Departments of Culture Essay

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Departments of Culture

January 2009 was highlighted by delivering of long awaited the interim report “Digital Britain” issued by British Government. Summarizing the ideas expressed by Lord Carter, there is a need to underline that one of the main report’s strategies is focused on 2 megabit per second broadband connection establishing “in every British house” and weakening of BT’s obligations (USO). The report is definitely constructive due to its context; however it experiences the lack of details in the important fields. For example, in the sphere of funding, Lord Carter skipped the argumentations to minimum (Carter, 2009).

The presentation of telecom sphere as a survivor at the time of economic slowdown is one of the strongest and the most attractive ideas. The presentation is followed by twenty two recommendations for modernization and industry upgrade provided. The demand for comprehensive and genius reconstruction reform for Digital Britain appeals throughout the text of report. Despite this fact, I’ve got an opinion that demanding for such crucially important changes; Lord Carter hasn’t the desire to open the secret how the process should look like.

The innovations’ line offered within interim report envisages the utilization of BT’s duties on universal access to phone lines with shared obligation for broadband providing. It’s a chance for mobile operators to get the better role in providing everyone with broadband access. Certainly these changes need the new respectful law to regulate the rights and obligations of providers at all levels. This is quite new approach to the law of copyrighting, so the additional consultations among distributors and rights holders are to be organized.

Building of Financially Healthy Environment for British Digital Network Modernization Nowadays, when Britain suffers from the severe recession’s circumstances the basis for economy development and support in the tomorrow competitive world is necessary. Long ago, railways and roads became such sort of instrument for Britain. Today, broadband network has all features to become the basis for new economic environment building and support. It can provide the opportunity for British Government to step aside from financial sector and open the new door.

In order to receive a positive outcome tomorrow the investments in the sphere upgrading and modernization are ought to be done today. Comparing with the rest of European Community Britain stays two steps behind in this progress. The close neighbours such as Ireland and Portuguesa have already made additional investments in rollout projects in the sphere and the tenders were announced accordingly. Ideally, the actions need to follow just after Stephen Carter’s constructive report has been issued.

Practically, there will be several more reports to follow across the Departments of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, as well as the Departments of Culture, Sport & Media. There is a high risk at current stage to bury the reconstructive offer in follow up reports and consultations instead of real time actions. Actions to be taken – their impact on modernization process The obvious value of report for modernization and upgrade changes and their implementation is approved and acknowledged by issuing the new Wireless Spectrum Modernization Program.

This program allows resolving the disputes between mobile operators and finding the compromise for mobile broadcasting with further activities development start approximately in the beginning of summer, year 2009. Spectrum modernization is crucially important for USO (Universal Service Obligation) issues resolving. Stephen Carter stresses on the level of attention to be paid to current problem today and the required steps on its resolving and upgrading to the next level, which should be competitive up to EU services standards.

Modernization and upgrade of British Government digital policy isn’t possible without taking into consideration every announced objective published by Lord Carter in interim report. The mentioned objectives are focused on the overall UK digital network modernization along with attraction of additional investments in the sphere. The content that is going to be chosen should be beneficial and interesting for the major part of UK citizens. Modernization of UK digital network isn’t possible without unification of all broadband services delivered throughout the UK within the enhancement of quality of delivered services.

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