine fisheries and is located in Monterey, California. The city Monterey is also known as Cannery Row. The novel Cannery Row is mainly about the people living in Cannery Row during the Great Depression and the affects of over-fishing which was one of the great… View Article

Healthy Grief

Feeling and expressing grief is unique to each individual and it depends on the nature of their loss. People experience all kinds of emotions, pain and sadness that are considered normal reactions to a significant loss. While there is no right or wrong way to grieve, there are healthy ways to cope with the grief… View Article

FDR and US Entry Into WWII

The administration and policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt during those seminal periods of the Depression and the War has impacted significantly on the lives of not only Americans, but also the international community that until now, his influence still is widely felt. His presidency is in fact one of the most difficult in history, as… View Article


While similar, unipolar depression and bipolar disorder cause different struggles in individuals who have them. Unipolar depression is characterized only by bouts of depression symptoms, while people with bipolar disorder experience the same symptoms in combination with cycles of mania. There are many biological and psychological theories of the causes of unipolar depression, but bipolar… View Article

Families and Depression

Many factors can affect every individual in their day-to-day lives. In the domestic setup many factors may cause stress to different members of the family and during different situations and in different stages of their lives. Stress factors may vary from economic, social, religious or political factors. As a social unit, the family also experiences… View Article

Depression and Perimenopause

The study entitled “Depression at perimenopause: More than just hormones,” conducted by the Harvard Women’s Health Watch is a research study on the effect of hormonal fluctuations on the emotional state of women who are nearing the menopausal stage. In particular, this study intends to find a correlation between depression and changes in hormonal levels…. View Article

Commemorative Speech

My inspiration to be the best person I can is because of his influence on me. The man who had been through hell and back but still had a smile on his face every time I saw him. Forced to be a man at 7, his goal was always to be successful. He reached that… View Article

Adolescent Psychological Disorder: Depression

Depression is a common psychological disorder which is more likely to be experienced by young people. Although this psychological disorder could be manifested in all age range, studies show that individuals who are in their adolescence to early adulthood stage have greater tendency to feel depress (Costell, Swendsen & Rose, 173, 2008). This disorder is… View Article

Psychological Disorder Analysis

Marla is a 42 year old Hispanic female accountant, that has complaints of trouble sleeping, feeling jumpy all the time, and unable to concentrate. With these symptoms it is causing her issues at work. There are several disorders that Marla could be suffering from but, it seems to be that one stands out from the… View Article

Rasin in the Sun Walter Character Analysis

Depression is ongoing feelings of hopelessness, sadness, unhappiness, and causes a bleak outlook on life. When someone is suffering from depression they cannot be at the top of their game. A Raisin in the Sun is a play by Lorraine Hansberry that debuted on Broadway in 1959, which was the first play written by a… View Article

Understanding the Great Depression

There are instances when the world shares its miseries to a greater number of people rather than just one. One of the best examples of such was the Great Depression. During these times the suffering held by each is held by almost all. The problem presented itself in a way like other problems don’t. It… View Article

The Great Depression

A large amount of literature including research and text books, exist on the subject of the Great Depression. It is considered by many economists as the worst economic crisis in American History. Statistics suggest that from the business cycle peak in 1929 to the trough in 1933, the real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) contracted by… View Article

Tragedy in Tom Brennan

Question: It is impossible to avoid conflict in life, but this tragedy was preventable. Do you agree? Do you believe that tragedies only happen to others? In the novel ‘The story of Tom Brennan’, by JC Burke, she highlights in the most severe way that tragedies do occur. My opinion to the matter at hand… View Article