Dental office Essay

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Dental office

On my first visit to the dental office during my preschool age, I admired the way my dentist handled patients who were close to my age. I also had a good lesson on oral hygiene and prevention of oral disease. At that time, I felt that being a pediatric dentist is a challenging field because normally, young children have fears in seeing a dentist for the first time. They fear the pain of the needles and tooth extraction.

Whenever we talk to people, watch singers perform, see actors and actresses in movies and television and look at billboard and print commercials, we cannot help but notice their teeth when they smile. I have always admired people with good sets of teeth and I sometimes wish that I can also help those who are in need of dental treatment. I believe that our teeth serve as mirrors to our souls. Having a good and healthy gums and teeth can make us smile and talk at ease.

When a person loses his teeth due to an accident or congenital defect, he may be reluctant to smile and he may not be able to talk properly. I want to go into the field of dentistry so I can reach out to the indigent people who could not see a dentist due to lack of finances or dental insurance. I want them to know about the importance of person and professional care in the prevention of dental disorders. I also intend to participate in the dental mission and render my service to the less fortunate people who are living in developing countries.

This is my way of sharing my knowledge and blessings to others. After completing the course in Dentistry, I intend to work and hone my skills as a dentist. While working, I will study and specialize in cosmetic dentistry so I can help those who are unhappy with their smiles. I believe that a smile is a powerful language that even babies can understand. I want to focus on improving the appearance of a person’s teeth, mouth, and smile. I desire to perform mouth reconstruction to treat the functional problems with the bite, muscles, teeth, and bone structure of some patients.

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